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Air Cadets grounded?

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Air Cadets grounded?

Old 21st Jan 2017, 20:30
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Or the Blenheims! Also the USAAF PR Mosquito's and Spitfires.
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Old 21st Jan 2017, 23:00
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Lincolns before my time, but my boss at City of Ely ATC 1094 Sqn, Bob Browne, had been an observer on Blenheims at Watton - but did not say much, guess he was one of few survivors
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Old 22nd Jan 2017, 12:28
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I've just watched this and it made me feel happy and sad. Massively happy for young Master Tait for achieving solo standard on his 14th birthday but incredibly sad for the Air Cadets that will miss out on this incredible achievement. It will be 34 months since the 'pause' in Air Cadet Gliding in a few days' time and how many of these have missed out...

Also, this was flown at Easterton where the RAFGSA Fulmar Gliding Club operates.

Also, i see that Great Britain are World Champions in gliding again. Come on HQ22 and HQACO - pull your finger out!


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Old 22nd Jan 2017, 13:04
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Leon - thank you so much for posting that wonderful film. Watching 14-year-old Ruari filled me with pride in his ability and good fortune. Indeed, it caused a beery tear to course its way down this seamed old cheek.

Also what excellent news from Oz about GB winning Team Gold.

On the other hand... as you say
34 months since the 'pause' in Air Cadet Gliding in a few days' time and how many of these have missed out...
But thank you again for showing me something upliftingly positive.

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Old 22nd Jan 2017, 14:17
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A magnificent achievement at such a young age. Just goes to show what young people are capable of.
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Old 22nd Jan 2017, 19:06
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I know his father who is an excellent glider pilot.
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Old 22nd Jan 2017, 19:12
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A little bird tells me that a 14 year old went solo at RAF Halton today with the RAFGSA. Further his instructor is an Air Cadet officer. All that was missing was the ACO and 2FTS - maybe that's why they are shutting the airfield as it's getting a little embarassing that this small grass airfield has flown more Air Cadets and local children in the past year than the mighty home for Air Cadet gliding has in the past 3!
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Old 23rd Jan 2017, 09:22
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Vigilants grounded (sorry paused) again this weekend!

Last edited by boswell bear; 25th Jan 2017 at 11:15.
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Old 23rd Jan 2017, 10:18
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Congratulations to Ruari and his instructors - and to Team GB
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Old 23rd Jan 2017, 14:02
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643VGS resume gliding with the Viking

Instructors at 643VGS, RAF Syerston recently resumed their weekend gliding in preparation for receiving cadets for training in April/May 2017
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Old 25th Jan 2017, 14:34
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I thought that 643 VGS disbanded in 2012 becoming part of 644 VGS
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Old 27th Jan 2017, 09:21
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Again, 2FTS should take a leaf out of the BGAs book, especially as it's taken 34 months to just get a memorandum of understanding...

To list a few things

We now have dozens of 14 year old solo pilots.
Dozens of under 16s with Bronze Badges (Licence)
People as young as 16 taking part in FAI Rated Competitions and going through courses to be able to inspect and maintain aircraft.
Instructors as young as 16 and professional instructors as young as 18.
A British Junior Team who won gold at the last Junior World Gliding Championships. (Congratulations again to the Adult Team who won multiple medals at the recent world championships)

There are around a 1000 Junior Pilots in the UK from all different backgrounds and financial circumstances within the BGA across the UK, it is one of the few membership demographics that isn't in decline. Civillian Gliding has a far brighter future than 10 years ago, the reverse is true for the air cadet gliding programme.

As Leon said, many have missed out and have been lost to gliding probably completely, no doubt we would've had even more talented pilots than we have now in the BGA as well as running and ensuring the future of VGSs for decades to come.

We can only continue to wait in hope...
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Old 27th Jan 2017, 19:41
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The 'little bird' speaks the truth:

Young glider pilot breaks RAF record on solo flight - Bucks Herald

Well done Cadet Corporal Sam Smith and his solo achievement at 14 yrs and 4 months (not via Air Cadet gliding, I hasten to add!!!).

The B Word
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Old 28th Jan 2017, 18:25
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Well done that lad! But will the Air Cadets let him wear silver wings on his uniform, unless the rules have changed, I suspect not??

I bet they have drawers full of wings gathering dust since this "pause" debacle started.

Go on, let him wear them, he has done well despite the obstacles!!
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Old 28th Jan 2017, 22:25
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I've just read over on the Air Cadet Central forum, that, under the new 'progressive training syllabus', there will be a set of wings available for cadets who have gone down the civvy route. Basically a pair of wings with a big 'C' (presumably for civilian flying) in the middle.
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Old 28th Jan 2017, 22:51
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Air Cadet Wings

If the Cadet carries out the required solo's to the BGA B cert he is entitled to wear the enamel BGA B 'pin'.
Thats what we did back in the 60's so no reason not to now i assume.

Actually it rather smart on the uniform and suitably discreet.

Mind you 'the system' was actually organised properly in those days and HQ staff backed up the schools to the full.

The 'cert' came as a little blue book signed by Lord Brab and very kindly requested the holder to be offered 'assistance' if required (what great times)
54 years since Geoff and Doug sent me off at Swanton, and i still remember it; my goodness it makes you realise how well the cretons have screwed it all up since.
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Old 29th Jan 2017, 09:01
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Pobjoy, I was there Oct 62 - whilst Cuban Missile Crisis was running. Got A&B on Day 1 (I had PPL from Flying Scholarship) so spent rest of the week pulling and pushing gliders, and the hangar flight dual most evenings. Next time at SM was in 1987, doing the Command Accounts Inspection! When I soloed again at North Hill 50 odd years later , BGA found my records and issued me a duplicate A&B, with the original photo, for 5 instead of whatever it is they now charge for a new certificate!
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Old 29th Jan 2017, 10:23
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command accounts inspection

WOO Just shows what an A&B leads to although; i bet it did not exceed the thrill of your first non power solo.
They made a mistake on the min no of launches one did for the course so i had to do an extra couple to make it right for the book.
Enter Douggie for two simulated ground attack details and suitable beat ups.
Any later involvement for me with this exercise i can blame on him.
He was actually smiling after his demo.
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Old 29th Jan 2017, 11:04
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Lord Brabs request

It always make me smile when reading the 'request for assistance' in the little blue book. It would make a great 'Mr Bean' moment if one was in some 'pickle' due to weather or a non radio vintage aircraft arrival at some USAF nuke base.
Imagine the scenario; having arrived unannounced and prob undetected (due to low flying) at a B52 base in C.... weather. hundreds of armed helmeted bods surround the machine as oily driver removes goggles and looks for a friendly face. Command jeep arrives with much decorated O I/C and descends upon hapless individual. Good morning General (hoping that is a suitable increase on his rank) sorry about this but my good friend Lord Brab has a note for you !!!!
The mind boggles !!!
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Old 29th Jan 2017, 14:28
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Blue book? One of must be colour blind.

It did take me a long time to fill in all the other available entries on later pages, and the old licence only goes up to three diamonds. I never got to wave Lord Brab's request at a Russian with a gun.

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