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100 Hours Life of Brian

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100 Hours Life of Brian

Old 20th Apr 2019, 22:13
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100 Hours Life of Brian

Having just had the pleasure of seeing the first ever cinema screening of Life of Brian in Cornwall, I recall hearing of the 100 hours Life of Brian badge from the Falklands.

Does anyone have a picture of it or a copy of the exam questions that I heard needed to be answered to get the badge?

Thanks chaps
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Old 21st Apr 2019, 11:49
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Andy Simmons had one! He also did a very passable impression of John Cleese. No idea where Andy is now.
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Old 21st Apr 2019, 21:31
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It was a Hercules thing to counter the fast-jet "1000 hours on xxxx" badges. Put your request on this thread:

Global Aviation Magazine : 60 Years of the Hercules
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Old 23rd Apr 2019, 12:49
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Here you go:

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Old 23rd Apr 2019, 20:34
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57mm - he still does! He will be at the secret reunion in mid May in London
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Old 23rd Apr 2019, 20:37
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Excellent stuff thanks chaps. It's bizarre to think that when the film came out, people organised coach trips from Cornwall to see it in Exeter ( a foreign country ).

And yet as aviators, what has Monty Python ever done for us?
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 09:22
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"He's not a pilot, he's a very naughty boy"
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 09:37
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I think I must have seen the whole film in bits and pieces over the years but never beginning to end in one sitting. Must try and catch it sometime
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 10:15
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IIRC the F4 Flt movie was Life of Brian and the Herc Flt movie was The Blues Brothers.
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 10:24
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As I recall it the original Phandet video of choice involved “Hot Gossip” (in fact I seem to recall the original of that video got accidentally part erased. One of our number sent a begging airmail to Hot Gossip HQ and we got a free replacement).

LoB came along after that and I’m not sure in all honesty which “fleet” can claim primacy.

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Old 24th Apr 2019, 10:29
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For those who may not understand the origin of the badge motto:

Prep school hell was double Latin on Tuesdays - although it did give one a moment of merriment by pronouncing 'Ob has causas' as 'Ob harse cow's arse'....
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 10:57
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Good explanation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_ite_domum

As Wiggy suggests, I think The Blues Brothers had been adopted by several fleets over several worldwide detachments over the years. Probably quite rightly; a fantastic team watch, think it has the edge on LoB.
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 14:05
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SHFNI had a "1000 hours MTV" badge IIRC.....

........ and a "Hard Rock Cafe - Crossmaglen" T-shirt!
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 14:51
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On the theme of films and badges...
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Old 25th Apr 2019, 05:21
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I've got a 1,000 hours holdover badge somewhere...
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Old 25th Apr 2019, 06:28
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One was put forward for the AWACS crews on the 8 years or so det to Aviano, covering the Balkans unpleasantness. The hotels were in the local town about 10 miles from the Air Base. Yep - hotels. And with rates for most of it!

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Old 25th Apr 2019, 08:51
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"Romans, they go the house" - it's incowwect gwammar; cwucify him!
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Old 14th Nov 2019, 04:06
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Originally Posted by ExAscoteer View Post
Here you go:

Are there any for sale? (Had to remove photo of Life of Brian badge in order to post.)
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Old 14th Nov 2019, 16:52
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Wasn't there a '1000hrs Fashion TV' badge at PSAB?
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Old 14th Nov 2019, 17:34
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Best badges:
During a det to Lossiemouth, my Harrier Sqn and the resident Jaguar OCU wore the usual hours badges each evening in the bar. On Friday, the visiting Puma sqn pitched up with newly-made badges on their usually bare sleeves. Among the expected “1000 Gurkha Curries”, “1000 Border Incursions NI” etc, the one that stood out was on the shoulder of a very new, very youthful SH pilot. It read simply “I’ve never done anything 1000 times.”

Most appropriate film:
Working for the UN in Sarajevo in 1995, each day we played a pirated copy of Groundhog Day. We lived it. Every day was the same crazy round of lunatic forays from the various factions, to a background soundtrack of mostly drunken automatic gunfire.

Best detachment film error:
At Airport Camp, Belize, in the 1970s, there was little by the way of entertainment. Each week, the Officers’ Mess would have a film show on the lawn outside the bar. The Army residents would bring their families in to share the spectacle. One week, the full audience, including children, soon became aware that, instead of the promised Flash Gordon, the film actually sent out was Flesh Gordon, with rather different content.
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