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'Silly little spectacle'

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'Silly little spectacle'

Old 10th Mar 2008, 15:10
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I was sat in the west stand and the flypast was pretty good considering the claggy weather. Not as good as Measles at Kent though. Unfortunately, as an Englishman, it was just about the highlight of the day - apart from the opportunity to have a few beers with some rugby mates. Shame about Mooro's comment - you can't accuse him of being a bland commentator or lacking opinions. You take the rough with the smooth - rather insensitive on this occasion perhaps.
To add insult to injury - I just passed over a bottle of malt having lost a bet with a Scottish colleague! It wasn't the losing that hurt most - just the pain of having to listen to the cursed Proclaimers over and over again in the pubs!!!
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Old 10th Mar 2008, 15:49
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Inspector D,
Do you mean the kind of "training" in this video? Alice not Kent.


BTW you can't call them Measels any more, something to do with encouraging low flying.
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Old 10th Mar 2008, 15:57
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I recall sitting in the dining room at Mt Kent in 1995 with the MPA Gp Capt (now a 2 star) and an F3 crew (Piers was the nav). We all pretended that the roof was definitely not shaking during some rather adjacent operational trg. No-one said a word!
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Old 10th Mar 2008, 16:43
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as sports go, if it don't run on petrol, methanol, turps etc, it ain't worth a wk!!!!
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 14:49
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Just heard on the news that Wilkinson has been dropped for the England v Ireland match. Lets hope that is the end of the opportunist drop kick era. It would be nice if the Scotland selectors follow suit and bin Parks. We may then see some creative Rugby.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 14:56
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but they were late.

If they had showed up on time then we wouldn't be having this 4 page discussion.

Perhaps the F-3 fleet should conduct a proper time hack before they go flying next time!!!!

Or better still, convert to a better platform.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 15:18
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So, were they late or not? Whichever, can't say I'm impressed by this comment:
I'm assuming he knows how easy it is to generate a formation of FJs over a small structure in the middle of a city in pisspoor weather,
No more difficult than achieving a TOT I would have thought.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 15:33
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Couldn't agree with you more. It was piss poor and no matter how individuals want to flower it up, they need to eat some humble pie, admit they screwed up and move on. All these excuses about weather blah blah blah just smacks of unprofessionalism. You screwed up, take the hit and this thread would only be a page long!!!
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 16:11
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C'mon guys lighten up. So they were late, so what ? Also remember they just didn't fly over the stadium they flew over a large portion of Edinburgh and would have been sighted by tens of thousands of people on the ground. It probably brightened up an otherwise dull day for a lot of people.

Anyway that's in the past.............we can now look forward to Ireland doing the business at Twickenham next Saturday.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 16:26
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Not only were they late, they were totally and utterly pointless and a very poor reflection upon the management team behind the pilots, who themselves must be very angry at the farce.

The only thing the MOD can offer to brighten up anyone's day is the Red Arrows and we all know that they have more needy and proper demands upon their time.

It was an embarrasing farce, typical of poor organisation by the Scottish RFU and the MOD,
Brian Moore was absolutely spot on - may it never ever happen again.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 18:21
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Has it actually been shown, anywhere, that they were in fact "late" ?? The only reference I can find to them being "late" is the television comment by Mr Moore .. just why is his word given so much credence ??

Most flypasts EITHER have a specific time or the aircraft are "called in" by ground comms .... which was the case here ???

If it was a SPECIFIC time ... just how far "off" were they, if any ??? If they were "called in" then it probably wasn't their "fault"... either way .. there are an awful lot of assumptions being made in this thread .. and very few facts .....

As I was always taught ... don't make ann ASS out of U and ME

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Old 11th Mar 2008, 18:30
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I beg to differ with the whole of your post!
Still smarting? Its only a game

OmegaV6 - the voice of reason
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 19:58
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I've lost the thread!

They were not late. Anyone who says so is speaking out of their a..., but that's not what's important. I suspect most of the posts here are from those who wish they could do it, and/or, couldn never have done it in the first place.

Everyone else with a negative comment is a w..... and should get off this forum and go prattle somewhere else.

Await more specious comments.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 20:20
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Jack's Granddad
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Whether they were late or not is irrelevant, the timing was, for whatever reason, wrong. If the 3 second exercise was to be done at all it should have been done at half time when no one would have been inconvenienced if it had been a minute or so either way from a given time.

Bit arrogant that o knowledgeable one "anyone who disagrees with what I think is a winker and should take their prattle elsewhere". Still, I would defend your right to express your views however idiotic they may sound.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 20:55
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Half time great idea! So if there is type of dog up anywhere in the timing the F3s can fly through shot as the camera pans up for one of the never ending series of kicks. For those who want clarity on facts I suggest you scroll back to r2 units comments.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 21:14
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Jack's Granddad
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Assuming the absence of ground comms yes, schedule for the end of the half time break. Whilst there is every chance of of the first half ending late due to injury (as in fact did happpen on Saturday) it is unlikely that the second half would start early. Therefore to this simple mind the window of opportunity is about five minutes as opposed to the one minute or so that Saturday’s fly past had when it all went wrong causing an embarrassment rather than the desired PR success.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 22:08
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I suspect the F3 chaps arrived to the second, as briefed, because they are professionals, just like the rest of the RAF. Should they have been there at all? Who knows, but I don't see the point. Is Brian Moore's nickname Thrush for nothing? No, he is an irritating ****. That said, he's often right when it comes to rugby, especially so on Saturday when England indulged in a bout of pointless kicking to nowhere in particular.

Were England crap? Absolutely the worst England display since the last crappy England display. Scotland would have had to turn up in stiletto heels to have lost. Scotland are a poor team this season, but even so they deserved the win.

As for all that Braveheart stuff, give it a rest guys. Look forward, not backwards. And Braveheart was a pretty poor movie. Surely there's more to be said for Scotland than we won a battle a long time ago and we can't move on. Or maybe not?
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 22:34
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The Truth!

OK, enough. Here are the facts:

1. The original TOT was 15:14:50 - that is 10 sec before the game was due to be kicked off.
2. A revised but [U]unpublished[U] TOT of 15:19:50 was selected by the SRU some days before the game.
3. The formation received another 1 min slip 3 mins before TOT, i.e. the new TOT was now 15:20:50 for a kick off at 15:21:00.
4. The TOT achieved by the formation was 15:20:50, EXACTLY the time requested by the SRU.

This thread, like many in this forum, is filled with people who are talking from a position of ignorance and therefore posting complete bollocks. These are the facts. I know because I was the formation leader and yes the weather was crap.
To my mind this finishes this thread, unless you want to talk more bollocks.

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Old 11th Mar 2008, 22:37
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The flypast was a waste of time - on time or otherwise. So was the match from my perspective. Full stop.

Brian Moore always entertains, unlike that Welsh tw*t with him. That Welsh tw*t's outrageous comment about Wilkinson taking a dive when he was strung up by the throat was typical of him and he deserved the verbal belting that Moore gave him. It probably went physical after the match.
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Old 12th Mar 2008, 15:39
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So you did as you were told, to the second. Well done. I'll blame the SRU for the timing.

The point remains that, to the players, officials, spectators and millions watching on TV you WERE late, and as a result you were indeed a "silly little spectacle".
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