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Waddington Airshow

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Waddington Airshow

Old 6th Jul 2008, 22:52
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I just hope and pray they receive the funding /sponsorship to keep her going! It would be a shame to see all the hard work ruined.

Have to say it's one the the head turners!!!! Wish we could get a Victor to fly with her. The Victor is a unsung hero in all of this.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 00:02
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You were one of the lucky ones, exscribbler - and a good photo response to rub it in

If memory serves I did get one sight of them, but I may be confusing with another occaision or a video. The memory is of a 4 ship hurtling over my car in the murk and rain as the last pass over the airfield.

Now, how about this memory. Finningley. 1977 I think. Jubilee Airshow. JPs in a 25 formation. Oh, and unless I have confused it with a different year, a 4 SHIP VULCAN SCRAMBLE.

The earth moved for me!
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 00:04
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The cost for me was about the same as a trip to see Leeds Utd lose at home in the rain. So by comparison it was good value!
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 01:26
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Was that 1977? I thought 1984 at most but of course it was HM The Queen's Silver Jubilee.

I well remember the Vulcan 4-ship and yes, the earth moved for most people within a 5-mile radius of Finningley but for some reason I don't recall Lightnings. Worse still, I've lost my photographs from that day.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 02:00
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I still have the program from that event.

IIRC Douglas Bader was there also.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 10:12
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IIRC Finningley had a relatively new facility built there not long before it closed - a Navigation school or something similar, plus had recently had some sort of runway upgrade or refurb. What did the RAF want it back for and in place of which other field? Church Fenton?

It was a sad day for us when the flying stopped - a bit of local colour had gone and the bucket and spade LoCos don't make up for it. By and large the RAF were good to the locals in terms of flying disturbance - I remember night flights being relatively infrequent and usually preceeded by warnings in the local press.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 10:30
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Nice photos of the Vulcan and Lancaster.

Was it the intention for the Lanc to re fuel the Vulcan
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 10:35
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Yes, Him
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Pah, yoofs.

First Finningley BoB At Home Day I went to, there was an airfield attack by 12 Lincolns being fought off by a gaggle of Meatboxes and Vampires plus about 10 Rockape 40mm Bofors blatting away with blanks. Star of the show was a brand new silver (not white) Valiant in the static surrounded by Snoops and their dogs. Oh and a Hunter planting sonic booms. That was 1957 or 1958 I think.

Vulcan four-ship scrambles were every year except for one in the early sixties when they swopped four Victors for a change.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 10:39
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Question re Yeovilton - VAAC Harrier

Morning all

There are some lovely shots doing the rounds of the two-seat VAAC Harrier which displayed at Yeovilton this weekend.

Just wondered how it is that this aircraft was able to participate in the flying display? I thought display pilots had to practise for months and then have their routines signed-off by big wheels from up high? Can excpetions be made for daring test pilots??!!


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Old 7th Jul 2008, 10:45
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Waddo on Sunday

I managed to finish nights at 0400hrs so I went to the Airshow Here are my observations for what they are worth.

Traffic situation locally going in wasn't bad at all Dragon Ops dropped me off in the village so went in the pedestrian gate, the entry fee at the gate £20 for pedestrians mmmm. No discretionary prices for serving members or veterans, puts a bit of a mockery on all those posters "once in the RAF always in the RAFBF" especially after doing 32 years in the RAF.

Static display not bad considering what's going on in the world, altough some of those aircrews could be a little more helpful. The spams next to the E-3C, who had no-one else to speak to, when asked what the new bumps on the nose were? Replied "somthing to do with the radar system". No sh*t Sherlock, sorry I asked.

Great to see 558 (the main reason for going) pity about the silly cockpit cover for the photographers when she was parked on the Lazy.

Where did they dig up that silly woman commentator from, okay for the lost children announcements but she obviously knows didly about aircraft.

Yes, the food prices were very expensive, yes agree about picnics but if you're on foot and alot of locals were, proved by the numbers on the shuttle buses from Lincoln. Then one has to lug around what you need, cameras, umbrella, waterproofs, drinks, purchases from stalls So £2.50 for a small tray of chips is pricey, is there a fixed pricing system going on ? An entrepener selling them at £1.50 would be maxed out.

Generally the vendor stall selling books and aviation related items were very good.

Absolutely gutted that 558 didn't fly, the Gods had cleared the sky for her slot, sadly there appeared to be an electrical problem, the crew tried 3 times but to no avail at least the Elephant Walk was appreciated, around me the soaked shivering stalwarts were very understanding.


