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Scotty Weir - RIP

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Scotty Weir - RIP

Old 12th Oct 2018, 14:47
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Scotty Weir - RIP

Scotty Weir (Wessex and Puma) passed recently, details of funeral arrangements on RAF Helicopters and Rotorcraft FB page.
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Old 12th Oct 2018, 15:58
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Wow, there's a name from the past and a chap who lived life in the fast lane. RIP...
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Old 12th Oct 2018, 19:06
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As someone not doing FB, any further info would be gratefully received.

RIP, Scotty.
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Old 12th Oct 2018, 21:44
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What a guy. Never flew with him as I’m not Gp3, but spent a considerable amount of time in a Glasgow pub with him. Many years ago, I found his stories incredulous. Then I found out they were 100% true. And there were many more. Great drinking buddy. And a true gent. Many stories of his standing up for ladies in a very male oriented environment in the 70s.

RIP. Hope there’s a pub up there....!
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Old 13th Oct 2018, 13:49
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He flew us into the beer garden of the Drover’s Inn at the top of Loch Lomond...he and the LM graciously offered to be the DD’s so the rest of us got properly shit faced...Scotty flew the fastest under-wires crossing I’ve ever [email protected] at 10-15’...the people taking photos from the car park loved it....
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Old 13th Oct 2018, 22:18
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I was a crewman on Scotty's Wessex OCU in 79. We joined 72 together went to Ireland together both as basic crew and then on our second Ireland tour Examiners together then on my third tour as the Senior QCI he was there again. I have so many memories, some of the outrageous but all of them funny, like the time we both together with Bob T took a group of Wrens from Bessbrook ( Writers for the Marine Cdo) to The Mull of Kintyre, a trip we will never forget. Rest in Peace Scotty a giant of a man who will always live on in our memories.
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Old 13th Oct 2018, 22:41
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A giant of a man indeed. Definitely a man you would want on your side.....as some found to their cost!
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Old 14th Oct 2018, 08:34
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Remember a summer ball at Gutersloh - Scotty decided to jump off the balcony in the mess - [email protected]@ered both his knees, unsurprisingly.
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Old 14th Oct 2018, 10:41
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Red face

RIP Big Man

Please post details of Funeral

Mole Man
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Old 14th Oct 2018, 11:33
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  • Scott Weir's funeral will be on Thursday 18th October at 0930 at Linn Crematorium
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Old 17th Oct 2018, 10:08
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Gosh - so many tales and memories. When he was dined out of the RAF - at Aldergrove - he had grown his hair (very) long on terminal leave - but it was neatly put into a "French Plait" by OC 230's daughter........

Sadly can't make the funeral - I've been out of comms and only seen this today - but will be there in spirit and raise a glass to him tomorrow.

And was he really ever "the only AFC in Barlinnie......."

RIP Scotty

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Old 17th Oct 2018, 17:39
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So sad to hear this, and very sad I won’t be able to make it tomorrow to pay my respects. Scotty was my deputy Flt Cdr on my first tour (Pumas in Germany) and whilst he wasn’t exactly the exemplar Air Force Officer, he very much set a fine example as a pilot, captain and SH operator and I and others learnt a great deal from him.

It was a shame though that a diet of excessive Warsteiners and rum and cokes (“a huge”, as Scotty would say) in his company in the mess managed to kill off any brain cells that I struggled to develop! Fond memories of his leading the SH fraternity at Güt’ in windowing Harrier pilots!

RIP Scotty., Cheers!
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Old 18th Oct 2018, 20:11
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I met Scotty a number of times and once had the honour of being thrown out of the OM Bar window at Odiham by him. My best recollection is that it was something to do with a game of Lie Dice but my recollection of the evening was and remains extremely hazy.
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Old 19th Oct 2018, 12:16
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I'm sure the formal farewells yesterday went well, with much more than my (admittedly pretty large) glass of Aberlour raised in his memory. Having got in-law rellies in Motherwell, I'll bet it confirmed the local saying: "A Glasgow funeral is much more fun than an Edinburgh Wedding".

