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Dennis Croukamp - medals

This is not strictly mil aviation but if anyone has read Dennis Croukamp's book about his Rhodesian bush war service with the Selous Scouts and his subsequent service with the SADF you will know what a distinguished record this man has. Amongst other medals he was awarded the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia.

I am fortunate to know Dennis personally and am sad to report that he has posted the following message on FB:

Dennis Croukamp

It is with sadness that I announce my medals have been stolen from home, they include, the R GSM, BCR, Zim Independence medal, SA GSM, SA for serving outside the borders of SA and the Propartrea, (spelling?). Selous Scouts wings No 10, cap badges of RLI, Selous Scouts, DRR, SA 44 Para Brigade, 44 Pathfinder badge, Ciskie special forces badges and wings also numbered amongst many other small attractive items. Sadly I do not have the moneys to offer a reward for information leading to possible recovery and prosecution of the low life that took them. Please let me know if you hear anything.

If anyone sees anything resembling these please let me or Dennis know. This has been posted on Arrse. Thank you.
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The monthly publication Medal News has a section where readers can send in details of lost and stolen medals. The magazine has a wide circulation among medal dealers and collectors and this would be a very good place to advertise their loss.
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Let's hope that this fine array of medals and badges comes to light both quickly and unharmed and, in the context of Epiphany's last para, it's probably worth adding that I believe that DC lives in Cape Town

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