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UFOs over UK?

Old 30th Jun 2001, 16:04
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Post UFOs over UK?

I keep getting asked by my friends back home if I`ve seen any suspicious objects while flying, but so far the strangest thing I`ve seen has been 6 serviceable GR4s flying at the same time!
Has anyone got any strange/funny stories about close encounters with the third kind when airborne? And I don`t mean AAC!
Old 30th Jun 2001, 16:39
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Talking Radalt
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We once had a Nav who claimed to know where he was.....
Old 30th Jun 2001, 20:49
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I did once see fast jet with RAF markings flying on a Saturday - now that's very suspicious!!
Old 1st Jul 2001, 01:26
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If your interested read this months UFO Magazine
most W H Smith's will have it in stock
the Article on the Disclosure that is taking place in the US at the moment is very enlightening, whilst the NARCAP pages are more important to read in my opinion
If your interested further leave a message saying so here and i'll let you know my stories
Old 1st Jul 2001, 03:34
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I have seen many strange things. Many times during my RAF service I felt as if I was being controlled by beings not of this earth....

Some of the more senior ones held secret meetings known as "Brijeevnings" where their plans were drawn up, using cards with strange symbols, and sign language. They could be heard behind closed doors calling "Heyorr, Heyoor", only emerging late at night.

The more junior beings often took part in a strange ceremony known only as "Naffybraik". Together they chanted "Tetleez", and "Gizzachipyabastard". Having a limited vocabulary, they often communicated using strange black tablets known as "Domeenose" which were tapped on tables covered with a hard material not of this planet, which was known as "Formykar". Any earthlings trying to take part became seriously ill afterwards, normally around midnight, and could be found lying in the gutters, calling for their God, "Blar, Huey". I saw that some of them suffered nose bleeds.

The more senior beings had no regard for humans, using them only to further their own aims. For a while I was brainwashed into obeying their commands; they continually took me away from my family, made me wear strange clothing, and made me go to "Appyower" every Friday where evil liquid experiments were forced down my very throat.

Things went from bad to worse. Many of my friends totally disappeared; we only knew that something known as the dreaded "Peeveear" had stricken them down.

I knew the end was drawing near for me when they cruelly threatened me with something known as "Eyessess". I refused to have anything to do with it, I knew I would not like the taste.

Finally, they hatched a plan known as "Enemess" and "Lokalbujits". I knew I had to escape. I obtained forged documents posting myself to "Emmodee". They fell for it. Once through the gates, I changed my identity and left the country, but now I constantly live in fear. They have recently made contact again and wish to transport me to the deathstar Benson.

I must be strong....


Old 1st Jul 2001, 04:35
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Constable Clipcock
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">I did once see fast jet with RAF markings flying on a Saturday - now that's very suspicious!!</font>
Breaking the Sabbath — no wonder the RAF is in trouble!
Old 3rd Jul 2001, 02:31
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I still find many of the civvy reported UFO sightings particularly funny. I once had a bloke ring to report Venus as a UFO. He described it and where it could be seen perfectly, then said that on the previous 2 nights it had hovered there for a couple of hours and then shot away at great speed. To help narrow down the 'object' I asked where it was in relation to Venus. Venus? Yes, the bright light like a very bright star, low down on the horizon, you know, next planet in towards the Sun from us, always visible at this time of the day and year. Where's the UFO in relation to that? It was that point that he got very upset, claiming that I was envoking a government coverup to hide the truth!! Too much X-Files methinks!
Old 3rd Jul 2001, 02:38
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Mad Pax
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Any disbelievers are welcome to visit my spacey Sqn; you will soon be converted!

Old 3rd Jul 2001, 03:32
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I saw some of them flying at Easter, 1999, over the FRY.

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