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Shabby paperwork!

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Shabby paperwork!

Old 26th Apr 2008, 19:23
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Shabby paperwork!

Having left the RAF in December, I recently received my Valedictory Letter.

Not only did it incorrectly state my years of service, but in the covering letter from CAS, my rank was incorrect.

Has anyone else been in receipt of similarly shabby paperwork?
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 19:42
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I once won something (other than a raffle),
and the civvy CEO of the very large defence contractor who originated the trophy in question (good PR for the company etc) spent 5 minutes eulogising the ace chap who had the special honour of receiving the first ever 'Miggins, Ellsworth & Lugg Brothers' trophy*

So, having listened to the speech about a chap with a different surname to myself, who had - incidentally - been demoted apparently, I was perhaps a little slow to go up and collect the item...complete with silver salver on which my name was incorrectly inscribed.

Delivering a brief to the Staish a few days later I was invited to proceed ...' okay get on with it, Sgt Brown, or Smith, or whatever your f***ing name is'


* I have cunningly disguised the company involved to ensure they can't be identifed.

The staish was, on occasion, a little under the weather in the mornings, but I thought him a great man for two reasons -
1) He had a sense of humour and a personality, which so few do.
2) He drove his staish's car into the guardroom one day, apparently having discovered that his gyros had toppled.... for attempting to Kamikaze the miserable son of a b*tch plod in the control room I still owe 'Harry' a pint.
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 20:01
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When I retired after 40 years, the last 30 with the same employer of which 26 had been in a very senior post, my valedictory letter was addressed to a different person, told me in short terms that my resignation (due to ill health) had been received and reminded me to return any equipment that didn't belong to me. It wasn't even signed.

I couldn't but imagine that someone was glad to see the back of one who asked the awkward questions and, perhaps, had seen it all before.

[email protected].
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 21:43
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Maybe they kick 'em out in that condition to remind you of what to expect in future company admin dealings?
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 21:49
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I'm leaving after 22 years and PMA just sent the paper work through with the wrong name on it and that I was PVR'ing! Was signed off by a LAC, sent to my HR flight were it rested in someone's in tray for over two weeks before being sent on by a Sgt who missed the spelling mistake and the fact that I've not PVR'd!

Rocket fired back at them as you can imagine!
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 22:04
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Many years ago in a very shiny hangar full of VERY, VERY shiny Andover's and Wessex's (wessi?) I was waiting in line to be called, by my WO Eng, to be debriefed on my annual F6442.

Over the previous 12 months, I had been an ace (no argument, an ace) and expected a glowing report.

I was duly admitted into the presence and spent the next 10 minutes having a one-sided interview (without coffee) in which my parentage, my cleanliness, my professionalism and my future within the RAF were put in major doubt.

Having stood for 10 minutes (doing a remarkable impression of a fish out of water) I was instructed to sign the document and get out. I managed to get to the office door (suffering from extreme shock) when the WO Eng barked at me "And send P*****N in".

"But I am P*****N" I said.

To this day, I have no idea who's F6442 I was debriefed on.

I learned about shabby paperwork from that.
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 22:07
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Just about 9 months ago, finally left after 41+ years - no letter, no certificate.

Oh yeah, JPA s*****d up as well.

Not angry; more just very sad about what has happened to the organisation.
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Old 26th Apr 2008, 22:11
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I received my letter after completing 22 Years, to my shock as I have signed on to LOS 30, does this mean I can have a day off
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 13:23
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To this day, I have no idea who's F6442 I was debriefed on.
Probably mine if the said secret air base was in the Gulf! I got over it though and resolved to do better.

The WO Eng in question was a tad teed off when we next met with me as a sqn ldr
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 13:36
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At least you got a valedictory letter! Feel a bit miffed since I wrote so many of them for other people. But am I bovvered?
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 13:46
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Mine was great! It was well researched to the point where it mentioned some (classified) stuff that I thought only a couple of people knew about.
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 14:35
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Got a certificate in the post the other day (Valedictory Letters are no longer in vogue). In a nutshell, it listed all my competencies. I was most pleased to note that I left having been CCS and RAFFT current, together with gaining about 40 other competencies. Apparently I have three Flying competencies; this comes as a bit of a surprise as, in 20+ years, the only time I flew military aircraft was as talking baggage.

Now, who do I call to get my flying pay?
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 14:41
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As mentioned previously on another thread, mine arrived timely (3 months) was accurate and indeed worthy of my thanks in reply (I didnt expect it!) Maybe this was due to my OC at the time? or maybe (me thinks,,,) I just got lucky!
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 14:50
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I left last year having served 23 years and to date have not received a letter nor a certificate; bovvered? - nope!

One of my current work colleagues also failed to receive a letter but he did get paid his terminal gratuity - TWICE!! That truly is JPA at its best.
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 15:35
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When I left in 1996 as a "Spec Aircrew Flt Lt" I received a Formal and a Personal letter from the Air Secretary. I also had a formal letter from (and a personal interview with) the AOC.

I opted to leave in a major Redundancy scheme. If it could be done then; I would suggest that there is no reasonable excuse (given the much reduced size of the RAF) for it not being done now.
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 15:40
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I effectively wrote my own valecdictory letter when I left four years ago as my Flt Cdr stated that she would be unable to do it justice as she didn't know me that well!
"That ma'am", I replied, "simply cements in my own mind why I am leaving".
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 16:12
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I had to collect my valedictory letter from the local Post Office who demanded cash before handing it over. Tight admin baskets hadn't bothered to put a postage stamp on the envelope - and they spelt my name incorrectly.
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 16:44
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Nice to know I am not alone then. Completed 31 years 11 years ago.Still waiting for letter.

All other discharge docs had totally incorrect info, relating to promotion dates quals etc.

It would seem this inattention is now becoming an art form.
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 16:46
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I got a badge. Does that count?

After 4 letters and a phone call I finally got a letter confirming my service dates which I needed for a background check. The first three attempts were riddled with errors: spelling my name incorrectly, stating I hadn't left the service and getting my rank wrong were the highlights...
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Old 29th Apr 2008, 16:01
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The last line of mine reads, ' I wish you all good fortune in the future'.

The author was no clairvoyant, that's for sure.
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