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RAAF Flight Screening Programme

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RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Old 13th Aug 2012, 04:56
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By Marko

Yeah that might be relevant if i did get recommended !
Gives an indication of not necessarily helping others but just diluting the whole process because he didn't make it. Your backing this guy because?????

As much as you like to think its a free world its not. Apart from many other restrictions, is the prime one of responsibility. In particular taking responsibility for your actions. As Marko is finding out there are a lot of people who believe in doing the right thing, which is what has been requested of them in a professional setting. There is no way you could justify, as has been attempted, that what Marko is doing is trying to help others. It is naive to thinks other's have not discussed what happens at FSP but the majority don't shout it from the roof tops trying to mask it by advocating they are helping the many.

Yes this IS the ADF you are getting into, unfortunately not as stringent as it was 10 + years ago. You do not want people you cannot trust on your wing. If Marko is big enough to have a crack at someone without having met them, assume your in the pool and having a little cry on missing out, then he is big enough to take the responsibility for the reaction it has caused.
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 07:32
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So your saying that he is motivated by trying to get more people in to try and dilute the pool which is not benefit or disadvantage to him? I would see it more as trying to help people who dont have access to people in the know. He is using this own time and not getting much out of helping random people. I dont think this is a case of being right/ wrong or a matter of trust. I dont see a great advantage in knowing what you are doing for two weeks at PSF. Its not that Im backing Markoshark, I just dont agree with what your saying and voicing my opinion which I am entitled to in our democratic society and free world. My comment about 'having a crack' went both ways, I dont think anyone should have a go at people they dont know and never meet just because they have different point of views.

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Old 13th Aug 2012, 09:25
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More than enough information in this thread to give you guys an advantage over those who don't read it.

The notes on that blog were dodgy at best and merely contained the insights of an outsider who obviously does not fully understand the recruitment process.

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Old 14th Aug 2012, 07:41
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Hi, I'm in the process of going through this entire thread and can't seem to find an answer to a question I have. I am on the other end of the height scale, and have been through the aptitude test and in the terms of the recruit counsellor, trying to be 'sold' as a pilot due to my extensive history in aviation. I would love nothing more than this as I have been working towards it for many years but am extremely concerned I will be knocked back initially due to my height of which is approx 160cm. I am female and definitely not going to find the necessary 3cm that the website says is required, but am unsure if the standards I am looking at are for across the board ie. all services and all types of aircraft? And also for other jobs such as ACO?

If anyone has any light on this I would be extremely grateful! I want to knuckle down and get into studying and start preparing for further aptitude tests and assessments but can't get my head past that I may not physically be able to progress any further. Please help! I get measured next Monday. I know they will tell me then but I don't think I can hold out that long!
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Old 14th Aug 2012, 09:51
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Get to FSP, and work your arse off. You will get the result you were after.

I'm sure FSP has changed even in the two years since I did it, but I'm sure the common formula hasn't. Put in the hard yards while at Tamworth, I'm sure you will reap the reward.

As far as Mass Briefs go, the time you get given to learn the material is pretty adequate, certainly most of my friends and myself managed fine.

And I don't think the MB's are on DRN either. As someone above said, it is a Bae thing. BFTS SATG and Type Manuals etc are on their, but that is of bugger all use on FSP.
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Old 17th Aug 2012, 09:19
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too short?

It's not only height - it's weight. There are upper and lower limits for ejection seats (too tall or too heavy and you won't get out in time, too short or too light and the seat will break you on the way out). Since Army do not train in ejection seat fitted aircraft, this may still be an option for you.

Good Luck !
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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 05:44
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True no mass briefs on the ADF intrnet but the SATG is.... which has the entire content from the mass briefs in chapters 4-110,14. The mass brief is a BAE systems doc...its a civilian run base (much to the dismay of the OSB)

In response to the kind comments offered by other in the forum, i think they speak for themselves. I'll will say that these forums are for advice sharing and not personal insults.

i'll just say that being prepared by any comments i have made isn't ging to get you recommended. Its your flying at the FSP and flying under pressure. I think that if you know what you have to do in a manouver before you get there then you might be more relaxed.

