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There was a smattering of we Rhodesians and South Africans at South Cerney in 1960. I had been there some time (recoursed) when I met Tim. One day I decided to show him Cheltenham so we went there; I telephoned the nursing home and arranged for a couple of blind dates for dinner.

We dined at a clutch of small restaurants and at the end of the repast we took them back to their accommodation. Being brought up south of the equator we were both absolute gentlemen and we bid them farewell.

On the way to the bus back to Cirencester I broached the subject of the dinner bill and how much I owed him.

"I thought you'd paid."
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Tim Webb

He was my instructor at Acklington and a superb one at that. Always on for a beer, excellent rugby player and one of the best people you could wish to meet. He and Sally were a great team.
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Correct, Roger !
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Tim and I played rugby in the Acklington team when we were students there. I only saw him again in photographs! Although on different courses we had the same instructor. K. S.
Thirty something years later I was sitting on the half way line at a North v South Gulf rugby match in Bahrein when I heard an unmistakable voice. It was Tim. On his way to Brisbane to see his old instructor.
Or have I made it up?
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A very good turn out with some absolute legends of the Hunter world in attendance. A good send off.
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