More stories recalled: Milady Teeters really liked him too - not least for his Sunday afternoon Scottish Dancing classes at Aldergrove. And they were deadly serious too - he was immensly proud of his country and traditions.

In connection with which, a crewroom banter session was taking the p out of Scottish sporting triumphs (a bit like French Military Victories that one). It all went quiet when Scotty joined the group .......
...... but his contribution was measured: "I've scored a century for my country at Lords (he had too), what have you ever done?"

Scotty was of course a PEdO before he remustered as pilot. There was an Open Day at a nearby Station - where he was not known - which included a narcissistic PTI gently showing people around the trampoline, letting them have a little bounce. Enter Weir RS, pretending (I hope) to be drunker than he was, climbed aboard and performed an amazing routine, somersaults and everything. Demounting, said to amazed PTI: "Hey Jimmy - that's easier than it looks."

And finally (but probably not). Scotty was on the "other crew" on a BBK - Winter Routine I guess. I was tasked at ODark30 to pick up a fairy nearby stick - to find Scotty with them. Having stood down from his shift, he went on patrol from the Mill with the lads.......

I'm sure there will be more tales.

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Old 19th Oct 2018, 18:01
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Old 20th Oct 2018, 08:20
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Scotty was on some form of 'temporary attachment' with us during some VC10K session in the South Atlantic - a multiple aircraft trail recovering F-4s to the UK. I understand that he was away from the SH world due to some 'event' involving a 'behind the hangars debrief' which was under investigation?

A stereotypical larger than life Scotsman, whose contribution was much appreciated - although he wasn't terribly impressed by the AARC who was supposed to be organising the trail... He was definitely the sort of chap who would go the extra mile and you certainly wanted him on your side!

At one point (I think we were back in the UK) he was called to the phone - it was his Boss telling him that he had his full support and wishing him well for whatever came next. Which spoke volumes for the comradeship of the SH NI world. I hope that Scotty's 'event' had a successful conclusion and that he was soon back on his beloved Wessex chasing the 'players' around NI. His tales of such activities were quite astonishing!
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Old 20th Oct 2018, 15:56
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I hope that Scotty's 'event' had a successful conclusion
Indeed it did BEags - it went to CM but he was Not Guilty.....

It facilitated another good dit which now comes to mind. For some reason (!!!) he was doing the JO's reading and writing course - was it OCS? Come the "Mock CM" which was part of the Course, the Studes were asked if they'd ever been involved in a CM.

Up went a number of hands:

"Put your hands down if you were an Officer under Instruction"

"Now if you were a witness"

may be a couple of other possibilities .....

Scotty's hand remained firmly in the air.

"Er... Flt Lt Weir??"

"I was the accused!"
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Old 20th Oct 2018, 18:05
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I left the SH force in 1978 when I retired. I must have missed out not knowing Scotty.
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Old 20th Oct 2018, 20:19
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As has been said Scotty started his career as a PEdO, on remustering he was returned to being a Fg Off rather than a Flt Lt. Hence he became a founder member of 72 Sqn's FOLA, (Fg Off's Liberation Army) with the quote '' If they're going to make me a Fg Off then I'm going to behave like one'' And so began the aircrew career of that most memorable pilot and I consider it a privilege to have served alongside him, for half of my 40 year career.
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Old 21st Oct 2018, 01:17
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I was at Scott's funeral on Thursday and I'm still devastated at his passing. Having first been inspired by his self belief that he imposed (bullied) on me when I was only 13; he (fellow Glaswegion) had a massive influence on my future ambitions.

He wasn't some peoples cup of tea. However, I haven't spoken to anyone who would NOT have chosen to go to war with him......What more do you want from a comrade, I ask you?. I was FJ and not SH but the principles are the same.

Scott was brought up from an early age as a team player and always put that first. If he thought you were a w....n..k...r he would tell you and the other good guys on the squadron/team would say "I wish I had the balls to say that".

By the way, I was in the team with Scott when he made that century at Lords and I honestly believe (know) that he considers that as his finest hour.

So honoured to have known such a great man.

I've been in tatters over the last few days and I don't mind admitting it.


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