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“Anonymous Keying of the Mic” Tales Old and New

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“Anonymous Keying of the Mic” Tales Old and New

Old 29th May 2014, 13:11
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“Anonymous Keying of the Mic” Tales Old and New

“Anonymous Keying of the Mic”

Must be a million out there, original and variations on a theme; over the years I have had more than a few good chuckles and wondered what PPRuNers could bring to the table – lets have some light hearted humour !
My opener follows.....
Long long time ago in Dubai (single runway days) I was sitting at my desk with VHF scanner chuntering in the background; there had already been some media attention surrounding the fact BA were transporting two rare apes (orang-utans) from the orient to UK. Scanner caught my attention as the outbound flight sector DXB/LHR (let’s call it Speedbird 123) was taxiing out with whoever was doing the R/T getting a little caught up with the moment.....

“Speedbird 123 – your souls on board please”

“One Eight Five Pax, Zero Niner Crew and Zero Two Apes”.

“Crew Training again Chaps ???”

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Old 29th May 2014, 13:14
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"I'm a Happy Bear"

"I'm a Happy Bear too"

"I'm a Happy bear also"

"All stations, this is is 0A, maintain strict radio discipline"

"He's not a Happy Bear"
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Old 29th May 2014, 13:38
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AEO (with failed 'tels' but working 'mic') on crew intercom at full shouted volume "I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF"
Laid-back (sadly departed) TacNav "aren't you the lucky one"..
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Old 29th May 2014, 13:58
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Student practising aeros, falls out of loop "You cnut" he accidentally transmits.

"Aircraft calling Cranwell what is your callsign?"

"I'm not that much of a cnut!"
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Old 29th May 2014, 14:40
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I guess one of us has to...

Lovely night, sky twinkling with string of anti-colls blinking their way around a triangle in Lincolnshire area

"I'm pissed off with this Air Force"

"Station calling Cranwell, say again your callsign?"

"I'm sooo pissed off with this Air Force"

"Station calling Cranwell, say your callsign"

"God I'm pissed off with this Air Force"

"Station calling Cranwell, say your callsign immediately"

"I'm not THAT pissed off with this Air Force!"
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Old 29th May 2014, 14:51
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Roadster I believe that may have been at a secret helicopter base in NI.
Same base intrepid Swift pilot called up asking for 1000lbs for his Wessex. Lynx pilot replies seems like a good deal
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Old 29th May 2014, 14:51
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Taceval at Wattisham in early 80's, picture an "elephant walk" of F4's from 23 and 56 squadrons aping a survival scramble wending their way to 23......

Anon tx "I'm bored"

Response..."me too"

Response..."and me"

etc. etc.

Tx from Twr...."WTM combine this is supposed to be a covert scramble"......

I could hardly keep a straight face!


Another one I overheard was a flight of A10's checking in on freq.

"Spud check-in"

"2 potato, 3 potato, 4 potato"

"Wattisham, Spud formation, fight of 4 A10's with you......."

Slight delay before ATC reply as they recover from laughing....

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Old 29th May 2014, 15:30
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As funny as these are, you could just cut and paste the ATC humour thread which has years and years of these quotes. Most of the above have appeared multiple times on that as well.
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Old 29th May 2014, 15:35
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BA taxying behind Lufthansa at LHR.
ATC advise BA to go around Lufti to enable slot time.
Lufti to ATC "Vy Speedbird go front of Lufthansa"
reply from ?
"Early this morning they put towels at the end of the R/W!"

"In resorts.... Germans are famous for sending one of their group to reserve best location pool chairs."
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Old 29th May 2014, 16:20
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York MTA late 70s: "Resign formation check"
Linton radar: "Station calling, say again call sign"
JPs: "Resign - you know, as in PVR..."
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Old 29th May 2014, 17:48
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Met Office Topcliffe, ringing around other Met Offices for perfectly good but forgotten reason.


"Watton here"

"Piss-poor here too!"

