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BBC News

Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:26
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BBC News

Is it just me...or is it quite disgusting that the lads unfortunately killed today in Helmand, appeared to be somewhat sidelined by the Beeb. I know this has been dealt with on "the prune" before, but really, what the 'ell is going on when todays military (and I include all 3 services) are EXPECTED, on ever-tighter budgets and personnel, to fight abroad, and are barged off the evening news to fifth position; given less than 30 seconds coverage, when the main focus seems to be TESCO, Morrisons or ASDA "doing" us a few pence on a bit of cheese, or a pint, sorry half litre, of milk...

Come on.

What is going on.

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Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:33
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Whats going on is that the UK Banking system is in crisis. The post office workers are going on strike and the supermarkets have been ripping us all off with inflated milk prices. All of which is much more important that what is happeneing in a sand pit 6000 miles away. Important to who? Joe public.
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:58
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I saw a piece about the great British public being asked what they thought of currency reform. 53% said they didn't want a change to the Euro as they were happy with keeping the gyro.

In answer to your question, the slapper on ITV lead with the Chelsea bloke leaving, and even Brown mentioned it in the House. Under those circumstances, what chance does some young, white, male Tom have?
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Old 20th Sep 2007, 22:58
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But any group affected by a news issue may feel aggrieved that they are not the lead item. eg Farmers may be angry that the supermarket issue is not the top story tonight - they are losing their livelihood.

Unfortunately, our troops dying in Afghanistan is not the most newsworthy matter at the moment - the public might be getting uncomfortable or tired of hearing of deaths on operations.

More people in the UK are affected by Jose leaving than troops dying - there are more Chelsea fans than servicemen and their families.

Sorry, but I don't think that the public is that bothered all the time - it doesn't affect their lives until it is someone they know who has died
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 08:05
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Journalists are in the business of producing stories that sell to, and grip, the public. And the 'story' is often more important than the facts. A lot of my friends are far more worried by the rise in Mortgage payments, higher taxes and food prices than they are about our troops in far off lands. Sad but true.

Even Minge Campbell did not make the top spot last night.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 08:20
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I have to agree with you Betty. However, like it's been said, each group of people who are affected by the news all must feel like this.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 08:21
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Management/Leaders/Government set the tone.

This particular Government clearly doesn't give a toss; witness the despicable decision to give Browne both the Defence and Scottish briefs. Newspapers, in particular their gong seeking sycophantic owners, see which way the wind blows and act accordingly. (As do senior MoD staffs). There are a few honourable exceptions in both camps, one or two of whom post here.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 08:24
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I also think its difficult to spend any great length of time as the BBC (I assume) has so little footage that is up to date in the area. It would seem that unless you can have a reporter on the spot very little coverage is ever given.

With regard to Joe Public I see that the "Soldiers Covenant" headlining didn't seem to get a spark, even with the legion's backing.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 09:12
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Not an issue with the public.

For most of the public there is no realsation of how important the war in Afganistan is, most of them can't understand that returning Afganistan to the Afgan people has a direct impact on the Islamic terrorisam on the streets of the UK by taking away the ability if the terrorists to train and support opperations.
It is very hard to bring this message to the public when at the moment there is very little to bother the popuation of the UK apart from morgage rates and Football.
Unfortunatly the war in Iraq is clouding the issue and giving the public mixed messages and is seen as a mistake and most of the population probably don't know the differance between Afganistan and Iraq anyway!
Add this to the fact that most of the Britith public have no direct contact at all with the military apart from seeing the Red Arrows or the Military band playing at the FA cup final and it is hardly supprizing that the likes of the BBC don't consider it as headline news.
It would be headline news if a number of big terrorist attacks took place in the UK but the work that the Military is doing is going a long way to preventing this and so from a publicity point of veiw the Military is preventing publicity by it's sucsesses.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 09:53
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Mmm, interesting that Betty should (rightly in my view) single out the BBC for questionable priorities in its news coverage, whereas the majority of subsequent posts blame "Joe Public" whose preoccupations the blessed beeb is merely reflecting, presumably. Poppycock! There, I said it! The Beeb has been peddling its own agenda for decades and is about as unbiased as a bloke ranting from atop a soapbox in Hyde Park. It doesn't like the Armed Forces and what they do, but disingenuously differentiates them from their junior personnel who they invariably portray as victims of the system. If the British Public are not sufficiently aware of what is happening in Afghanistan it is surely a reflection of the UK media in general and of the Beeb, as the avaricious recipient of a compulsory tax on all UK TV viewers, in particular. With satellite, cable and digital TV channels providing an ever greater choice I would recommend watching the output from other, particularly foreign, outlets to gain a broader viewpoint. British gave up being Best a long time ago in this regard. The Holy Cow of the Beeb is way overdue for a one way trip to the Knacker's Yard!

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Old 21st Sep 2007, 10:16
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As Wyler said, the media is interested in stories that grip the public imagination, although they also have a message to push - Pro government (Mirror etc), anti-gov (Torygraph etc). The editorial slant always affects how they portray the story, but the lead story will always be what they think the public will care most about. This is why the abduction/ possible death of a little girl on holiday commands vastly more coverage than the deaths of the 29 soldiers that have taken place over the same timespan. The newspapers are businesses & need to sell their product.

A taxpayer funded state broadcasting service does not need to sell its product in the same way so therefore it should set its editorial at a higher level.........
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 10:26
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If there is a disconnect between the media and the military, and if there is a lack of understanding and sympathy between large elements within both organisations, then the military must take its share of the blame.

