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Old 11th Dec 2009, 13:58   #21 (permalink)
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Who.....that will be a long list, if such a list was ever compiled

What.....was 640 a/c comprising:-

Bristol Sycamore HC1 (x1).XD196.......First aircraft in Flypast
Airspeed Oxford 1.(x12) from Wellesbourne Mountford.
Avro Anson (x21) from Shawbury.
Avro Lincoln(x45) from Waddington ,Upwood and Hemswell.
Avro Shackleton MR1A and MR2.(x18) from St Eval and Ballykelly.
Avro Vulcan Prototype(x1) VX770
Boeing Washington.(x12) from Marham.
BP Balliol T2 (x12) from 7FTS.
Canadair Sabre F4(x24) from ?.
Canadair Sabre (x36) from RCAF.
DHC Chipmunk T10(x32) from Booker and South Cerney.
DH Vampire T10 (x12) from 23Sq
Vampire FB5 (x12) from 75 and 76SQs RAAF
DH Vampire FB5(x12) from?
DH Vampire T11(x1) from 206AFS.
DH Venom FB1(x24) from 5,11 and 266 Sqs.
English Electric Canberra (x48) from Binbrook,Hemswell and Bassingbourn .
Gloster Meteor F4(x12) from 206AFS.
Gloster Meteor (various Marks)(x192)from 1/19/41/43/54/56/63/64/65/66/74/92/222/245/247/257/263 Sqs
Gloster Meteor NF11(x36) from 29/85/141/151/264 Sqs
Gloster Javelin Prototype(x1)
Hawker Hunter F1 (x1) WT555
HP Hastings (x3) from Lyneham.
HP Victor Prototype(x1) WB771
Lockheed Neptune MR1(x5) from Kinloss.
N A Harvard IIB (x12) from Little Rissington.
Short Sunderland MR5(x3). from ?.
Supermarine Swift F1/F4 (x6) from Boscombe Down.
Vickers Varsity T1(x12) from Thorney Island and Swinderby.
Vickers Valiant 2nd Prototype.(x1) WB215
Supermarine Swift F1.(x1) WK198 ......Last aircraft in Flypast
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Old 11th Dec 2009, 17:18   #22 (permalink)
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A bit of thread drift here, but GeeRam is referring to the the Queen's Coronation Review at Odiham whereas fetcheveryone asked:

"what flew in the flypast down the Mall at the Coronation?"

GeeRam's figures are right about the Odiham event. Further details here:

The coronation fly-past on 2nd June in front of Buckingham Palace was a different affair entirely. It consisted of 168 fighters (144 R.A.F. Meteors and 24 R.C.A.F. Sabres). In those days Buckinham Palace fly-pasts flew from south to north past the palace, rather than as they do now from east to west down the Mall.

The route was over the Thames Estuary to Canterbury, the feeding-in point for the the various wings. From Canterbury, south to Dungeness, on to Hastings Pier continuing to Bexhill where the formations turned north towards Biggin Hill and then over south London to fly past the front of the palace.
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Old 11th Dec 2009, 17:42   #23 (permalink)
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Well done, Warmtoast - What a roll call of distinguished aviators, not to mention DSOs and DFCs!

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Old 11th Dec 2009, 18:39   #24 (permalink)
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Sorry about the thread creep, speed reading induced blonde moment

Yes indeed, a fine list of aviators and gongs galore. Just look at the hallowed TP names at the bottom, Brian Trubshaw, Roly Falk, Bill Waterton, Neville Duke and Mike Lithgow.

Interesting to see at least three prominent Battle of Britain pilots leading the Meteor formations too, Dennis Cowley-Milling, Bobby Oxspring and the irrepressible Paddy Barthropp.
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Old 11th Dec 2009, 20:41   #25 (permalink)
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I apologise for the thread creep.

However, the knowledge out there is inredible and I've now got some questions for my father about both events and if any are relevent i'll log it here.
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Old 12th Dec 2009, 07:59   #26 (permalink)
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Who.....that will be a long list, if such a list was ever compiled
Just to maintain the "creep", the list of all who flew in the Coronation review has been published in Eric Bucklow's book, one which took him a very long time to compile, much of it during his time at Warton as a TP.
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Old 14th Dec 2009, 20:08   #27 (permalink)
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Any film?

I remember as a kid, seeing the 22 Loop on TV (B&W then!) Must have been on BBC who always covered Farnborough live.
For years I've wondered if there is film or video etc of the event.
Any info someone.
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Old 14th Dec 2009, 20:48   #28 (permalink)
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'spacey' memoirs.....

When I was an ATC cadet at 457 Sqn Farnborough in '59 - '60, we had a summer camp at Swinderby when it had Vampires (what a bloody wonderful noise half the night every night!) anyway, we had air exp Chipmunk flying as was the 'norm' and I flew with a Sqn Ldr Chas Bowyer who was in the 22 Hunter loop at Farnborough. In fact, he said he was leading the 2nd flt from Odiham for that week. Because I was showing so much interest, the 20min flight extended to 45mins and included a 'hammerhead' which led to the Chipmunk having to be checked out before the next flight.
All the 'yoof of the day' round my neck of the woods in Fleet were well impressed with the Farnborough Airshow esp with the Black Arrows and we witnessed the display on several occasions during that week. I remember sending off for an Information Pack from 111 Sqn and I received an A4 poster with a photo of the 22 Hunter loop in the centre surrounded by photos and names of all the pilots who were in the loop.
Is it too much to hope that one of these posters still exists???
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Old 14th Dec 2009, 21:06   #29 (permalink)
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Is it possible that one of the pilots was Pete Jennings. He was one of our instructors on JP's at Syerston in 1963 and he had been on 111 in the not too distant past. Had a yellow bonedome (everyone elses was silver) which he claimed was the 111 bonedome colour.

