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ACM Sir Stuart Peach CAS

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ACM Sir Stuart Peach CAS

Old 1st Dec 2013, 22:31
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ACM Sir Stuart Peach CAS

After his recent award would ACM Peach make a good CAS, everything I have read about him indicates that he is a top operator. I realise that he is not one of the 'Two Wing Master Race' however, is it not right to have the best person for the job. Apologies if this has been discussed before.
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Old 1st Dec 2013, 23:23
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Aside from being a 'Nav', I always thought VCDS was an up or out type appointment. In any case, a lot will depend how he does politically - at that rarified level performance is often judged by how you handle yourself amongst the Westminster bearpit above and beyond other performance metrics.

Plus I'm not sure it is the right time for another RAF CDS. The Army have double tapped the job on the grounds of fighting a ground-centric campaign and before that we had Jock Stirrup. Whilst not entirely in the spirit of the being the right person rather than buggins turn, I suspect the RN might be angling for it when Houghton leaves - although my knowledge of RN VSOs and their position in the pecking order on the Defence Board is sketchy.

Plus, as he has already held 4-star command as Comd JFC, I'm sure there would be others working their way up through the system that would be a little miffed if Peach got a 'second bite' so to speak.
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Old 1st Dec 2013, 23:39
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Stu Peach...name from my past. Had many a piss up with him when we were both "out of service". Is he doing well...must have listened to my advice
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 00:32
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I think VCDS is equally in the running as any Service Chief. I think the output of SDSR15 will be the determining factor in any choice to be honest. I'm not hopeful about Adm Z being CDS.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 05:58
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Just wondering, what award?
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 07:56
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Well done that man.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 08:25
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Wander00, I guess that was the Diamond Jubilee Medal.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 10:28
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He was winner of the 'Very grumpy and miserable Poirot-lookalike' competition every time I met him on det...
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 11:28
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TR - yes, but it was a stick-on moustache!
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 14:33
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Worked for him when he was CDI - he was grumpy to those who failed to prepare for him properly. He was also very good to us, and there was a lot of loyalty to him.

To this day I feel loyal to him because he took the effort to start my final briefing to him by spending two minutes saying thank you to me for my work and wishing me luck in my next post - which as I was a very junior person, he didnt need to know about or take an interest in. I won't forget that small gesture which meant a lot to me.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 16:58
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Don't expect a smile but he was my Boss for the Gulf Ops and a finer military mind you will struggle to find.

Maybe I'll try poetry!
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 18:13
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Aside from being a 'Nav', I always thought VCDS was an up or out type appointment.

Well, it seemed to work pretty positively for General Houghton.


PS I didn't realise that you were a Nav, Melchett!
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 18:27
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Nothing wrong with a NAV being the Chief; best person for the job!

RNZAF - Chief of Air Force
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 19:15
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He was presented with a gold medal by the 'Association of Old Crows' for his work with electronic warfare throughout his service.

More information at this link
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 19:39
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That's all right then - as a founder member of 360, I can only honour his achievement.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 20:33
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Originally Posted by Geehovah View Post
Don't expect a smile but he was my Boss for the Gulf Ops and a finer military mind you will struggle to find.

Maybe I'll try poetry!
Our paths crossed in similar circumstances and he left me with the same impression. He impressed me in the way he took a genuine interest in all those that worked for him no matter their role or position. A genuine leader and gentleman; if he were offered the position I am sure he would do very well.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 21:46
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I haven't posted for some time. However, I can't let this one go. He may be an intellectual messiah, but he also has all the social skills of Gordon Brown? He is overrated. Many are!
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 22:08
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The One,,,

Not my experience.
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Old 3rd Dec 2013, 06:36
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CDS has to be right man for the job

I do not have close knowledge of ACM Peach, but one thing I do know is that while still being politically aware single Service chiefs can fight their own turf (whether that is carriers for the RN, Army numbers post Afghan for the Army or whatever our 'red line' is). But when in the VCDS and CDS role the political nature of the job either results in a label of not being Joint (too much 'loyalty' to your own colour of uniform); not in the interests of Defence (you believe that your military professional judgement is better than the various studies, senior officer briefings, and civil servants providing you with advice), and finally there are those VCDS/CDS that historically just don't get that the politicians have their political agenda, inter departmental and cross party driving factors - the Minister's decision is to be loyally delivered!

Some take on the politicians and although it can be construed as good moral courage to stand up for the military against self focused, career minded politicians that rarely these days have served in H M Forces, but in reality these kind of VCDS/CDS just get bypassed by those that do have career aspirations and ultimately will do the Minister's bidding.

The challenge for ACM Peach, as he we'll knows, is to balance his light blue history and experience, with what is genuinely right for Defence, while ensuring Ministers (and his boss CDS!) are managed with a great deal of awareness.

That will determine his career future (and whether we can position a light blue CDS at the top of the shop) - not what brevet or cockpit he has previously filled. I believe that the position of CAS would be a sideways (if not downwards) move, and would certainly block us from positioning one of future CDS' via the CAS route.

Therefore I agree with previous posts being that our best hope is 'up' (to CDS) and not 'out' (when he finishes this job).

And I wouldn't write off the RN or the Army. The Army invest heavily in positioning its best at the top that shine with key crunchy jobs. SDSR 15 is one such 'opportunity' for the budding Army CDS, as is implementing Future Reserve 20. With the move towards contingency and not getting involved with long term boots on the ground, then the RN with its carriers are very well placed to lead Defence from 2015 into Future Force 2020.

But who knows and let's see what the Ministers have to say at the time!
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Old 3rd Dec 2013, 07:18
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Association of Old Crows

When I first joined the RAF, dire threats would appear at frequent intervals in SROs, concerning membership of 'The Red Coat Roost of the Association of Old Crows'. Which didn't actually mean a lot to anyone; if it hadn't been for some reference to P&SS, we might have asked for an explanation. But even then we decided it wouldn't be in our best interests to attract the attention of the spooks....
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