Get yourself plenty of time in the air before you go down there, spend some coin and make sure your comfy behind the controls and can control the aircraft rather than you responding to it (Trim, trim, trim )

Good Luck to you all...
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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 05:53
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Sorry just need to reply here...

Although i can see your concern comes from a good place, Sadly, you missed my point which was about the ingruence of having half the applicants given access to the training manual and the other half not ie non-ADF.

Isn't that allowing the ADF peronel to "slip through the cracks" ????
but i guess that is ok, if you are ADF ?

FSP is about your improving ability in flying nd rate of learning, this will be identified in the air and there is no fooling the instructors, they know. What i'm saying is the manual can only do so much for you. I'm not giving people a magical pass to get through screening. The only ADV you can get is time in the air behind the controls

Also, suggest you look up the meaning of irony...
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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 08:55
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too tall or too heavy and you won't get out in time

Not quite correct, If your seated height is too tall, then your head will be above the horns (canopy breakers) on the seat, which means your head hits the canopy of the PC9 before the seat. Not a good thing. The over weight is due to the seat mounting ponts on the floor of the PC9. For other aircraft in the RAAF inventory, these limits may not matter so much, but as the Training aircraft for RAAF and Navy are PC9, then those limits apply for selection.
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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 10:09
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Hi all,

I got back from FSP a month ago - unfortunately without a reccomendation which was somewhat disheartening at the time. However, I am still motivated to become an RAAF pilot and was thinking of waiting and re-applying again in 3 years or possibly even look at another avenue of entry, in particular aerospace engineering.

My question relates to changing job roles withing the RAAF while you still have an outstanding IMPS; has anyone heard of this happening?
I already spoke to recruiting and got the expected answer but was reading on the Defence Jobs website which stated that it was "subject to service requirements."

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 24th Aug 2012, 07:28
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The mass brief is a BAE systems doc...its a civilian run base (much to the dismay of the OSB)
If you mean the SATG, it is written by, amended by and owned by the ADF. And the ADF BFTS is a military unit. Please stop peddling your conspiracy theories.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 21:47
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Yeah SATG....if it exists which you just acknwledged, how is it a conspiracy ?
Its BAE & ADF co-branded, but really its irrelevant who does what in it isnt it.

Its a good read fo those going to FSP if you want a little pre-info on what your doing there. Its NOT going to fly the plane for you though.

Good luck !
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 23:47
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Markoshark........ Mate, a bit of advice. You're carrying on like a pork chop and making yourself look like a goose. For your sake, stop.

Tamworth is a military base, run by the ADF ....... BAE do a nice job supporting the military effort ..... Not the other way around.

The Student Air Training Guide (SATG) exists on the intranet for military students studying the BFT and IPC courses. It is a military document. It provides no advantage to ADF FSP candidates who try and read it prior to FSP, because it has nothing to do with the FSP course. You are not taught the SATG and you are not assessed on the SATG. There are elements that differ between the SATG and FSP documents because they are indeed different courses. The FSP material is not on the intranet, so serving members and people off the street are equal at Flight Screening. It is that plain and simple.

FSP is about where you start, where you finish and how you go in the middle. It highlights your strengths, your weaknesses and as best as it can, provides some scope for future potential. A couple of pages telling you how to do climbing turns, fly straight and level and a loop is not the difference between you getting in or not.

Accept that there was only one person flying that plane - you. Accept that unfortunately you didn't perform to the required standard. It's a tough bullet to bite, but one you'd be catching regularly if you did earn a jersey. A bit of maturity would do yourself wonders. No doubt your dream came to an abrupt end and I feel sorry for you in that regard. I do however note that the ADF spent a significant sum of money on you and gave you every opportunity to perform the best you could. I have no doubt that you were instructed well and were fairly assessed. The ADF has done everything right by you. If you believe otherwise, lodge a dispute. Either way, this forum is not the place for your E&D complaints.

This is a forum for professionals and those that strive to be, as the name implies. Your disgruntled antics are pathetic. This thread is one of the largest and most read on the entire forum. It is meant to be an information source for aspiring military aviators. People from all over the world are reading this. Cut the crap mate.
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 04:12
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How true is the old saying "many are called but few chosen".

