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RAAF Flight Screening Program (Merged)

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RAAF Flight Screening Program (Merged)

Old 21st Mar 2014, 03:12
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Hey Bek14,

Did you go through Wollongong DFR by any chance? I've just completed my Assessment Session and received a recommendation, and the staff there mentioned they'd had someone who'd only gone through a few weeks ago getting on to flight screening this week!

Good luck!
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Old 27th Mar 2014, 04:00
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Hi guys.

Long time reader. I thought I'd introduce myself since I have my YOU session on tuesday (1st) and will hopefully be going to flight screening in the coming months. I know a few of you are at tamworth at the moment so I'm hoping there can be a little bit of shared info when you return

For the others, does anyone know if there is truth behind these rumors about the RAAF increasing their recommendation score to 4.0? I'm not sure where they stemmed from, but does anyone know the source?

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Old 28th Mar 2014, 04:19
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Hi Showaard,

The rumour of the increase in RAAF scores has been discussed a number of times on this thread, but I will repeat. Basically, the RAAF is only interested in guys who are capable and interested in going to fast jets, hence they have set the score to achieve this. There is also the 'gate' which means that even though you pass BFTS, that doesnt guarentee you a spot at 2FTS, this is only applicable to RAAF candidates.

Good luck with your YOU session, and additional testing, and assessment day. Hopefully you are all squared away with the medical side of things - from experience, that is where the delays come in.

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Old 28th Mar 2014, 06:52
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Thanks for your reply gordy. I understand the reasoning behind the change, what I am wondering is whether there is actually any merit behind these rumors and what the sources were.

Thanks also for the well-wishes, I am getting a little bit nervous now about both the YOU and assessment day. Just out of curiosity, how much preparation did people actually do for theirs? I have actually passed the YOU before, back when it was called JOES, about 7 years ago but i can't remember too much about the aptitude questions and such. I understand much of this has been discussed before, however it never hurts to get fresh opinions
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 15:23
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Hi Showaard,

I went through FSP a few weeks ago and am awaiting an offer and yes the rumours about increased stadards are true and the RAAF is only looking at about the top third applicants in the distribution pool.

From memory YOU Assessment was easy, simple IQ test style questions, nothing to worry about.

Specialist skills assessment was a bit harder and and I think the only prep I did was mental arithmetic.

Assessment day wasn't too bad but lots of prep made it much easier. Know as much as you can about your chosen service and training pipeline and current ADF leaders as well as things such as the defence white paper etc. Also make sure you know what your motivations to join are and display some level of understanding about how your life will differ in the defence force (I encountered these subjects in my Assessment but they do differ.)

PM m if you have any more questions. Best of luck!
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 21:29
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Regardless of the numerical value required for a raaf distribution you should be focussed on doing your best and striving for a perfect flight. Your not told your scores after each flight so don't get caught up chasing numbers just focus on doing the best you can.
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 06:37
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Hi malakor1,

Cheers for that info. Had my YOU session today, all went fairly well, just got told to up the hours at work a bit and try to do a bit more team related stuff, however I'm good to continue. Only mental arithmetic practice for spec testing? This took me by surprise, I'll definitely PM you when I get my date booked in.

alec taylor,

Of course, you are correct. I wasn't aware you don't get told your score however, you do at least get a debrief though don't you?

Since it is fresh in my mind, if anyone wants more info about what to expect for the YOU session, don't hesitate to PM me.
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 07:30
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On completion of osb whether it's a recommendation or not they do debrief you on how you went. i.e your flying was good but you kept making the same mistakes or whatever it happens to be. The debrief isn't a you scored a 2 on this flight and a 4 on this flight.

Regardless of your flying aptitude, how keen you are to become a military pilot is probably the most influential factor in receiving a recommendation.
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 02:00
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Hey guys,

I got a call from the nurse at DFR this morning. She told me that they would be sending out a letter for me to forward to my GP due to the fact that I took anti-depressants for a few months a few years ago due to a bad break up. I was never diagnosed with depression or anything, however I find myself a bit worried that they might see this as an issue...has anyone had to deal with anything similar? I am not on any medication now and I am a stable and capable individual and it really is like it never happened...perhaps in hindsight I shouldn't have told them? I assume they will just see medical records later down the track anyway, is this correct?
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 03:35
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@ Ben_10 Ė I just wanted to say thanks for that info on the ADF Mentors book, I just finished reading it and it was fantastic. Has anyone done their training course?

