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Talking RAF Pilot Requirements

I am attending an RAF open day next Wednesday and I intend to apply to the RAF as a pilot after that. Can anybody give me advice as to what sort of things the RAF looks for in applicants to become a pilot. Also, what sort of person is suited to the RAF? Is it one character type, or is there a character that will help you succeed.

Thanks in advance.
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Just be yourself. and let others be the judge.

But it would also be helpful if you are street-wise, handsome, highly intelligent, supremely self-confident, quick-witted, alcohol-tolerant, and have a wicked SOH.

Failing all that, be up to speed on military aviation, current affairs, and issues facing the RAF.
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Check this book out: COMBAT READY. The Making of a Fighter Pilot. by David Mason

It'll give you a pretty good indication of what you can expect by all accounts. However a few have said that it's not entirely realistic - but I think it's definitely worth the read none the less!!

Also, have a look at: http://www.airmenaircrew.freeserve.c...c/oasc_pp2.htm This concerns the selection procedures at Cran.

Finally, check through the older threads on this board. There's been heaps of advice given in the past and it'll save you from the flames in the future

Hope this helps!

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Be yourself, don't think about what should be the best answer, if you do so, they will find out.
You have just to show them that you're the best, and if they think you're not, they are making a great mistake. Make that clear.

Good Luck,

f-16, Dutch Airforce

by the way, it's also important to like beer
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Old 6th Dec 2002, 00:40   #5 (permalink)
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The best advice comes from our Dutch colleague - BE YOURSELF!!!

Nobody will expect you to have all the answers.

Having said that - do not underestimate the level of commitment and effort that will be required to complete Flying Training.

Remember this post when you are on your first Survival Exercise on the North Yorkshire Moors at 2 AM on a January morning wondering why, in the survival kit, they replaced the Poncho Cape with the North European Mosquito Net .
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Do a Hover - it avoids G
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An excellent read but contains a surprising number of typos
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Old 7th Dec 2002, 00:30   #7 (permalink)
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As previously said, be yourself but also learn RAF aircraft, ranks, bases operations thoroughly! This will ensure you don't shoot yourself down in that area.

When asked what rank you would graduate out of IOT at (Non Grad Direct Entry) don't answer 'Private'! What a plonker, I gave them a laugh though.

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I am currently between JEFTS and BFJT and have been in the service since April 2001. The advice already given has been spot on, know as much as possible about the RAF and its interests, you can never know too much IMHO!!
The guys at OASC need to assure themselves that you are worth the investment, especially as a pilot, so you can expect to be asked a lot of questions about the service that you are keen to join.
Some of the Q's I was asked during interview (I applied for DE pilot and nav) were along the lines of..."so you would like to fly the Eurofighter, in that case tell me the training path that you would take if you were to fly the C130..."
"How many engines does the Merlin have?...Why is this?
"So your first choice is pilot...how many hours will you fly on the Dominie during the advanced phase of navigator training?"
As a Direct Entrant, I am 20 years old and I have enrolled on the In Service Degree Scheme which I will not start until after my first tour. I was not a 'straight A student' by any stretch of the imagination but I was always prepared to work hard and do the Sports, charity work etc, which has helped me as far as I can see.
If you want any specific info,drop me a line and I will do my best to help you out. I have still not forgotten posting identical threads when I was going through the selection process and I was very grateful to the people who helped me at the time.
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Old 8th Dec 2002, 19:08   #9 (permalink)
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Thanks to everybody who has replied, it has been a great help and I will take all your advice on board.

Another question I had was as regards to how much flying I could expect to do in the RAF if I were to get in. I know it will probably differ across aircraft types, but are there any rough figures?

Thanks very much.
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Im am also looking at a RAF career, I am about to have LASIK eye treatment to correct my vision, I have heard various rumours that the RAF dont accept this. (I cant think why not though)

Is this true?
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Old 9th Dec 2002, 16:14   #11 (permalink)
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You really want to be on the Medical and Health forum - but basically any form of [email protected] refractive surgery is incompatible with flying duties, and you will not be considered for Aircrew.
It's tough, but it's to do with post-surgical glare and haze.
Not a complete no no for Civilian flying though.
Make sure you have all the info - once you've done it, you've done it.
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Old 9th Dec 2002, 18:58   #12 (permalink)
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Thanks guys

I was actually considering a position in ATC or intelligence rather than flight crew (just saw this as a chance to ask), so as long as I am alright for that I am happy.

Now just down to the Gym to get ready for those damn shuttle runs!!!
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