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UWAS reunion

Old 28th Apr 2008, 18:25
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UWAS reunion

There is talk of a formal UWAS reunion, provisional date being the 11th October at the OM at St Athan (it would seem that after 20 years they have forgotten they had banned us). All ex-Dragons will be welcome but we are trying to get as many ex-studes from the late 70s early 80s as possible (or as many as are still alive/paroled/on bail etc).

In order to establish a potential list of participants would any interested GAP or LAD (or do they have LADETS these days?) either contact Chas Slater at the Squadron or drop me a PM.

There may also be an informal recce sortie session with Mick Mills at the end of May/beginning of June
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Old 29th Apr 2008, 21:08
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Hey Lads and Gaps, Put me down for it, it would be a golly good go to have a reunion. Can't wait to catch up on the progress of the gap chart. By the way will 'Megan, you ain't arf luvly, ' be there? Teeup, Feeart, Sweeurch, hooray for the go-go girls. Keep me posted not get me posted - oops too late I was -often..
Head Lad and founder, D.lad 1969-1973
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Old 29th Apr 2008, 21:14
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Old 29th Apr 2008, 21:47
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Well, bugger me with a fish fork if old 'Milo Mindbender' Wildpig, ex-chief lad and stalwart member of 14GE hasn't surfaced on PPRuNe!

How are you, you old bugger? Pardon the growth.

We await with baited breath to learn whether 'Thumper' (with or without his Magic Trousers) will make the reunion!

Semper in Excreto, Solum Profundum Variat!
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 05:39
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Great Scott! Not Wildpig! Pardon the growth! You owe me about 17,000 gaspers, although I suspect we both gave up long ago.

I was the one that brought about 50 t*rts to the party at Newton and got a major b*llocking from the Boss, hence ticking two boxes at once.

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 08:29
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Is there a new UWAS Mess? I heard the old one burnt down.
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:03
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Well, the frazzled mess was replaced, but it was about 15 years ago. The current one looked a wee bit tired last time I was there. And the o's mess was full of 'para'-phernalia if you know what I mean
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 18:34
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Awwww C'mon 6ft! It would be great fun. I'll be ther.....Oh no, on Det....again...bugger!
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 19:29
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Excellent the legendary Wildpig no less!

The machinery is starting to grind into action. OM St Athan looks like OK for the 11th Oct. Accomodation might be bit tight as apparently the mess is full of pongos these days as mentioned by 6foottanker but if it's a proper do no one will be getting any sleep anyway.

I have enquired about flying in but it appears that the runway will be closed for re-surfacing - we will try and arrange something with one of the flying clubs at Rhoose for parking/reduced rates if anyone is interested.

I will keep Ppruners posted as to the details but would be grateful if interested parties could pm me with their e-mail addresses in order to get a list together or contact the Squadron on (Civy line) 01446 797401

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 20:26
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Whose got the RAF Waddington Sailing Club Tie?
Theres only one Mick Mills...theres only one Mick Mills... to the tune of.....
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 20:31
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Mmmmm don't know, but I do have some photos of a party at Waddington that might be worth a bob or two. Now who won the "Who can s*** a nurse in the Sauna Competiton?" I'm sure I have a photo of the nurse and the name of the winner. Not sure which was the uglier

Never mind the skinny legs...........

nb Culloden are you the inventor of the aerobatic manouvre of the same name? aka the great scottish c*** up?
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Old 1st May 2008, 06:09
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dumb-de dumb ching ching......yes.
I also have some interesting photos!
You may remember that the tie had an anchor on it and was awarded once a month and had to worn to all events by the recipient.
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Old 6th May 2008, 21:55
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Pardon the growth BeEagle

I would like to be able to say that I could bugger you with a pitchfork but it went rusty many years ago, and it was put in the skip with all the empty biscuit packets that we found in the back of Biscuit Bills's car and APO Thumper's trousers that he did not seem to need much. please bring your lad mag copies with you in case the memories banks are bit sketchy due to many years of alcohol poisoning...Long live the lads
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Old 6th May 2008, 22:01
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Pardon the growth ACW599/JN

I recall that you did a great job getting the tearts into Newton. I remember I became aquainted with one and she got a good look at my spotter's book. Long since gave up gaspers Lad, it's not good for one you know. see you at the reunion, there could be carnage!

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Old 12th May 2008, 12:40
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Smile Uwas Reunion 2008

Seems like the rumours got out early! Lol. There is indeed a UWAS reunion! Below you will find what has been posted advertising the reunion, and the contact information. Hope to see many of you there!!

All ex-Red Dragons!!

A UWAS reunion dinner will be held at MOD St Athan on Saturday 11 October 2008 in the Officers Mess. All those who have previously been members of the squadron as students or staff are invited. In particular we are trying to track down members from the 70s-80s. If you know past members then please make them aware of this event because the more the merrier!

If you are interested please contact: 01446 797547
[email protected]

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Old 1st Jun 2008, 22:38
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Excelent news Gaps. Only just got wind of the reunion idea. I will let Gerrad Davis know. I still have copies of the Waddington sauna photos, rank along side similar ones from Newquay, those from the camp at Abbingdon are a little faded. Would love to fly in, any idea on getting into Cardiff.
ON another note, plans still on to meet up with Mick (theres only one MIck Mills!!)
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Old 27th Jun 2008, 16:00
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Izzy Wizzy...

Just block emailed a bunch from the 94-98 era. There's usually a good turnout from that lot providing any of them are in the country at the time. As I (hazily) recall, the last reunion in London resulted in various apologies to staff at both the RAF Club and the strip joint 'Sophisticats'. No messes were burnt down that time though.

Looking forward to it,
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 20:01
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legal approach

I was one of the few from Bangor that joined in '82, keep me posted on developments, looking to join the October event


Economist3 aka Kram
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