Unfortunately I sprained my ankle so I had to postpone my flight screening date, I should have stopped playing footy once I got the letter.

@ showward Ė I did a lot of study for the spec testing, make sure you study Distance/Speed/Time questions and fuel questions. And as Malakor1 said mental arithmetic is a big area of focus as well. The more study you do the better you will score, the time requirements are so tight that if you can gain 3-4 seconds on every question, you may have answered 6 more questions by the end. Thatís too bad about your delay with the GP. I know how hard the wait can be but there are plenty of stories on here about people with small health problems etc. that have got through with sheer determination, persistence is the key!
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Old 6th Apr 2014, 03:39
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Hey Ranopaul,

I did the ADF mentors interview course and it was definitely worth it. I ended up getting a recommendation in the top 1/3rd of the pool and looking back Iím extremely glad that I did the preparation because my OSB interview was the hardest interview Iíve experienced (and probably will ever experience) in my life. Their course is very intense and thorough and if you do decide to take it expect to be mentally drained by the end of it. However, it taught me how to convey all of the qualities and information the Officer Board wanted to see in both the interviews and the group activities. A great course and without a doubt it pushed me into the high rec category.

Thatís no good about your ankle. I have recently injured myself as well and am now waiting on healing up before I start OTS. Good thing you didnít go up on a busted ankle though because some of the CT-4ís rudder pedals are extremely hard to manipulate, especially while taxiing.

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Old 15th Apr 2014, 01:38
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Well, I got a call on Friday last week from DFR in Canberra. My Service Suitability check came back approved, so onwards and upwards from here.

Yesterday, I had my Application for Australian Citizenship approved, with a possible ceremony date of June/July this year, so that is another tick in the box from my application perspective.

I will also be looked at for an Education Waiver once I am progressing to the next stages.

So time to brush up on the mental arithmetic etc and get cracking for my best shot!
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 02:50
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Hi all,

I got my call for flight screening yesterday and will be attending from the 10th to 24th May. Is anyone else on this program?

For those earlier on in the application process that are interested in timing, I did my YOU Session in January, Pilot specialist testing in February, Assessment Session in March, and received a phone call from PSA about two weeks after they received my file from DFR. So it seems applicants are moving through the system quite speedily at the moment.
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Old 19th Apr 2014, 11:33
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Questions about Motivations

Hey all,
I'm new to the forum. I finished and passed Assessment Day last Tuesday and now am waiting for a call to Flight Screening. I want either RAAF fast jets or Navy.
I had a few questions, in particular to those who are currently in the force.

One thing the Psych drilled me about was my motivation for flying. We spent about half of the interview on this; he kept asking "why do you want to be a pilot" and my (main) answer which didn't satisfy him was "I've always wanted to be"-I hadn't really thought about it, I just knew that this was what I wanted. His argument was based on the fact that I hadn't done any flight experience (I'd thought about it but on the RAAF website it says they neither recommend nor do not recommend civilian flight training. As it was expensive and money isn't exactly flowing I'd opted not to do any). However after I managed to tell the DFR interviewer every single detail about ADFA and flight training, he ended up recommending me. I don't know how strongly.

1. Do you think this "motivation issue" would adversely affect my application too much?

2. What are some good reasons to want to be a pilot? All I can think about is that I really really love flying but apparently that's not an answer. What are some of you guys' reasons?
I need some by OSB or I'm screwed...