The ADF can get all the applicants it needs and the whole process is sorting out those who have a good chance of making the grade.

Some of the important things they are looking for is leadership and skills to become a good officer. You could be the best flyer in the course and still not make the grade. You will be continually tested and watched for signs of lack of maturity. The ADF can get all the good aircrew it needs, but also needs people who do not spit the dumb, but most importantly can lead.

Some of the remarks I read make me cringe and wonder why you wasted your and the Air forces time going to Tamworth.

Time for some of you to understand that the ADF does not owe you anything.

All the best to those who are really trying


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Old 26th Aug 2012, 14:37
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Hey Ryano,

The reason this thread goes on forever and loses any informative value is because of idiots like you wanting to fill it with personal insults which are testament to your immaturity & stupidity.

Furthermore as to your comments: BAE make the rules on the base, period. This came from Major Heffernan, current member of the OSB. If you think you know more about FSP that a member of the OSB at FSP then good luck to you mate.

SATG contains the exact notes from the FSP just just need a brain to be able to find the correct chapters in amongst the additional information (not a big one). I have a copy sent to me 3 weeks ago which i am looking at right now. I did FSP 4 weeks ago mate....think i remember the mass brief better than you.

Now you and the other wowsers stop destroying this thread. I originally posted to offer help to any FSP candidates who want to hear my experiences at FSP.

I wont be back to this thread as its clogging it up thread with people that thing PPRule is for personal insults and voicing of incorrect information:

Email me at: [email protected] if your wanting any advice or have any questions on FSP. THIS IS THE ENTIRE REASON THIS THREAD STARTED.
Im out...
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 21:46
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Markoshark said
Im out...
Thank goodness for that...

I'm sure your email will be inundated by people hoping to glean some of your wisdom.

Please stay away.

Righto, now that's over, let's get back to what this thread is about, eh?
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Old 27th Aug 2012, 12:06
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Hey guys,
Anyone else here rostered in for the Sept-Oct ADFA FSP? Almost 8 months on from my assessment day and a week before HSC exams and I'm looking forward to an intense fortnight! Anyone else on the course feel free to send me a message on here and good luck for what will no doubt be a tough next two months!

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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 23:35
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Are there any essay topics for assessment day?

I am not sure there is an essay writing on the assessment day but if yes, can anyone give me some of the topics??

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My two cents

Having recently attended the FSP and read some of the more than questionable posts on here I'm reluctant to weigh in with my two cents, but I will say this.

It does no good to try and get a leg-up at the screening program. You're being assessed on how well you'll do at flight school and the rest of your military career, not how well you can do in a two-week period. It is redundant to excel at the FSP due to some advantage you've gleaned, only to waste the defence force's time and the taxpayers' money by being chopped from the real thing once they find out you're no good.

Practise your maths and get a little stick time to be comfortable in the air, sure. But all of this attempting to level the playing field by getting the trade secrets is analagous to a med student only passing his exam by sneaking a peek at the answers - he's going to end up an incompetent doctor.

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ADF people do not "slip through the cracks"

Hi Marko, just to clear up your concerns regarding the ADF people having an advantage, for any given intake, whether that is the RAAF, Army or Navy roughly 8 out of 10 spots are given to civilian personnel and the remaining 2 offered to "in service" applicants (This is an approximate figure). So regardless of how well the ADF guys do, you have to pretty much be the best out of all "in service" candidates to get a spot.

Regardless of where the "in service" candidate is in the pool, civilians with worse FSP and OSB scores often get picked ahead of the "in service" candidates due to the amount of civilians getting offered positions.

So I would not worry about whether or not the ADF guys are in front or have a perceived advantage as they only get offered a small percentage of the positions made available.

Speaking from experience, and as you should know the key for FSP is to work hard when in Tamworth. There is more than enough time to "chair fly" and go over the mass briefs so when you get in the CT4 you are just going through the motions.

I'd also recommend doing some research before arriving there on various Defence establishments around the country and what Squadrons are where etc. This is obviously for the OSB component.

Good luck to all who are applying for the ADF as a pilot. Work hard, be positive, dedicate yourself and do not worry too much about what others are doing/not doing.
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