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SOMAT 16th Jun 2004 13:39

Warning - Flags & Intellect
Some may not be aware of this recently issued Dept. of Transport Warning:

In order to assist other motorists in identifying potentially dangerous drivers, it is now compulsory for anyone in England who possesses a lower-than-average intellect to display a warning flag; this warning is in the form of a red cross on a white background, which must be attached to the top of at least one door on their vehicle.

For drivers of exceptionally low intelligence, additional flags are required.


SilsoeSid 16th Jun 2004 14:17

For drivers of exceptionally low intelligence, additional flags are required.
A white diagonal cross, with a blue background !! Waay Haaay!!

Echo 5 16th Jun 2004 14:22


U and I are no longer mates after that one !!


Jackonicko 16th Jun 2004 14:33

quote: For those classified as ESN, whether by reason of inbreeding or otherwise, the additional precaution of a sticker reading 'CYMRU' should also be applied to the vehicle.......

WE Branch Fanatic 16th Jun 2004 14:37

Sadly if you wanted to fly the Union Flag, to represent the UK instead of part of it, you would most likely be considered racist.

Why is it that people only feel patriotic or nationalistic sentiments dring football championships etc?

Why do the Euro lefties who dominant much of the public seem to want to make us ashamed of we are? Why do they want to make us feel bad for not wanting to be crime victims? Why do they want to dumb down everything?

Flatus Veteranus 16th Jun 2004 18:37


Pro-EU and patriotic sentiments are not mutually contradictory. Nor are Europhiles confined to the "Left" (ask any popular ex-Tory leader such as Clarke, Heseltine or Patten). The Tories think they have to recapture those who have defected to UKIP to regain power. Perhaps a few hundred thousand? In fact they have to recapture those that defected to the Lib Dems and NL - a few millions!

I have worn a discreet St Georges Cross for years on my car - alongside the EU stars. Mainly to take the pi$$ out of the Frogs during my frequent visits "Outre-Manche". But it serves equally well in Jockistan.

What gets up my nose is the mindless slogan stuck on the rear window of a car ahead. Such as "Fly Navy!" ;)

goffered again 16th Jun 2004 21:31

Flatus Veteranus. Mindless slogan
I agree, much better in the bomb bay of a Buccaneer!

I don't suppose you want it rounded of with "Walk Army, Eat Crab" either.:p

althenick 17th Jun 2004 14:01

I have worn a discreet St Georges Cross for years on my car - alongside the EU stars. Mainly to take the pi$$ out of the Frogs during my frequent visits "Outre-Manche". But it serves equally well in Jockistan.

I'm pleased to say as a Jocko I'm a Unionist and a europhobe!

Having lived in the United States of Europe (That's Living as in Learning the Lingo and mixing with the locals - NOT Strapping XXX000's of pounds of thurst to your @rse and beating up the airspace. Then retiring to the bar of an evening and drinking the Local Falling down Juice and whinging on about how there's no english Telly) I can honestly say that (With the exception of Germany) Europe Sucks.

As For 'The Parliment in Edinburgh?' - For starters they can't even build thier own bl00dy gang hut for less than 10 times the original Price. They've made s0d all difference that I can see up here apart from line their own pockets.

I fall short of actually supporting the english Footy team tho' (as much as i'd like to) I dont want to be associated with that bunch of thugs...

Nozzles 17th Jun 2004 22:11

Flags may indicate low intellect but nothing signals poor driving skills better than one of those little 'Christ has taken control of my life' fish.

A/Tpr Cooper 17th Jun 2004 22:17

Somebody listened to Radio 2!

Nozzles 17th Jun 2004 22:46

I hope you're not accusing me of doing that.

Zoom 18th Jun 2004 11:31

There has been some good correspondence in the DT about the flag of St George, but I can't remember any of it.

I'm sorry, but that is all I have to offer this particular thread. Goodbye.

maxburner 18th Jun 2004 12:02

Ecosse, written across a white diagonal on a blue background. What's that all about?

BEagle 18th Jun 2004 12:07

It's an advert for deep fried Mars Bars, I think?


SilsoeSid 18th Jun 2004 12:16

Apparently, the scotch think that to have a french translation of their cuntrys name on the back of their vehicle will go down well with the traffic gendarmerie when on holiday abroad. :p

Unfortunately this does not appear to be to well understood on the rest of continental Europe. :{

Or maybe they want to affiliate themselves with the French footy team as they don't have one of their own. :ooh:

althenick 18th Jun 2004 13:03

In My completely unbiased opinion there is only one St Georges Flag worth a Damn - And that's the one with the Union Jack in the Top Left hand side! :ok:

Flatus Veteranus 18th Jun 2004 19:20

Ah! The defaced Cross of St George flown by the grey-funnel line and an effete bunch of toffs in Cowes Castle. Such pollution of a noble standard that flew over Agincourt and Crecy! God is for Harry, England and St George!

I do love Scotch, the only Scottish product made by Scots for the delectation of Englishmen.

The Frogs and the Jocks have always had a "special relationship" usually founded on treason.

Interesting that UKIP scored their lowest share of the Europoll in écosse (about 6%) and came sixth amongst the political parties. In the SW region here UKIP scored more than 22% and came second. If an alliance between the rump of the Tories and UKIP wins a NO vote in a future referendum and the UK abrogates the Treaty of Rome, would the Scots follow England out of the EU?

No wonder Tony and Geoff seem to be concentrating whats left of the RAF in Lincolnshire. :confused:

WE Branch Fanatic 18th Jun 2004 21:14


You are aware aren't you that the term United Kingdom dates back to 1603 when the crowns of England and Scotland were united, a long time before the act of union.

And it was a Scottish King who came to the throne, James V (or VI - sorry can't remember) became James I of Great Britain.

I blame the Romans for the England/Scotland divide - yet another problem caused by Europe.....

Of course any decision to leave the EU would be followed in Scotland, it woulld be a national decision.

When you were a Vulcan pilot, did you only deter attacks against England, or the whole UK?

:confused: :rolleyes:

Always_broken_in_wilts 18th Jun 2004 23:27

Sid.....you bar steward:E

Look wot you started now....from flags to the "auld enemy" in less time than it takes a certain individual to offer me outside:rolleyes:

all spelling mistakes are "df" alcohol induced

brakedwell 19th Jun 2004 13:27

How appropriate is a SMALL PERSON ON BOARD sticker when the driver is a twenty stone grimmy with boobs heading south?

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