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LXX Squadron RAF Disbandment

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LXX Squadron RAF Disbandment

Old 9th Sep 2010, 18:47
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Most were AD I am led to believe.

The free beer ran out at 9pm - 2 hours of hard drinking.

The other bars ran dry at around 0100 this morning.

A hardcore of LXX stalwarts finished the sqn beer stocks at 0530!

A great night
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Old 9th Sep 2010, 19:52
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"Most were AD I am led to believe."
Really? or just pointing the finger of blame at the ARMY because the RAF just wouldn't cause trouble on their own patch!

I was "led to believe" that none of them where AD (for once) .
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Old 9th Sep 2010, 20:20
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Every time I had to close the NAAFI as Ord Sgt it was always the AD who were doing the fighting usually but not always with themselves

I was involved in the LXX daffodils on the Bund road, well in so far as:

a) I was there when Martin H**l took a bunch of new ish young aircrew Sgts out to install them.

b) I didn't feel the need to have to go the extra length to gain promotion and didn't really qualify under a) anyways!

c) So I manned the LXX Air Eng desk whilst the good deed was done!

Ahh history in the making! Hope everyone had a real good time!!

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Old 9th Sep 2010, 21:21
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Remember it well - I think, as an officer-type (albeit a co) and in grand style remember saying (from my car window as I passed)

"Jolly good show, chaps, carry on" or words to that effect.

Well, it certainly worked on the daffs and IIRC the Staish at the time was not impressed - and he, a shiny type, who had an 'honorary E Cat' (for landing at wrong airfield in Istanbul!).
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Old 9th Sep 2010, 22:26
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Yes now you mention it the daffs op was a covert one! And yes he certainly was a very unimpressed shiny type wasn't he!!
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 06:59
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Brings back memories of many happy days on Lxx, wouldn't change any of them.............

well, maybe that one little incident in New Orleans.........
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 07:16
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Happy Days

tinged with sadness as I remember the loss of XV 193 and a great bunch of guys.
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 08:14
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Dark days indeed; the loss of XV193 was a total tragedy for all on the Sqn, the families and everyone who was priviledged to know the crew.

Every time I fly over that part of the world I think of the boys (and count my lucky stars).

RIP Startrek 3
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 20:38
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Who are the current holders of the 47/LXX rugby trophy? Guess there will be a while before hostilities resume!
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 21:51
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.. perhaps its 'just' sad coincidence that it was today in 1973 that XV198, another Lyneham K (?), crashed at RAF Colerne with some Rocks in the back.

I hope the bash went well.

Happy memories of Lancaster Square..
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 22:15
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Champagne anyone...?
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XV198 was lost during Trg at Colerne, 5 crew on board - no rocks. RIP
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 22:27
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What happened to the 'nodding donkey' oil jobby which was brought back from Dyess many years ago ?
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Old 10th Sep 2010, 22:44
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No, 5 was bad enough.

RIP indeed.
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 08:33
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70 Sqn Pig Roasts

Hi, please tell me that the pig roast machine I put together in 2000 and left behind when I returned to NZ has found a good home!

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Old 12th Sep 2010, 07:44
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I believe it has been purchased by the Gliding Club at Keevil.

Some great hog roasts left in it for the future!
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 08:44
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flipster, surely it was the wrong aerodrome at Adana?

The movers at Brize kept referring to Incirlik as 'Adana' - which I always said would one day lead to someone actually delivering their boxes to Adana 'civil' (Sakirpasa) instead of Adana 'military' (Incirlik)....

Mind you, the plethora of aerodromes at Istanbul would make the possibility of such a c.ock-up quite likely....

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Old 12th Sep 2010, 09:54
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Ref Wrong Airfield

At the time there was an exercise going on in Turkey.

The Stn Cdr at the time landed at the wrong airfield around Ankara. There was the main International airport and 2 or 3 military bases around the city being used for the exercise.

Best wishes to all I served with on LXX as well as the other Lyn Sqn members back in the classic model days
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 16:44
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In 1977 I went down route with a LXX crew - I was a diplomatic courier (Tech) at the time. We had a small job to do in New Orleans. We had a trapper crew on board but we ran into a tropical storm and the trappers helped with approach and the next approach and the next approach, but in the end we got down. We stayed in a great hotel at the top of Bourbon Street (organised by the Master Eng). Next day, bit of an oil leak from no. 3 - needed a new engine. It took about 7 days for Ascot to organise a new engine and an engine change team. Meanwhile we stayed in New Orleans. What fun! BTW the captain suffered from vertigo. Ring a bell anyone?
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 17:10
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LXX - in the Old Days

Back in the early 60s, flew as pax in a LXX Hastings from Nicosia to Khartoum, where one of our pointy jets had gone u/s on return from a detachment to Eastleigh. An hour or so into the trip, chuntering across the Med towards El Adam, I went up to the flight deck. To my astonishment, only one pilot visible - in the right-hand seat. "Where's D***?" I enquired, innocently. "Down there" replied the Flt Eng - pointing to the "bomb-aimer's" position below the flight deck. "He had a hard night last night".

Then there was the time another LXX Hastings had brake failure while taxying at Nicosia. The nose-shaped dent in our (corrugated iron) hangar wall was still there when I left the station some months later.

Happy days! I'm sure the spirit will be undimmed when LXX re-forms with the A400M.
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Old 13th Sep 2010, 08:40
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Istanbul/Ankara/Somewhere in Turkey?
Profuse apologies - I stand corrected!
I'm not saying it couldn't happen to anyone - but it was peculiar that the nav and co got it in the neck from Staneval and yet the captain, who just happened to be the Stn Cdr, didn't - funny that!

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