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Old 20th Apr 2014, 11:49
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Hi CT,

Sounds like you've done ok so far. Well done. You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last to struggle to put into words why you want to fly faster than the speed of sound at low level or perform a rescue in a SeaHawk in heaving seas. But, motivation is a MASSIVE part of your likely success on Pilots Course - so, you do need to be REALLY motivated. If you struggle on course, the first thing they are likely to question is your motivation.
And, to jump through the hoops to get the chance at a crack, you're going to need to give some examples, as you've noted, to convince those assessing you that you indeed do have the motivation to succeed on a VERY challenging and testing course. More challenging these days than went I through, I'm sure. So, the kind of examples you need to think about, need to focus on acknowledging that the road will be tough, but the outcome more rewarding than you can imagine.
Fast jet examples:
- I want to lead a 4-ship of Hornets on a mission - why? The responsibility, the challenge to make it "just right", feeling of accomplishment after a successful debrief and, for the fun of it. I reckon "fun" is a genuine motivation - but perhaps save that for a pilot asking you questions, maybe not the psych.
- I want to conduct air-to-air refuelling in poor weather at night - what a challenge! Single pilot, all the responsibility to ensure a successful refuel or no mission success.
- Chicks dig it.
Navy helo examples:
- I want to drop SF on a drug ship in crap weather which results in the successful apprehension of pirates/druggie scum/etc.
- I want to rescue someone at sea in horrendous weather, keep my crew safe and return at top speed with medical casualties to a tough landing on a pitching deck at night. Who wouldn't want to do that?
- Chicks dig it (but less so than for Air Force pilots...)
You need to live and breath aviation - show you know about everything going on in the RAAF (e.g. MH370 search - how do those crew sound talking to the media about their involvement) or RAN. Overall, think about the things you'd like to achieve as a pilot in the ADF and then think about all the facets that make up such an achievement. Maybe some other current crew can chime in with real life examples of what they've done.
Good luck.
* Disclaimer - "Chicks dig it" - may not be relevant if you're a chick.
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 23:55
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I wouldn't get too specific with your reasoning. Remember your goal is to be a pilot, but you also need to show that you're going to make a good RAAF Officer above all else.

Things to consider:

You want to be a military pilot, not a commercial pilot, what does the military give you that commercial won't? Teamwork? Set career progression? Stable pay/conditions? Adventure and seeing the outdoors through extra curricular training?

What do military aircraft offer you that commercial won't? Low and fast? Smaller teams of people that you can build solid friendships with and see the world? Unique opportunity to fly some of the best aircraft in the world?

You'll get the best training in Australia and potentially the world. That one speaks for itself.

Whatever reasons you come up with, rehearse them, make them genuine. Make sure they highlight the fact that military is what you want. They want fast jet pilots, not freeloaders trying to get to the airlines. Saying "it's what I've always wanted to do" is valid, but there must be something else there that's really solid, and drives your motivation and eagerness to get through the real crappy times, because you will encounter more then your fair share of them through training!

Good luck.
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Old 21st Apr 2014, 05:01
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Hi ContinueTesting

I am currently also in the application process, and I think you concerns are valid, however you did get a recommendation so that is a good thing. The reason your psych questioned you a lot about your motivation to be a pilot is because outside your application, you haven't shown any. For me personally, I don't understand why people don't at least try some flying before applying...you claim you love flying but how do you know if you haven't tried it? If successful you will be spending the next few years flying light aircraft before conversion, which is a lot different to being a passenger on a commercial airliner.

Remember, officer first, pilot second. You've been recommended, which means they believe you have officer potential. So my advice to you would be to find your local gliding club and do a few hours in a glider before going to PSA. It's relatively cheap, gets you more comfortable in a small aircraft and should teach you both some basic hand-feet coordination and basic procedures around an aerodrome.
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Old 21st Apr 2014, 06:56
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Hey Stephlou,

I got the call up as well and will be on the 10th-24th May Flight Screening Program. I'm quietly packing my pants but it will be good to get up there and finally put everything into practice!

See you up there!
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Old 27th Apr 2014, 00:42
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Just wondering if any applicants from Perth or the southwest have had the call up for PSF 18th-31st May?

Best of luck to everyone currently on course or gearing up to head over.

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Old 29th Apr 2014, 01:59
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Hey Ferguson14

I think there are only 6 people on that flight screening course (you can check the schedule in the link below) so you may even be the only one from WA!

You are crossing over with the course that RinzleR and I are on though, so we might see you there in your first week

Good luck with your prep.

Pilot Selection Agency Flight Screening Program Schedule - Royal Australian Air Force
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