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I cannot see anything racist in pointing out the vast majority of the populace live in abject poverty and squalor, while the country choses to spend vast amounts of money in enlarging their defence and space budgets, something that will never lift them out of being a third world country.
The same can be applied to any other country at any point in the past, 150 years ago the UK was no different. One way out of poverty is to develop an economy.
Making their own weapons and building an aerospace industry is one way of building an economy and reducing poverty. Giving the poor money to buy food is not; its Communism.

India needs to spend money on defense because they have had several wars against Pakistan and China since independence, the threat is real.

Lately? 17 Hawks, and err, not much else.

The vast majority of military imports are American or Russian. They have also taken to manufacturing their own stuff, dashed cheek if you ask me.
They have bough a lot more than 17 Hawks, and insulting them isn't going to help. They are getting fed up with Russian kit, one of the reasons is they are not happy is the condescending manner the Russians

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Would our mushroom aircrew and ABM like to fly on a non-Boeing aircraft. If we joined up with the Indians we could have a more efficient ac to replace our current fleet of very expensive, man power intensive E3s.
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Notwithstanding SDSR 15, and the various comments that have been made for the requirement to upgrade and extend the OSD of the E3D - What is the general consensus for a replacement capability?
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A little more information about what Airbus was proposing some 18 years ago:

The fuselage cross-section is the same as that of the A330, i.e. 222". And the A310 is VERY quiet inside when compared with any of the '707 derivatives.
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Yah, but the "707s" as you put it are paid for. Well, at least our are.
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Shouldn’t that be 720 derivatives?
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The UK E3D is based on the Boeing 707-320B series airframe.

The KC-135 was based on the 367-80 first flown in 1954. This was widened from 132in to 148in for the 707-120 flown in Dec 1957. The 320B was fitted with extended span wings and an 80in fuselage stretch, first flown in Jan 1962.

Boeing 707-320, 707-420
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A 720 being a shortened and lighter Convair-basher.
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IIRC they used to leak fuel at every joint................
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