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F-22 perhaps?
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Originally Posted by Heathrow Harry View Post
F-22 perhaps?
Quite possibly. However, F22 is no longer in production and therefore cannot be procured whereas Typhoon is any can. It is a problem comparing aircraft as no two have the same requirements or specifications. Moreover, there are reports that in some scenarios Typhoon compares very well with F22 so it is unfair to call Typhoon second division. Its biggest problem is high costs and extremely slow implementation of upgrades due to the four nations and their funding issues.
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Flighthappens... Isn't AESA just the way the radar transmission is directed. It doesn't necessary mean it has more power, or displays data better in the cockpit or has a better user interface. Then there's using link16 to display the big picture instead of the aircrafts own radar.
Maybe Oman has no requirements for Brimstone or cruise missiles? Typhoon and PW4 has still delivered on Ops.
In my opinion, anything that keeps 1000s in a job at Warton and keeps their local economy ticking over, is a good thing.
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Originally Posted by gr4techie View Post
Flighthappens... Isn't AESA just the way the radar transmission is directed...
AESA brings much much more to the table than a normal MSA, it's not just the TX/RX method used...

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