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Whoops - Dutch F-16 pilot strafes range control tower

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Whoops - Dutch F-16 pilot strafes range control tower

Old 11th Nov 2013, 22:36
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All good stuff but not quite on the scale of shooting down one of your own Jags!
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Old 11th Nov 2013, 22:39
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Thanks for that, Tonkas though , I was on 14 Jag, nice to see the Deci wall again, there was at one point rumours they were going to look at recovering it to the RAFM, but it died a death.... Happy days, great Country...

Hurtling up a brand spanking new road through a tunnel and the road surface just stopped and returned to a gravel base with a straight drop of a few inches before resuming to a winding Country road.... How the hell we survived I'll never know... That's Sardinia for you.
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Old 11th Nov 2013, 22:51
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Talking of "bombing" from a Shackleton....
8 Sqn pulled the same stunt on us (except we had the brains to do our dinghy drill in Cyprus) - the impromptu solution to prevent further risk of bombing after the first drop was to use our miniflares as SAMs. Quite effective, as we found out at Animal House afterwards - at least a couple of hits. Nice to give them a taste of their own medicine.
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Old 11th Nov 2013, 22:56
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Perhaps this will serve as a warning to RSOs that fail to record the scores the boys have paid for.
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Old 11th Nov 2013, 22:57
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ericferret, (your #13)

Poet Lauriate - look to your laurels! (There was a similar tale current at Manby in the mid-'50s. A wide bomb from the Theddlethorpe range hit the village pub and destroyed the ladies' loo (no ladies, old or young, being in occupation at the time).

The seat was recovered; there are two versions of the end: (a) it was presented to the Squadron involved as a trophy, and (b) mounted over the Lounge bar in the pub, with a suitable inscription, in perpetuity.

Old 12th Nov 2013, 05:17
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I want to be in that tower come the apocalypse. No one seems able to take it out.
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 06:25
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I remember hearing a story of a German Tornado crew using a UK range.
On entering the range the pilot called the controller and informed him that today he would be the first German to bomb UK since 1945.
Having woefully missed his target the range controllers reply was no wonder you lost!
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 07:35
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there is some good video on youtube under the title, 14Sqn Deci Range 1997. Well worth a watch and, some of the other vids by the same vid poster.
Thank You, your comments made me smile this morning

Here is the Link to it:

The quality is not brill and I would love to be able to go back with some of the photographic kit I have now!!! but it reminds me of great times I had
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 07:59
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Once upon a time in Cyprus, the pongos were hosting a 'farrparr' demo at Epi. Amongst which was a Vulcan, due to drop 21 x 1000 lb bombs.

The Tin Triangle lumbered into view, but there'd been some navigatorial switch pigs and the bombs didn't release....until, that is the captain jettisoned them live. What appeared to be a large black object detached itself from the Vulcan and hurtled towards the sea, those in the know huddled down in their seats and waited.

There was a ginormous BOOM, part of the Mediterranean nearly made it into low Earth orbit and an impressive shower drenched most of the audience.

"Vewwy impwessive", said one of the pongos, "But what happened to the other twenty?"
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 09:04
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Then of course there was the infamous Ark Royal bombing

The Risks Digest Volume 13: Issue 44

Sometimes we just don't feel the love

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Old 12th Nov 2013, 09:16
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The SOAF Jags were mentioned earlier, but in the context of this thread there was a slight incident when a low pass modified the railing on the stairs to the range hut. They got it back, but it wasn't a very good fit:

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Old 12th Nov 2013, 10:35
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Old Grubber,

I was on board the Ark that day- bit of a shock when it wasn't an exercise damage control exercise. Also no good as the bomb went through our aircrewmans mess . It apparently lodged in a damage control store about one frame back from the Harrier LOX plant..

I can't get the link to work, but search on Youtube for an F111 flyby Evans Head range in Australia the longer verison a good watch!
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 11:03
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Danny, there was a photo of the toilet in the sqn photo album labelled 'Flash in the Pan'. This was 12 Sqn and a bit like the Tirpitz bulkhead could well be an argument between IX and 12 for the laurels or would that be the lavatory seat?

The pub? The Prussian Queen.

I believe the Theddlethorpe target was marked with a circle of flashing lights whereas the PQ car park was lit by what could be described as a circle of lights. Low, scudding clouds did the rest.
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 12:07
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Still there - The Prussian Queen
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