Your PR/Corporate Comms/Media Ops organisation has never been much use or help, but there was a time when it did manage to engender a frustrated and exasperated affection among those journos who were already broadly on side, and it did at least attempt to engage with journalists on both the issues that they wanted to cover, and the issues that it wanted to see covered. It did not, in other words, detract from the image of the services, and did not undermine the esteem in which the forces were generally held. As a journo, you itched for better service, but you were left with a vaguely cosy glow, and if asked to feature something that the MoD wanted highlighting, then you did so.

But the organisation is utterly broken, now, and even friendly pro-service journos have little time for MoD Media Ops, which ignores what we want to do, fails to push a real PR agenda and instead pushes tired 'everything's fine' and party political spin without energy, skill, or even competence.

And in fact, the Media Ops people are actually obstructive, and make it difficult to properly cover a news story. A Puma down at Catterick and media ops won't even confirm the type, encouraging guesswork or speculation, and ensuring that the families of aircrew flying A109, Chinook, Gazelle, Lynx, Merlin, and Sea King have to worry as well.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 10:46
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A taxpayer funded state broadcasting service does not need to sell its product in the same way so therefore it should set its editorial at a higher level.........
Well, if only KS! The Beeb is not taxpayer funded, but funded by a compulsory impost on "all Apparatus capable of receiving a TV signal", or words to that effect. Thus you may never watch the beeb, but you'll damn well pay for it or end up with a criminal record! It is not a state broadcasting service, nor of course should it be, but at least then it would reflect government attitudes, just as commercial TV reflects (broadly) the ethos of advertisers. The Beeb has the luxury of being answerable to no-one in reality, a vacuum which the special interests brigade that infest its ranks have filled with their own mantras. It may have been appropriate in the paternal era of Lord Reith to decide what is best for the nation, it is downright creepy now and accounts for much of the PC "new think" that is fast bringing a once great nation to be seen as the weirdo of the world.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 11:25
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Interesting point, Betty.

I am inclined to agree with Chugalug2 regarding the BBC; as a serial winger, I would regularly e-mail the BBC's Points of View demanding answers as to why every member of the military (and police for that matter) portrayed on Casualty/Holby City (forced to watch by Mrs D'Sorderlee - before you ask!) is an illiterate, racist, ignorant bully. They also portray all the Jock as drunkards - even/especially the surgeons!

Guess what? - No reply.

If only you could withhold payment of the license fee? - I'd be £10 a month better off.

Rant over.

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Old 21st Sep 2007, 12:52
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Dunx. Rant noted. Ta.
I still have a sense of patriotism, I think it is, that these dead ought to be more acknowledged. That's all. I'm acutely aware of the circus that's called media in this country (and beyond). And, I have to say I agree with all of the above. I may have to make some soundings as to our poorly percieved PR machine...
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CDS Concerns Over The Public

See this article

The problem is that our Armed Forces are doing something that is deeply unpopular with the the general public. Neither Iraq or Afghanistan sits easily in Joes mind. Afghanistan 1 why? Because a load of Saudi's led by a Saudi flew aircraft into some buildings in the USA mmm!. Iraq war 2 why? For WMD that never existed. Afghanistan 2 Why? Don't care any more...

There are believe it or not, far far more important things happening right here in the UK and the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire highlighted but one of them yesterday. Ask any Northern Rock investor what's more important right now!!

It isn't right and I know parts of the meeja aren't helping, but the bottom line is that there is no public support for either theater of operations.

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Old 21st Sep 2007, 22:15
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Whilst i agree with all said in this thread, i've just sat watching the BBC 10 o'clock news tonight and i think by running the item of Dannat's latest concerns as the main headline, along with the follow up report following the Wokka crews in Helmand, they have done wonders (intentionally or not) in bringing the views of the General to the front of the nation's thoughts. They even made an effort to name the 2 guys who lost their lives this week. All the reporting was fairly balanced towards the General and there wasn't a hint of typical BBC bleeding hearts and propaganda.

For once, i have to give them some credit for that, it's how reporting should be done in my opinion. As i flicked over to the 'comicbook' Sky to see what they were saying on the matter, well, they were already covering the trials and tribulations of Jose Mourinho by 2207.
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 22:20
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Good stuff. Maybe the General is an avid reader of "the prune".
Joking apart, yes, that was the Beeb reporting that has been so missing. The reporting that they were famed for. Long may it continue. My fear is that in a few days...
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Old 21st Sep 2007, 22:32
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Absolutely, in a few days it will all be forgotten about. Be interesting to see how the papers pick up on it tomorrow. No doubt the Sun will have some whacky 'Back our Boys' campaign running by monday.

Without wishing to sound like a TV news geek, i see ITV are making no mention of it at the moment. Like you say, in a few days....

.....what were we talking about again ?
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Old 22nd Sep 2007, 02:04
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Personally I think the word "NEWS" sort of gives it away...
George and Tony (and Gordon)'s wars are not NEW - the viewing audience were made aware of their wars starting and have moved their interest on to NEW events.

It's sad from our perspective but the publishing media don't headline stories about everyday events. (And for those who are hard of thinking - the sad thing is that Servicemen being killed and maimed a few thousand miles to the east of Westminster is virtually an everyday event - THANKS TONY!!!)
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