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Another day, another loony Students Union

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Another day, another loony Students Union

Old 25th Apr 2008, 07:40
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No, I'm just offering him a chance to say if he thinks Iraq was a wonderful land of milk and honey with Sadam in charge - he chooses to condemn the 'Imperialist' west for everything but doesn't seem to mind genocide as long as it's committed by a local boy. If he isn't an admirer of SH Esq how was he planning on toppling the bastard? A stiff letter to Mr Echo of Echo and the Bunnymen? A sit-in in the Nelson Mandela student union facility?

BTW as Iíve said here a few times Iíd have kept going in 1991 myself

And the poor innocent repressed Taliban Ė well, I used to do the IRT briefings that everyone sleep through, apart from slaughtering prisoners, crushing critics and repressing women to the point that they returned to the status of chattels Iím sure they were just the sort a young stude could identify with, especially their interesting plans to take the country back to the 14th century.

And it seems her Maj is in on it too Ė itís all about oil/crushing the Muslims etc
Except no oil in Kosovo, and we were defending the Muslims IIRC, still bring on the diatribe about the military-industrial complex

And then I realised he's a cock, and went to bed

The Student Grants of this world Ė canít live with them, canít drive a tank over them Ė even if it runs on biodiesel
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 07:47
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Cool Who should be banned.....?

A snippet to throw into the debate....

The armed forces are just a tool of Government (diplomacy by other means etc). Therefore to ban just the tool is pointless. The motion needs ammending to ban the user of the tool - the ruling Labour Party from the campus. After all, it was they who sent the troops in in the first place!!

Now a ban on the labour party at Uni would be fun.....
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 11:14
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Originally Posted by mileandahalf View Post
Ice cream? When the [email protected]*k did we get ice cream????

Whenever we were based somewhere the Yanks were running the catering?
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 11:39
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Is it not the right of the student union to propose a vote against the military having any involvement on the campus?

Err is it not the right of the military to have involvement on the campus?

Not sure who wins this one in the politically correct environment. Maybe its the responsibility of those that voted in the union, or maybe all should be equal and then why would a vote be needed?

Illegal wars? does it really matter, you can't change the past whether they are or not. You make your bed and lie in it, thats the government that is elected.

You can move forward though and elect a government that will withdraw the troops...Just like Rudd in Canberra. Seems he has made a promise during the election process and is going to stick to it. Only time will tell, but a 3 month time scale is pretty brief!
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 12:43
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I'd like to think that anyone who is at university would have more sense than to get 'fooled' into joining the military and becoming a 'tool of oppression' because of this. If they want to join the UAS/OTC/whatever then it is their right to do so and it would surely be a consious decision made by them. But then again I am an optimist!
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 14:27
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And there you have it.....all that 4 pages of bickering...I for one was never fooled into anything, I certainly was never used as a tool of oppression.
This bunch of studes will progress and move on through life...its no different to any young group looking to progress...
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 15:02
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I was a student at Manchester University years ago and this crap was going around then. The bean munching, wooly jumper wearing pacifist twats would occasionally picket outside the OTC building, or hold peace rallies and decry the armed forces.

The point is that the Student Union is a complete irrelevance to most people. The only connection anyone I knew at Uni had to the Union was to drink in the Serpent bar as it was then because it was cheap. Most students will crack on with their own lives and make choices based on balanced information, not the one sided drivel spouted by the Student Union.

If they ban the military from campus the next step will be to the ban the investment banks (now there's an evil empire!!) from the milkrounds as they represent all that is bad about capitalism.
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 16:19
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Absolutely, Manxman! It was the same in Sheffield in the early 60s and the Trots were the ones who jumped on the first train to ICI as soon as they graduated. My, did we laugh at them.

Life's very different when you have to get up for work of a morning.
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 18:13
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 19:09
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Agreed mileandahalf, as fun as it is seeing Mr. Angry spool up, lets put this one to bed!

...someone start a caption competition or something lol!
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 20:05
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The problem is that the deluded lentil knitting minority that propose this kind of sh*t are pretty much the only ones that vote at all, meaning they'll get their way.

It's a futile vote though, and should never have been accepted as a serious proposal. They can't ban the military. I thought this strain of socially astute student was meant to be clever?


Out of curiosity, which existing military unit/regiment is local to the area? In the interests of balance and equality, I think that a student should put forward a proposal to stage a homecoming parade on the university campus for said unit.

Anything that vaguely resembles a party should get a positive turnout at a student ballot box.

If they refuse to table such a motion, then they'll merely show themselves up for the autocratic and hypocritical c*ntwits that they probably are.
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 22:56
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Thank God the lentil knitters remain the minority, despite their delusion that what they have to say is of the slightest importance outside their meeting room. Just read their minutes to see what a crowd of self-serving t*ssers they really are.

If there were a homecoming parade for any of the local TA units more ordinary people would turn out to cheer them than there are activists in the University Union.

207 (Manchester) Field Hospital (Volunteers)
93 Signal Squadron Detachment 38 Signal Regiment
D Company 4 The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment
42 Signal Squadron 33 Signal Regiment
236 Squadron 156 Transport Regiment
209 Battery 103 Regiment Royal Artillery
Detachment 116 Provost Company (Volunteers) 4 Royal Military Police
202 Field Squadron 75 Engineer Regiment
Platoon Troop 125 Field Support Squadron 75 Engineer Regiment
75 Engineer Regiment Workshops
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 23:41
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I have many student friends, 19-23, many of them share the views that are present in this forum (and not PP or the Manchester Uni).

Its just those views aren't picked up on, and its people who have these sorts of views that are the ones working, and not playing Government to get the word C*** back in common usage.
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