As Max Boyce says "I was there!"
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Old 29th May 2014, 18:54
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Large formation waiting for launch on JMC. Been waiting for ages at cockpit readiness.

Formation wingman (may even have been the leader): " God, I'm 'kin bored!"

ATC: "This is SATCO, will the person using abusive language on R/T please say their call sign?"

"I said I am,'kin bored, not 'kin stupid!"
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Old 29th May 2014, 20:46
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Probably an apocryphal story, but - at Chicago having been told that there was a delay in departure clearance, 50 or so in the queue, the controller announced a further delay. "Shit" says voice on r/t. "Aircraft using profane language, identify yourself" declares controller. "Speedbird 123, it was not me who said "shit" ". "Air France 234, I certainly didn't say "merde" ". "Lufthansa 345, I also didn't say "sheisse" " etc. etc.
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Old 29th May 2014, 23:15
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Slightly off piste.

Pushback complete from the Bravos at STN, request taxi.

ATC "hold position, follow the 146 left to right when clear".

Soon afterwards F100 appears left to right; I enquire "is that 146 a Fokker".

Much hilarity and sniggering, we then proceed to PMI.

Nothing matters very much, most things don't matter at all.
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Old 30th May 2014, 00:34
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New Ops Officer takes charge and first noticeable effect was a constant demand by Ops Radio for Mission Status Updates so the S-3 could think he had some effect on things. We had been quite used to taking care of our own coordination while out working our very long days. Each Aircraft Commander kept up with how the other guys were doing and pitched in to help anyone that needed it.

Finally, one afternoon late, after the umpteenth demand for updates, and a couple of the Aircraft being out of radio range of Ops....came the repeated demand for relays.

Relaying Aircraft Commander advised his Mate that Ops was calling and wanted a mission update. He used the phrase "Mother wants to know what you are doing!"

The Ops Officer, who wore a Necktie simply to keep his foreskin choked down, was heard yelling into the handset "All Aircraft....do not call Operations "Mother"!".

As one would guess.....every aircraft on the Net responded "Yes, Mother!".

The Ops Officer nearly needed medical attention before the chorus stopped.
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Old 30th May 2014, 00:39
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Avoid imitations
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Wavering Jet Provost student pilot's voice:
"Mayday, Mayday, practice Mayday!"

Annoyed QFI's voice, same transmission:
"You ****ing idiot!"

ATC: "Air France ***, what are your present in flight conditions?"

AF: "We are in and out of ze bottoms...."

Unknown: "Vive Le sport!"

Airline pilot, just having been given landing clearance by female ATC controller and having failed to re select internal comms and mistakenly thinking he was now addressing cabin crew:

"Ladies, if you would all like to sit down for our landing...."

ATC: "We are sitting down!"
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Old 30th May 2014, 07:19
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Originally Posted by Madbob
Another one I overheard was a flight of A10's checking in on freq.

"Spud check-in"

"2 potato, 3 potato, 4 potato"

"Wattisham, Spud formation, fight of 4 A10's with you......."

Slight delay before ATC reply as they recover from laughing....

Must have been the Idaho Air National Guard.
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Old 31st May 2014, 13:53
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I was responsible for generating some once. 'Twas again at the secret NI helicopter base, which was cunningly disguised as an International Airport.

The previous evening I'd been royally entertained by our RN exchange officer (now sadly deceased) and his lovely wife - who was an air trafficker.

I was wending my way outbound Route 3 (in the words of the song) in the mighty Wessex, and said lovely wife was working Zone (120.0 IIRC). As I cleared frequency, I added: ".... and thank you for a wonderful time last night!"

Cue lots of anonymous inappropriate comments...........
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Old 31st May 2014, 14:04
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Back in the day:

Honington Approach: "Blue lead, what is your impression of the cloudbase?"

Blue Lead: "Blue lead, sorry, I don't do impressions!"

Deathly silence.

I was in the formation and I could name 'Blue Lead' but I won't.
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Old 31st May 2014, 14:38
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The old ones are still the best ...

I know it's been posted before
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