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Vulcan final flight live on you tube now

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Vulcan final flight live on you tube now

Old 29th Oct 2015, 11:27
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What a sad reflection on the aviation world in UK.
For such an iconic event an insignificant provincial airport with less movements then Popham on a rainy day, is unable to organise itself, and actually tells intending visitors to stay away. As usual at many major UK aviation events, the local police are unable to handle access from the local road network.
Plenty of room for enthusiasts in visiting light aircraft. Ah sorry, not enough staff to manage the mandatory handling and PPR required, or security staff for the searching of visiting crew and passengers.
All for half a dozen at most, holiday 737s.
You couldn't make it up!!
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 11:53
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Peel Group must have been mad to try to redevelop Finningley in the first place. Leeds, East Midlands and Humberside were already established within an hours drive. There just wasn't a need for another airport in the region and passenger numbers and profits (losses) reflect that.
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 12:09
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What's the betting that they'll announce that the airport isn't a commercially viable proposition, then try to obtain planning permission for hundreds of new houses....

Although who on earth would want to live in Doncaster?
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 14:19
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Some of us were born there and didn't have much of a choice!

The issues with the airport/council/Police became apparent very late in the day (as indeed, did the need to end flying). Doubtless more could have been done with more time to plan and a bit less risk aversion. The final flight though was always intended to be a short hop around the airport; very many people would have travelled to see the TO and landing, even had the display been held elsewhere. Given the lack of ability to cope with that, hands tied unfortunately.

Still, there was a very extensive flying programme this year and the two farewell tours a couple of weekends ago. As far as send offs go, I'd say the 2015 season wasn't bad.
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 15:08
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The Vulcan cost £100,877 per flight according to figures on another forum...
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 15:12
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Not sure what to make of this VIDEO: Did Vulcan do banned trick over Grantham? - Grantham Journal
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 15:42
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Totally agree with comments of cessnapete.
Only in this country, or possibly only in this area, could we feel the need to have such an event held in secret just in case the public want to turn up. The “Robin Hood International Airport”, aka Finningley, had a total of 7 departures spread over the whole day yesterday. It’s surrounded by small villages and fields so it’s not as if any major roads would have been affected. The police statement highlighting Health & Safety issues was just a disgrace. Surely they could have got some security/car parkers in, even sold tickets and welcomed the public who have shown in huge numbers that they would love to have seen this event. Where’s the enterprising spirit that says someone could even have made some money out of this, let alone allow the public to enjoy seeing the final flight of this great aircraft.
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 17:51
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Welcome to Britain.....
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 17:58
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I believe the emergency car park is still there by the main entrance. It used to do a good job during BoB weekends. They could've opened it up at a tenner per car and covered the costs of martialling it.
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 18:06
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Yes, according to Google Maps half of it survived the developers.

Mind you, the airport has parking for about 2500 cars and very few pax so I don't think it would be an issue.
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 19:16
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Peel are making just as good a job of running Durham Tees Valley....
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Old 29th Oct 2015, 19:35
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Just for the record a Barell Roll is NOT a 1g manoeuvre; it can be a LOW g manoeuvre and does not involve any -ve g.
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Old 30th Oct 2015, 16:08
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Film sequence of photos



Vulcan XH558: The Final Season - the Final Discussion

Btw I just used 1G as an example that it wouldn't need be a high energy manoeuvre

Zebedie, it is a sequence of still photos, my camera will take shots at 14 frames a second and produces the same effect.
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Old 30th Oct 2015, 18:27
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Hmm. Just imagine you have seen an exciting and wide open opportunity for photography along with tourism publicity along with survey work in the sparsely populated highlands with low or little overheads after initial equipment outlay.....ker shring £££££

Then the CAA rears it's head.
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Old 30th Oct 2015, 20:13
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Well stupidity and arrogance springs to mind, if wasn't cleared for aeros, even though it was / is capable of doing them and then to do them over the mainland where let's face it, you know someone's is going to capture it on film and upload it, and especially after Shoreham and even more with the CAA restrictions imposed by that, it is just asking for the CAA to hang you out to dry.
One just wonders how their employers will look upon it or whether they reported it happened.
I am surprised the mainstream gutter press are not jumping all over it as it appears to blatantly put two fingers up to the CAA restrictions post Shoreham.

One time you could argue the toss that it was a wing over gone wrong, but twice?
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Old 30th Oct 2015, 20:53
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as someone once said, "Once is unfortunate, twice looks like carelessness"
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 02:24
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I've read elsewhere that the PF is a 787 Binliner Captain, IF the 'roll' is proven to have taken place, and IF the CAA do react 'strongly', I wonder for how much longer?

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Old 31st Oct 2015, 13:54
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Champagne anyone...?
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Well if and if and if then I suspect he'll carry on being a 787 skipper until he retires. He might lose his authority to display the Vulcan but I suspect the CAA might have a hard time proving he was involved in a "Flying display".
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 17:33
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Well if they did, and I sincerely hope they did, then what a wonderful, poignant, historic, unforgettable and utterly appropriate epitaph to the mighty Vulcan's career, bowing her out the same way Roly Falke bowed her in at Farnborough over half a century before. That, if it did actually happen, has an simply magical symmetry to it that will live in the annals of aviation for ever. How could any pilot with a soul miss such an opportunity?

If I had been flying her I'd have done it for certain and pleaded "guilty, Your Honour and with pride", and taken the penalty cheerfully.

Wouldn't you?

The worst they've done is exceed a flight manual limitation re aerobatics. The aeroplane is demonstrably able to do it and take it so reckless endangerment is a bit of a stretch, and as said above it wasn't at an airshow.

If they did, Bravo Zulu, and if not; reasons in writing please.
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 21:22
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CAA person - You didn't roll the Vulcan, did you?

Vulcan pilot - No, of course not, since that would not have been permitted.

CAA person, Well that's all I need to hear then, thank you.

That's how a pragmatic, confident and well respected aviation authority ought to behave.
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