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Old 29th Nov 2012, 16:08   #1801 (permalink)
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Complete with anti-F35 rent-a-quote from Winslow Wheeler. Quelle surprise.
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Old 15th Jun 2013, 09:28   #1802 (permalink)
Ecce Homo! Loquitur...
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Sukhoi PAK-FA spin recovery footage
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Old 15th Jun 2013, 10:59   #1803 (permalink)
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We're Doomed
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Old 15th Jun 2013, 16:42   #1804 (permalink)
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Do we think it was spinning or just yawing? There was no roll component and IIRC to get into a flat spin you have to fly through someone's 'jetwash', be in asymmetric blower and be 'heading out to sea'.

It's spin recovery seemed to be 'stop yawing'. Must keep the FRCs simple.

It looked to me to be a high alpha yaw authority demonstration.
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Old 15th Jun 2013, 20:53   #1805 (permalink)
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What you blokes said I think it's a nice looking aircraft though.

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Old 16th Jun 2013, 09:57   #1806 (permalink)
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wasn't that yaw (or flat spin) the thing that pulled the tail of early F-100's??

Very impressive I thought

On the other hand it can't be as stealthy as the F-22 - no sign of special coatings along the wings or filling the gaps in control surfaces -but it's probably a lot cheaper to buy and run......

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