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St Athan Grob Aircraft Crash In Wales

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St Athan Grob Aircraft Crash In Wales

Old 12th Feb 2009, 15:42
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Extremely sad and tragic news of 4 deaths.

Heartfelt condolences to the families left behind.

God's speed
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 15:51
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A very sad day for all. I joined the RAF with Hylton, we graduated from Henlow on No 239 course, 3 December 1970.
Do you know if he was on 92 Sqn at Wildenrath 1977 ish ?
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 15:58
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Yes, he was on Ninety-Blue.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 16:16
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Thought he was ta, so thats him Flt White from that period also died think he hit a hill in the Falklands ?
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 16:22
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My condolences to all.

How can we prevent this happening again?

Is it an inherent risk in aviation?

There but for the grace of God / Allah go we all.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 16:34
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Thanks For Your Confirmation Re Hylton. Feel Shattered At News. Still Feels Like Yesterday When Cobras Air Traff In W'rath.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 17:33
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ACO Staff

It appears quite a lot of us are involved with the Air Cadets. I'm off to my unit very shortly where I expect questions, particularly from parents. Other than quoting Andy Naismith I don't intend to encourage speculation. We just have to wait for the BoI to report.
"We've been flying the Tutor for nearly 10 years, and it has an absolutely outstanding safety record," he said. "We are very confident of it. I am content, generally, to continue operating the Tutor ad infinitum."
Condolences to all involved.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 18:30
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I'd also like to join the growing number of ex Air Cadets who "smiled for days" after the AEFs over Lincolnshire in the 1980s. I was in 2266 Sqd.

After many years of longing to be in the sky again I am finally doing my PPL.

Please make sure that the ATC AFEs are not stopped by this incident.

Condolences to families and friends of those killed.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 18:39
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As a current cadet NCO, who has had some of the best experiences of my life flying with the ATC, on AEF,GS and ACPS, I would just like to say that all the instructors I had were really excellent, enthusiastic and friendly, and though my flying has never taken me to this unit, I am sure that these instructors were no exception. This is a terrible day for the ACO and RAF and my condolences to all involved, however, I will continue to encourage the younger cadets on my squadron to sign up for AEF whenever possible.
Rest in Peace.

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Old 12th Feb 2009, 18:46
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I took my very first glider flight from St Athan whilst med holding there in the summer of 88. I have never turned down an opportunity to fly, and have made sure my kids have had the opportunty much younger than I did. I remember my eldest coming home off a school trip off the rock, on the late boat, having five hours kip, and then being back on the morning boat to go for an AEF flight at Woodvale. Being in the job I am, I remember working the 'what ifs' through my mind. I consolidated it in that if the one in a million had have happened, then at least I had let him 'live', and not wrap him in cotton wool.

A terrible, sad day for everyone, for Wales, for flying.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 19:43
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Only met Andy a few weeks ago at the Ski Champs. A top bloke who will be sorely missed. My condolences to all the families involved. Dave.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 19:59
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RIP Girls; Cadet Katie-Jo Davies(13), Cadet Nikkita Marie Walters(14)

and Guys; Flt Lt Andrew Marsh(24), Flt Lt Hylton Price(63)

per ardua ad astra
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 20:05
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Gutted and all 4 such a loss to this world.
Tragic that it was their first flights too.
per ardua ad astra x
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 20:59
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I have been privileged to command ATC Squadrons for more than 20 years, and I have run a large number of camps, courses and expeditions during this time, so the commonplace words of condolence are inadequate to express my feelings about this accident. I happened to be on camp in Germany with cadets from the Welsh Wings in 1993, when three cadets died in the Wessex that went down in Llyn Padarn, and I remember the shock and sadness that we all felt then.

Whatever their Squadron, Wing or Region, air cadets are a very special group of youngsters, despite being one of this country's best kept secrets.

This thread has impressed me by the respect and affection that so many serving and ex members of the RAF have expressed for air cadets, and to hear how the ATC has touched and influenced people's lives. Away from the usual banter it's good to remember that we are all part of the same family.

Thank you.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 21:34
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Shocked and saddened just don't convey the feelings. My heart goes out to all, especially the families of those two young girls. My wife and I are more stunned because we knew Hylton Price

I first got to know Hylton at RAF Wildenrath in the late 70s when he was on 92 Sqn ( I was a JP on a soon-to-depart for Gutersloh Harrier Sqn). He later became a colleague at TWU RAF Brawdy and 14 Sqn RAF Bruggen in the 80s. I have fond memories of many Hunter v Hawk ACT sorties with him and arguing about it all in the mess bar afterwards. We also shared a passion for rugby and fly-fishing and those two sports, along with air combat, fuelled endless mutual banter over a beer. He was a gentleman and a true aviator and he died doing something I know he loved.

If anyone has any information about the timing of his funeral I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd post it here. I'll make every effort to attend if old friends and colleagues will be welcome.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 22:01
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Very shocking and sad

Ex UAS and Air Cadets

It was the AEF flights that got me and many others into Aviation, I just really hope these flights can carry on as they have inspired so many.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 22:13
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So tragic.

It was my ATC AEF that first got me interested in flying.

Condolences to friends and family.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 22:51
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What terrible news and a tragedy for all of the families involved. My thoughts and condolences are with them all.

The sentiments on this thread though have only served to reinforce that there is something very special about giving something back to the youth in the Air Cadets, and just how much the Air Cadet movement as a whole can have a positive influence on these young people. I sincerely hope this sad incident will not change that in the future.

Twas some time ago now but I gave quite a few Air Cadets their first flight in a glider. For some of them it was their first ever time in the air in anything and they usually loved it but one lad's experience has always stuck in my memory. Because, for him, it was about much, much more than just the flying ... no names or location but his Squadron was from a very deprived inner city area and when this lad first walked out onto the airfield he just stopped and stared, completely speechless. And after a few minutes whispered "Wow, all this green".

Turned out he'd hardly ever been taken out of the city and just had no concept of what lay beyond. And we were less than 20 miles from where he lived
His first flight was the usual up round and down 5 minutes but his enthusiasm afterwards was just incredible, asking how he could become a staff cadet, running around to see whatever little job he could do etc etc..

Come lunchtime, when everyone cleared off for grub and us C/Is had the chance to do some soaring and have a bit of fun on our own (but "you only get one launch and if you don't 'get away' then tough and you can wait till we're back for a retrieve") , I asked this lad if he would be up for a 'special job that needed doing' even though it would mean him missing lunch. Silly question really but I had the most memorable half-hour odd flight thanks to him.

The 'special job'? To sit in the front so I didn't have to muck about adding weights to balance the aircraft. He was pretty handy at the controls too
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 22:53
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...I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming...

Condolences from a devastated FAA Pilot.

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Old 12th Feb 2009, 23:43
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Somebody once told me that nobody is tested more than they can bear. I know what they meant but, in this instance, I'm not so sure. Just the worst news.
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