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Reserve Forces for a Civilian pilot

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Reserve Forces for a Civilian pilot

Old 28th May 2009, 22:20
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Reserve Forces for a Civilian pilot


Does any one know if it is feasible to be in one of the reserve forces whilst being an airline pilot? I know it probably depends on the airline so if anyone has specific details it would be useful.

Cheers for any help,

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Old 29th May 2009, 08:25
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There are no reserve pilots without previous regular service. Wait a while and you'll perhaps get a chance to fly the FSTA as a sponsored reserve, which means that you work as a civilian, but don a uniform for ware service.
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Old 29th May 2009, 09:13
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There are - in fact - some RAF VR(T) pilots who have not had previous military service. It is pretty rare and each case is considered as an individual case, mostly depending on the needs of the Service. Doesn't mean it's not worth giving it a try though.
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Old 29th May 2009, 09:20
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As long as you can fulfil your commitment which is normally 1 wed evening and one w/k end Fri evening sat sun a month and 15 days continual camp a year i cant see why not.But you must understand that your training is set so their is very rarely a opportunity to catch up if any.Also think very carefully as at the moment it is not the case of if i get called up but when depending on your choice of unit.But if you can great i had 10 good years and 3 mobilisations all of which was a great experiance.
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Old 29th May 2009, 09:21
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Wholigan - I think the OP was hoping for something a little more menacing than a white plastic contraption that hasn't even got a mil reg...
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Old 29th May 2009, 09:35
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So there are no vacancies on the typhoon?! dam. Joking aside I was actually thinking of a non pilot position. I'm currently in a hold pool and have always fancied the mil, shame there are no 1 year commisions. Cheers for the help
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Old 29th May 2009, 09:53
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El Capt

Give manning at RAF High Wycombe a call. Nothing ventured etc...

May well get a good steer of them.

Good luck
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Old 29th May 2009, 10:02
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i know of at least 3 airline pilots who were officers in the TA, all in non flying jobs.
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Old 29th May 2009, 11:50
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New Head Of Branch For RNR Air Branch

Looks like a pretty good example here, albeit in a flying appointment:

New Head Of Branch For Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch | Wessex RFCA


PS Unfortunately the RNR Air Branch's own website seems to have disappeared into thin air .....
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Old 29th May 2009, 12:17
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have a scan through this:

RAF Reserves - Homepage


RAF Reserves - Squadrons

Certainly a commission is not out of the question although you won't get a commission by correspondence course or one evening and weekend per month.

The upside is you do get paid for all face time.
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Old 29th May 2009, 12:26
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El C,

It is possible to become military reservist whilst employed as an airline pilot. However, the feasibility of doing both very much depends on how your roster fits in with your intended reservist commitment. The attitude of your employer and their associated HR policy towards reservists is also very significant.

For example if you were working for a charter operator and are interested in joining a reserve unit that train solely at weekends, then it would be unlikely that you will be able to make the arrangement work. However, if you were flying for a lo-co with, say, a 6/5 roster and your unit had chance to use you during those 5 days then it could be an entirely workable proposition. Clearly there are many more variations of airline job and reserve engagement than I have outlined; you have to decide what could work for you, your employer and your unit.

Firstly you need to identify which of the reserve force units that you are able to join. You can find websites for the TA, RAuxAF and RNR that will tell you all about the roles, locations and joining process. Once you have found and made contact with a unit that suits , I would suggest that the next step would be to get hold of a copy of a few months of typical line roster from your prospective airline employer. This will enable you and the unit to decide if your normal circumstances would allow a realistic contribution. It is also worth finding out from your current/future employer if they have any HR policies regarding military reservists. A supportive employer might grant some extra leave to allow you a period of continuous training.

It is worth noting that your current employer will be informed by MoD that you have joined the reserves. Moreover, some reservist roles with a high deployment readiness actually require the employer to give their continued consent on an annual basis. In general, your employer does not have to allow you to become a reservist, but cannot dismiss you on the grounds of your reservist commitment. This is a good website to find out more about your rights and responsibilities.

SaBRE - Support for Britain's Reservists and Employers - TA, RAuxAF, RNR and RMR

Above all, remember that you are taking on a commitment that could involve mobilization for operations. How would that affect your fledging career as an airline pilot?

Good luck.
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Old 29th May 2009, 14:59
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Busman's holiday as a clippie ??

6 Regiment Army Air Corps (Volunteers) is an Attack Helicopter Ground Crew Regiment equipped to support the Regular Army in providing Attack Helicopter support.

The primary role revolves around supporting the AH.1 Apache. No cab rides in the AH, certainly, but Gazelles, Lynxes, RAF, FAA types etc - yes.

One squadron in East Anglia - Bury St Edmunds, Swaffham and Norwich - with a second one forming at Middle Wallop this Summer.


Join the Army Air Corps Territorial Army - British Army Website
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Old 29th May 2009, 15:01
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Returning to service.

What's the number for manning? I could post it in the crewrooms in City/Luton/Le Bourget/Nice for all the Netjets ex mil guys who might be thinking about their options.
Is it true that there is now a dedicated desk in PMA trying to recruit guys/girls back from the airlines?
Perhaps I'll start a new thread.
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Old 30th May 2009, 12:09
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It certainly is possible to combine the two, but it depends on what you want to do and what your non-flying skills and qualifications are. Pls PM me if you have specific questions.


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Old 30th May 2009, 15:14
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Lots of very good information here, thanks

Would love to combine the two as I love flying commercially but also have a big itch to become involved with the military. Think my first port of call will be the afco next week. I attened the TA open evening a fair few years ago so probably be a good idea to do that again to bring me back upto speed with the whole thing. Will also speak to my future employer, the chief pilot is ex raf so id imagine he will be quite helpful. I'll let you all know how I get on!

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Old 30th May 2009, 17:10
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One other point....

.... you are *very* likely to be deployed in the first four years that you're in, so be prepared for 6+ months off work.

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Old 30th May 2009, 20:24
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Plenty of airline/GA/biz pilots in the reserves - though not in flying jobs. I know of two airline pilots who double up in RMR, three in TA and one in RNR, all in non-flying jobs. One RMR has done two tours with RM - one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

Biggest problem is finding an airline employer in these stretched days who is prepared to give time off. Sqeezyjet is one of the best.
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Old 18th Jun 2009, 15:12
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Sqeezyjet is one of the best

Is this based upon assumption or do you know from experience? If it's true then that is indeed promising news.


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Old 18th Jun 2009, 15:26
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As others have already stated, it depends which service you wish to join, and which branch of their reserves.

Some of the most frequent and rewarding flying (albeit pretty basic if you drive airliners) to be had is with the Air Cadets Volunteer Gliding Squadrons (VGS) which are based at various locations around the UK. If you are interested in this, contact HQ Air Cadets at RAFC Cranwell - 01400 261201 is the main swichboard.

You can join a VGS as a Civilian Instructor (turn up, fly, go home), or if you are willing/able to commit more fully to a management role on the unit you can apply to be commissioned into the RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training).

Good fun, good people, good flying, and there is nothing better the smile on the face of a 16 year old cadet who has just flown their first solo.

Other people will no doubt be able to advise you better on more pointy and and/or menacing options.

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