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The F-35 thread, Mk II

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The F-35 thread, Mk II

Old 7th Jan 2023, 15:33
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Forbes reports Technology Refresh 3 (TR-3) will be retrofitted to Lot-10 on and TR-3 will allow upgrade to Block-4.
The retrofits require about 14 days of downtime and will be performed by Lockheed field teams during scheduled maintenance.

The UK had 15 of the current 29 aircraft delivered up to lot 9. So 14 of the currently delivered fleet plus those on order would appear to be eligible. (The lost one was the 18th for the UK)
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Old 8th Jan 2023, 00:29
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Thanks SLX’.
50% of the aircraft we’ve got up to now can’t be upgraded.
A projected fleet of 74 but only 59 of them will be to full spec’.
I assume the 3 in the ‘States will be replaced by the latest version & that those 3 older aircraft will come to the UK, so that’s 56 with the latest toys.
I am an interested UK taxpayer.

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Old 8th Jan 2023, 07:12
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"so that’s 56 with the latest toys"

That assumes we complete the buy - as time drags on the risks of continued deferral seem to increase
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Old 8th Jan 2023, 07:40
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Originally Posted by Flugzeug A View Post
50% of the aircraft we’ve got up to now can’t be upgraded.
A projected fleet of 74 but only 59 of them will be to full spec’.
That's obviously not really ideal for the users especially of smaller fleeets. But it is kind of normal with the current crop of highly IT-packed fighters. Typhoon had this same issue with Tranche 1.
Sometimes the installed Hardware sets limits to Electronic devices which can't be easily overcome. Especially in a fighter that will be produced over decades this will not be the last such incompatibility.
The alternative would be to compromise the magnitude of the continued development steps. I think they are doing the right thing.
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Old 8th Jan 2023, 09:30
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The F-35 first flew in 2006 - the technology moves on at an ever faster pace.

I suppose one answer is to buy them in large lots - then of course they all are easier to maintain but then they ALL become obsolescent to some degree every time there is an upgrade.

what is a killer is to have say 35 aircraft with 6 different fits............. they're effectively all one-offs
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Old 10th Jan 2023, 15:33
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F-35 Conducts First Flight with TR-3 11 Jan 2023
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Old 18th Feb 2023, 20:58
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Interesting video:
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Old 19th Feb 2023, 16:40
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F-35 landing question.....

Up until a few weeks ago I've only seen the RAF B version land either vertically or rolling landing so doesn't apply.

But was passing Lakenheath recently and saw some USAF F-35A's in circuit so decided to stop and watch them. Was surprised that on the flare they still seem to be applying power even just after touchdown. So my questions are: Is this necessary as all other aircraft tend to throttle back at this stage? Or is it something generally taught on the F-35A,B or C Syllabus with the C Carrier version in mind in case they miss the cables?
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Old 20th Feb 2023, 07:45
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No, they won't be applying power after touchdown - you may be hearing the delayed sound of engine spool up from a second or two before touchdown. In fact, using APC (autothrottle equivalent) will automatically chop power to "idle" as soon as weight on wheels is sensed. It's certainly nothing to do with C models or cables.
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Old 28th Feb 2023, 20:15
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Recent SRVL funnies, 'Sharkey' wants to bash SRVLs again and pretend to be humourous. I'll let youse judge.



Too Heavy to Hover? The Brits found a solution! F-35B Lightning II SRVL (MSFS)

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Old 13th Mar 2023, 17:07
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14 Mar 2023 Pentagon rethinks F-35 engine program, will upgrade F135 Stephen Losey
Air Force will not develop new F-35 engine, keeping Pratt as sole contractor 13 Mar 2023

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Old 14th Mar 2023, 06:40
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Pentagon rethinks F-35 engine program, will upgrade F135

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is abandoning its efforts to develop a next-generation adaptive engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, according to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

Instead, Kendall said during a March 10 briefing on the fiscal 2024 budget, the military will stick with, and upgrade, the F-35’s current engine, in a major win for F135 maker Pratt & Whitney.

The decision means the military will not move forward with its Adaptive Engine Transition Program, an effort to fund research, development, prototyping and testing of a new kind of engine with enhanced thrust, power and cooling ability, The adaptive engine uses three streams of air to cool the engine and the jet, and has an adaptive cycle that allows it to adjust to the configuration that provides the most thrust and efficiency for a given situation.

Both General Electric Aviation and Pratt & Whitney had designed new engines as part of AETP, but only GE had pitched its engine — the XA100 — as a replacement for the F-35.

Military officials said Friday they determined Pratt & Whitney’s proposal to modernize the already existing F135s in a program called the Engine Core Upgrade was the most cost-efficient option that would work for all F-35s…..

Kendall also noted the military had serious doubts about GE’s ability to make its adaptive engine work in the F-35B, the Marine Corps variant.

“The Air Force, with the A variant, was the only service that was really seriously interested in AETP, for which it was a really good fit,” Kendall said. “There was some discussion about whether it could be made to go in the [Navy and Marine Corps’ carrier-based] C variant. But the Marine Corps variant was going to be very, very difficult, if not impossible.”…..
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