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Old 15th Dec 2009, 01:48   #30 (permalink)
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The Hunter that you saw in SA would be XE653, which Keith Hartley delivered from Exeter to Cape Town in the mid nineties.

It was an original 111 Squadron machine; after a long career at Chivenor and Brawdy it was retired to Scampton as a GI airframe. While at Scampton it was repainted gloss black, and it was still in those colours when it was sold to Thunder City. I believe that it was resprayed yellow for a TV advertising campaign.

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Old 15th Dec 2009, 16:35   #31 (permalink)
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Sqn Ldr Chas Bowyer who was in the 22 Hunter loop at Farnborough
Chas Boyer, not Bowyer. He was at Leeming a few years later when I went through the JP course there. Sadly, he was in one of the front seats, I believe, of a Cathay Pacific Convair 880 (990?) that was blown up by a bomb on board, somewhere in the Far East, about late 1960s.
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Old 15th Dec 2009, 17:19   #32 (permalink)
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Perhaps I'm getting confused these days .
I seem to recall meeting a "Mack" Kemp , retired Hunter pilot from 111 and running a pub near Fulham Bridge (The Black Bull ?) in the late 60's
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Old 15th Dec 2009, 21:09   #33 (permalink)
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Many thanks. I suspect we shall see it advertising on some World Cup TV shots next year I hope. They
showed both the single and two-seat aircraft during the cricket Test Series a few years ago. Adverts for a telephone company IIRC. Cheers. John.
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Old 17th Dec 2009, 22:17   #34 (permalink)
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Just browsing through some old mags and found a letter in the Aircraft Illustrated February 1984 page 86 which gives the picture of the loop and names and ac nos and also refers to the Oct 83 Aircraft Illustrated where there is an article on the "Treble One Looping Record" by Adrian Balch.
Hope this info is of use.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 09:22   #35 (permalink)
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Hi all Dave Wood here. My father, Terry Wood is Stanley 'Timber' Woods cousin! I've been in the RAF myself 21 years now and the topic of my 2nd Cousins involvement in the Black Arrows has fascinated me since childhood.
My Father and I are thrilled that this topic is still discussed all these years later!
Could anyone confirm that Stanley was and still is a member of a world record breaking team?

Thanks all.

Dave Wood.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 12:02   #36 (permalink)

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Another possible name for the Blacks is Chris Strong ... later OC 20 Sqn in Singapore and last met when running AFOps in Main Building during Gulf War I.

Sorry to hear about Les Elgey [also 20 Sqn Tengah]. He was OC C Flt when they operated a handful of Single Pioneers for FAC work. I have a photo of Les on Gemas jungle strip presenting a young fg off with his Op Tankard for the Single Pin [some lad called Pete Squire - what ever happened to him?]. Oh, and Peter Latham was the Stn Cdr at the time.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 16:39   #37 (permalink)
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Two Tone

Chris Strong flew with 92- Blue Diamonds. Last seen alive and very well last Oct. Much into RC model a/c.

And I seem to remember that the whole purpose of the 22 was because the PAF had done 20 in Sabres.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 16:59   #38 (permalink)
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PAF allegedly being the first Air Force to Loop a squadron of Jet fighters.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 17:44   #39 (permalink)

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26er ... thanks for that. I remembered Chris had been in one of the Teams.

Bloody Hell - an he's still going!! Good for him!! It must be that moustache ... please remind me to grow one!
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Old 2nd Jul 2010, 07:02   #40 (permalink)
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From the 111Sqn Authorisation sheet, the complete list of names.

I asked 111Sqn and they graciously did the search of the archives and replied.

4 Sep 1958 '22 ship Blackjack formation aeros
as briefed' 1405-1445

XG194 Sqn Ldr Topp
XG170 Flt Lt Oakford
XG200 Fg Off Wild
XF515 Flt Lt Brindle 43 Sqn
XG201 Flt Lt Hine
XG171 Flt Lt Hebler
XF511 Flt Lt Old
XE653 Flt Lt Kemp
XG203 Fg Off Smith R
XG189 Flt Lt Smith B
XF416 Flt Lt Bargilon
XF424 Fg Off Hymans 43 Sqn
XE616 Fg Off Jennings 1 Sqn
XG190 Flt Lt Swart
XE656 Fg Off Lamb 65 Sqn
XE584 Flt Lt Garett 1 Sqn
XF437 Fg Off Jones C
XJ687 Flt Lt Boyer 66 Sqn
XG266 Flt Lt Smith 66 Sqn
XG160 Flt Lt Thurlew
XF506 Fg Off Aldridge 1 Sqn (still had 263 Sqn insignia)
XG191 Flt LtEdmonton 19 Sqn
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