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SHFNI Stories!

Old 3rd Oct 2014, 16:59
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You mean this one ShyTorque, taken by me when they were evicted from Odiham

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Old 3rd Oct 2014, 18:24
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Lingo Dan
BTW, I think I have identified "Teeteringhead!" Hope all is well!
... the more I post, I guess the more clues I leave .....

....... and all is indeed well thanks!
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Old 26th Apr 2015, 00:28
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After 40 years a 73 year old British army veteran (a grandfather) is sitting in a Northern Ireland PSNI cell facing a charge of murder.
Many of the press corps are not interested in the story as there is an election and a Royal Baby due. This veteran requires support. Please help to bring this to the notice of others.
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Old 26th Apr 2015, 00:53
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Yes I was reading it earlier, what peeves me is we gave virtually immunity to terrorists and then you read this sh*te
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Old 26th Apr 2015, 19:31
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Sad news, they will be pulling the Bloody Sunday Vets next!
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Old 26th Apr 2015, 19:39
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And yet Hyde park went unpunished just because of a letter. Gotta love selective justice, he's in his seventies for goodness sake.
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Old 27th Apr 2015, 08:13
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Me too Plastic Cab Driver...we must know each other! Took our weapons off the cab just in case they came through/over the wire. I was LHS on Bertie's cab.

So many happy memories, riding my bike through the newly decorated mess....then piling into the thorny bushes at the 90 left by the rugby club, en route to the kebab van by the main gate (with a Flt Cdr on pillion!), flying with Hi Hi at FL135 over Belfast, getting tingly lips... Flying '1st class' to Fermanagh, coffee and a cigarette with the sun setting in front of us, beautiful. Spotting the nudists wigwam on Lower Lough Erne, endless Pimms parties on the patio, proper good piss ups and some great mates. Shame it is no more really!

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Old 27th Apr 2015, 11:04
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The sh1te that committed the Hyde Park bombing go free, and then this. Something in the system needs a shake somewhere. And so called IRA, sorry Sinn Fein, politicians get what MT called the "oxygen of publicity". There seem two systems of "law|" operating somehow.
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Old 2nd May 2015, 02:29
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72 Sqn NVG video

Does anybody have access to the NVG video that was done by a pilot and nav on 72 in the mid-nineties? Mainly Wessex ops from Y453, with a bit of Puma stuff as well, if I remember correctly.

I used to have a hard copy, but it's disappeared over the years. If you could point me to anywhere it might be on-line, or PM me if you could forward a private electronic copy, it would be much appreciated.

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Old 9th Jul 2015, 21:28
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I wonder if anyone can help me?... I'm trying to confirm the identity of this Wessex 'D'. The photo is taken in Northern Ireland in 1987. I believe that this aircraft was hit by small arms fire in around April 87, though I cant be sure of the dates.

Many thanks

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Old 10th Jul 2015, 07:14
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According to the book RAF Rotors published in 1996, RAF Wessex HC2 XT671 wore 'D' on 72 Sqn.
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Old 9th Aug 2015, 23:59
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Bessbrook Mill Heliport

Would anyone happen to have any aerial photos of the main helipads at BBK? Preferably early 90's before it was closed. I've tried Google but none show the complete layout.

And how many spots were on the main pad, (I.e not down in the dip or in the garden area) was it 7, 8 or 9?

Hoping to construct a scale model hence the request / question.

Thanks in advance

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Old 10th Aug 2015, 01:00
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Hi Edward
If you go back through this wonderful thread there are lots of pictures of Bessbrook then and now.
I'm sure you'll find what you require.
See you in the Swift.
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Old 10th Aug 2015, 04:52
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There are a few in the Arrse gallery, such as:



this one


this one too.
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Old 28th Sep 2015, 10:55
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For all you Wessex fans, Fly have released a 1/32 scale HC2 and HU5 kit. the rotor diameter spread will be about 21 inches, but just look at it... Drool...... at last a decent Wessex model

more here
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Old 28th Sep 2015, 16:23
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Originally Posted by NutLoose View Post
For all you Wessex fans, Fly have released a 1/32 scale HC2 and HU5 kit. the rotor diameter spread will be about 21 inches, but just look at it... Drool...... at last a decent Wessex model

more here
32010 Westland Wessexx HC.2 :: Fly

Hannants - Plastic model kits and accessories
Are they going to include a 1/32 scale Wing Mong struggling to pull an open line nozzle and semi-rigid hose through the Nitesun bracket for total authenticity?
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Old 29th Sep 2015, 13:16
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Excellent! just pre- ordered one
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Old 2nd Oct 2015, 13:26
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That's an awesome looking model. It needs the door armour, a bloody gpmg, ditch the flot gear (excuse the pun) and add a few house brick sized dints along the fuselage for street cred. Great memories!
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Old 2nd Oct 2015, 22:30
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Wessex Hc 2 Model

This model looks pretty damn good. If I may add some more observations. As TB has elluded - none of 72 Sqn's aircraft had floatation gear except for the single ex- SAR cab (I think it was either S or O - must check m'logbook) used for the V813 Stby SAR role and that aircraft never had the AAR47 MAWS. I think the SH Wessex had only one vertical aerial on the nose (Cougar 2 I think) whereas the SAR cab had those 2 for another type of radio fit. The nightsun tripod had a box at the end sitting above the actual searchlight. The oleo leg needs a folding step about half way up. That was really useful getting in and out with the Nightsun fitted and helped you avoid stepping on the TIWAS Refueller's head as he struggled to do the refuel through the nightsun mount after shutdown! An M130 flare dispenser (although rarely fitted in NI) would be to the bottom rear of the cabin door. And as for the cockpit armour, the titanium fold down plate needed a rubber stop on the side of the aircraft to stop it damaging the airframe. Unless the nightsun was fitted then it rested on the upper nightsun arm. Sorry, this kind of memory detail only comes from a sad old git's long career flying such a "Fine Girl." Loved flying her and operating with the best crewmen and fellow front seaters over many long years. Now only memories. I'll see if I can recall some more to keep this thread going. How about 72 Sqn's SAR exploits - in the 1980s we rescued more people in one day than the whole of the SAR force had in the year! Next time maybe - but I may need some help recalling the detail.
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Old 8th Oct 2015, 23:00
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Just been listening to the radio 2 programme about John Lennon's last day.

Bear with me, but on the morning of 9th Dec 1980 I was awoken by that lovely batlady Mrs S with a cup of tea. May have had a pint or two too many pints of Smithwicks the night before, but I was totally confused by her telling me in her broad Belfast accent that 'That poor Mr Lenin' s been shot'.

'He's been dead since 1924' I replied to her utter confusion.

Some time after breakfast the truth dawned.

Same day my wife called from Somerset wondering why someone bad sent her flowers.

It was our first wedding anniversary. She had forgotten.

Sometimes you wonder if it's you that's lost the plot, or the rest of the world.
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