All in all not a bad day out, the weather tried it's best to ruin the show at times, the Display did have some very long gaps, how about getting some of those military vehicles to parade along the crowd line when you have a 20min gap in future. The Spit and Typhoon display was fantastic, BBMF superb, lets hope 558 achieves the same serviceability rate of PA474 in future.

An abject apology from RED10 would go down well on here, then again I bet he wouldn't lower himself.

Oh and the tall Sqn Ldr who had to eventually move his Astra because he blocked the Fire Safety Lane and also blocked the Chefs in, just south of the VIP Tent, you also blocked the clear view of 558 when she was running up for alot of the crowd in that area as well, thanks mate.

Rick S
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 11:36
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An abject apology from RED10 would go down well on here, then again I bet he wouldn't lower himself.
He lost my vote when he said on the radio on Saturday that "the Blues celebrated their 90th anniversary on 1st April this year". He's not part of the RAF then? He had no rank slides on his flying jacket- maybe he's not...
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 11:44
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Can't please all of the people all of the time .....
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 12:27
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FCWhippingBoy: There's just no pleasing some folk...

Gainsey: I bet you remember when the full-size version of this baby was in squadron service:

95% of the thousands there on Saturday had come for one thing only; any one need reminding?

Good stuff, clicker!
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 12:27
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I'm surprised no-one has made a comment on the Indian Air Force turn out given the distance I oresume they came.

Quite pleased with this shot.

and I can leave without a picture of 558

And thanks to the Lieutenant Commander from 849 who I had an interesting chat with.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 13:11
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I was at Yeovilton

There are some lovely shots doing the rounds of the two-seat VAAC Harrier which displayed at Yeovilton this weekend.
Yeovilton was good - especially considering the weather. There was less in the static park than usual, though the French Frelon crew were handing out cups of wine, and the flying was compromised by the very strong cross-wind, blowing into the face of the crowd. The wind got worse after lunch, and it was impressive to see good flying from aircraft like the Qinetiq Harrier, Wasp, Merlin, Vampire, Venom, Sea Vixen, Hunter, Mustang and F86. Given the wind, I was hugely impressed with the stick & rudder work in the Wasp and the Harrier, but the Sea Vixen looked magnificant and was almost worth the £20 entrance fee alone. The Typhoon opened the display very nicely – then stayed at Yeovilton instead of flying out. FRADU did a nice, tight formation display with their Falcons and Hawks, the ‘Black Cat’ team displayed their Lynxes and the Royal Artillery parachute display team jumped out of a Lynx – one chap had to cut away his chute as he got dragged along the ground after landing. There was also some lunatic rolling his glider on tow, while another lunatic flew rolls around him... The wind prevented flying by some aircraft (e.g. Swordfish, Gnat, Sea Hawk) and BBMF wisely gave it a miss, but we had the bonus of C17 ZZ172 landing to bring a Sea King home from the Middle East. With the weather worsening, the organisers brought the finale forward to 1530 and it started to rain quite heavily half way through. Have to say that the commentators were excellent, and it was a bonus being able to get in and out of the car park so easily...

I'm really envious of everyone who saw '558 flying, but hope to see her at Farnborough in a couple of weeks.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 14:31
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Went on Saturday and have to pass on my sincere thanks to all involved.

Arrived without queue at nine, just a bimble down the lane and across the threshold. Thought the organisation was great, and the efforts of the lads and lasses throughout the day was comendable!

Anyway, a few from me, it was grand to see the old girl up in her natural environment again

I thought the role demo was great, and it only seemed to better the reputation of the Air Force from what I could tell, seemingly well appreciated by Joe.

During it, this caught my eye:

This was simply majestic:

And the Tonka's looked grand as well:

Again, thanks to all involved, I think you did yourselves proud, particularly considering the weather that was thrown at you.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 14:32
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Must point out that it was the Major government that closed Finningley.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 16:14
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Originally Posted by EyesFront
The Typhoon opened the display very nicely – then stayed at Yeovilton instead of flying out.

That's because it went tech at Yeovilton and couldn't get back to Waddo to display

I am led to believe the Typhoon that did the solo display later in the day was actually the same one that did the synchro display with the Spitfire! It went back to Coningsby, was turned around, and returned to display later in the day ... now that's service!
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 16:26
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While I think about it, one of the best innovations at this year's Waddo was the steel plate drive-ways on the grass. The chap that thought of that deserves a visitor's biscuit or three.

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Old 7th Jul 2008, 17:36
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PSP by any other name? Do you speak as a visitor whose motor wasn't muddied or as a SWO whose grass wasn't damaged?
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