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PAS Offer and FRI's?

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PAS Offer and FRI's?

Old 19th Feb 2013, 10:25
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I wonder if the pilot of the future, post 2015, might be recruited for a shorter, non pensionable engagement. The money to train might be considerably less than the often quoted multi millions and easier to justify than paying pension for many years.
As for the PAS offer, I know of only one person who is ready to sign up.
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 17:15
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We must know the same person as I too only know of 1 person who'll take it now.
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 19:49
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Are we all on the same squadron??
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 20:21
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Not until Future Force 2020!
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 01:06
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Anyone who signs on is mental ( technical term)

I'm convinced this is a bluff and come April/May there will be an FRI as manning know they are going to be short of pilots very soon!

Of course, only my opinion......
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 06:10
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Well, it's in the thread title, so shall we start some FRI rumours? What are we short of, or what's in manning balance....?

Overworked drone pilots....? I hear the Typhoon force is attracting a high number of PVRs.... and are we short of QFIs yet?
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 07:41
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Manning may well know that they forecast a shortage but it seems that convincing the Treasury is another thing entirely without evidence of a shortage (and apparently there isn't one at the moment).
From my chats with Manning, I think anyone holding out for an FRI may well find themselves running out of time...

High Spirits,

I don't think it does weigh true - it is widely acknowledged that you need to continue recruitment to maintain continuity in the workforce. This is about maintaining the experienced end of that line. I think we all wish it was a direct equation of "leave at 38/16...MoD pays £Xmillion to replace you" as that would work quite nicely for all of us right now. If only...
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 05:11
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Hi all,
my offer of PAS includes the clause:
5 year Return of Service obligation during which you will not be allowed to apply for Early Termination.
So does that mean 5 years before I can apply for PVR, submit application, then 12 months to leave the service= 6 years minimum, in flying related staff (shxt) jobs!? And from the Pension Calculator (pre 2015) I only get 3k more pension, even if I stay in until 55.

Hmmmm, waive leaving rights, do shxtty jobs that no one else wants, miss the chance to go to the airlines, and all for a small increase in dosh. No wonder there are hardly any takers. I am hoping to be corrected tho. Anyone?
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 07:03
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Much of what you say is true but consider:
No, or very few airline jobs
Terms and conditions eroded on these airline jobs
Expense of licence versus risk of not getting said job
Pay rise of PAS has to come with some return to Manning, otherwise what's the point?
Do you go for the short term FRI or the longer term pension, and like it or not, it's still up with the best pensions.

[email protected]@dy hell, I'm off to have a word with myself for speaking up for the Firm.

Just playing devils advocate....
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 08:13
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That PAS offer wording does seem suspect and I would challenge the 'apply for' bit. Previous to your post I have seen nothing that suggests you cannot apply for ET, just that you will not get it until the RoS is complete. As you say, the new wording could add a year or more to the PAS handcuffs but my guess is that is an error that needs to be removed.
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 09:21
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If you have accepted PAS and then initiate the 7 keys to freedom, you will see written in red the date to which you are obliged to serve along with a warning that to depart early is likely to have financial implications.

You can PVR and complete the requested departure date as the day after your obligated RoS concludes.

The danger lies in the the ability of Manning to accept your PVR with immediate effect. Ie, before your RoS exit date. This would be underhand of them but I have heard of one such example with a ground tradesman approaching pension point. Bottom line, negotiate with your DO and retain any emails. Telephone calls fail to exist the moment the handset is replaced. Back up any telephone chats with a covering email. It should not be an issue to leave on time, but a change of deskie or a hacked off deskie, has the ammunition to make it an issue.

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Old 26th Mar 2013, 10:16
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I see Easyjet are advertising for military non-type rated FO's in preparation for summer 2014. 1000hrs and frozen ATPL. Might not be a great deal, but it's an opening on the outside. More to follow?
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 10:43
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Any link to verify this? Will they be able to give fixed hub?

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Old 26th Mar 2013, 10:59
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Found it after googling 'easyjet careers pilot'. Don't know why, but I did.

A bit "sketchy" on detail.
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 18:51
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Here you go.

Pilot Careers - Careers in the Air - easyJet Careers
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 22:59
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Prepared to self-sponsor type rating
Seems you would have to 'front-up' some of your gratuity for the TR.
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 23:09
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Seems to me they have an open advert tomorrow in the telegraph...

EasyJet to create more jobs for military pilots - Telegraph

About 200 jobs will be added in 2014 following recent news of 330 permanent positions for pilots this year.
The new posts will be offered across all 11 of easyJet's UK bases - Gatwick, Southend, Luton, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Belfast - and across easyJet's European sites.
EasyJet's head of flight operations, Captain Brian Tyrrell, said: "I'm really pleased to be launching this recruitment drive for 200 new pilots. We are actively seeking pilots from the military services and we know from the ex-forces pilots who already fly with us that their skills and experience will be an asset to the airline.
"No other British airline is recruiting on this scale. It is a great time to join easyJet - our pilots fly one of the youngest fleets in world aviation, receive high quality training and fast career progression at an airline which has gone from strength to strength in recent years."
There are currently more than 2,300 pilots flying for easyJet.
One off or are the wheels starting to turn again?

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Old 27th Mar 2013, 07:12
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Ken- or would it be a drip feed bond paid back over 3 yrs?
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Old 27th Mar 2013, 10:48
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Champagne anyone...?
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More than likely the latter.

Belay that. Upfront apparently. As was the case last time round. Put that gratuity to good use

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Old 3rd Apr 2014, 13:00
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Has there been any offers of PAS this year?
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