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Intercepting Wandering Bears & Blackjacks Again (Merged)

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Intercepting Wandering Bears & Blackjacks Again (Merged)

Old 24th Dec 2007, 06:57
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TAC Int Bloke
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But I can't believe that Russian sigint is so backward that they need to trawl PPRuNe
I think come CIA bloke wrote a paper about the use of open sources. When Mr. Putin was onboard a Russian Nuclear sub a few years back for a test firing of some SS system the first we knew that it had all gone wrong was when it appeared on some Russian language website.....Unclassified sources are great (and it means you can trawl tinternet on the company's time)
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Old 24th Dec 2007, 10:08
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Today, 02:29 #333 maxburner

I had always thought that, as I sat at my PPRuNe console, the world revolved around me. Now you say it ain't so! What's a chap to think?

So, what's an old fighter man doing, playing with his console at 0229hrs on Christmas Eve? Or are you in the land of sunshine? Whatever, old son, Happy Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous New Year to you and the family, and to all PPruners
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Old 24th Dec 2007, 10:24
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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At the height of the cold war and the new Moss AWAC promising to close the low level penetration gap we had an int brief illustrated with photos of the inside of the aircraft.

Compared with the slightly out of focus, grass framed pictures of Russian radars it was amazing. I asked the CIntO afterwards where they got them - Russian TV
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Old 24th Dec 2007, 19:36
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I think the point about security is not to make it too easy for the other guys. Sure the Russians could have a guy sat near Leuchars, reporting in, or near FC bases or spy sats - but all that is surprisingly difficult and expensive. Compare it to surfing the internet back home. Easy and cheap (free!)

Just think about what you post. I think most people post about stuff they have no idea what they are talking about - those that do know keep quiet!
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 02:50
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Cunning Artificer
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Those who know about things post deliberately misleading information.
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 08:19
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Romeo Oscar Golf,

Thank you for the message. A happy and healthy 2008 to you too.

By the way, I was cleaning up after a party at Burner Towers. Several fighter types, all unsavoury, present. Much red wine consumed.
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 11:26
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Looks like it was Tu-160 Blackjacks in the North Sea.


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Old 27th Dec 2007, 15:58
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None but a blockhead
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And meanwhile, there are fun and games closer to the deck...

Pilots say Russian exercise a risk

"Air operations by a Russian naval task force sailing from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean represent a potential threat to the safety of civilian flights in the area, an international pilots' group warned Friday.

The squadron consisting of the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and two Udaloy-class destroyers represents the most ambitious Russian naval deployment since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.


When it sailed across the North Sea last week, the Kuznetsov conducted air operations close to Norway's Gullfaks offshore oil field "without communication with any air traffic or other agency," said a statement issued by The International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations to its members.

It warned civilian pilots that similar operations below 10,000 feet could occur anywhere along the fleet's route "without prior notification." They could also result in communications loss due to interference from military transmissions, the group said.


Presumably their GPS jammers and other interesting toys will be getting a work-out. Lots to see and do on your first trip in a while!
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 16:33
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Maybe the time has come for a few Mach 1+ flybys at mast height à la "Top Gun?
After all it's international waters and international air.
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 16:57
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I'd be surprised if those agencies that need to know where they are, don't. eg Kuz & Co had a Noggy frigate on their tails as they came down the Norwegian Sea.
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 17:35
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Maybe the time has come for a few Mach 1+ flybys at mast height à la "Top Gun?
I recall a Leuchars based 4 ship circa late 70’s conducting a high-low to somewhere just west of Papa Westray which included a high speed run over a task force. On refection, it may not have been such a good idea given the number of guns that tracked us.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 15:55
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Tornado's Scrambled

Sky News Report - Is there an increase in these events?

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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 16:10
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Love the pictures of the ground attack variant aircraft. Sky News.......... Monkeys! Wonder how much more of the story is inaccurate bollox?
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 16:13
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fake wafu
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In support of ops you beat me too it! fairly typical that the media get the wrong variant of Tornado - I cant really tell from the small image on my laptop but they look like GR1s not GR4s so it is a very old library picture of the wrong type of aircraft.

This thread links to the 'Kutsnezov on route to the med' thread.
Old 22nd Jan 2008, 16:41
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Although credit where credit’s due – at least in the caption they got the plural of ‘Tornado’ correct….
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 17:16
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And to be fair, they weren't wrong. The picture showed exactly what the caption said it was.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 17:23
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Sorry, have we been chasing Russians again? I thought we weren't that interested anymore.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 17:59
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It's OK they will stop it after the Russian elections, just Putin flexing his military muscle to get votes.

Oh bugger weren't they in November? Things are getting decidedly frosty with our Russian chums

A good time to look at how well the UK is protected before we charge off on any more Crusades. Defend the UK and its interests and all that, isn't it?

Last edited by Ivan Rogov; 22nd Jan 2008 at 18:26.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 20:50
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I thought there was supposed to be an end of cold war peace dividend!

oh dear was I misled Mr Blair - eh Mr Brown..

seems not I'd say

Time to smell the coffee and wise up eh!

Get a grip for god's sake

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Old 26th Jan 2008, 08:32
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Russian AF activity this week

Hi all,

It was reported that two Blackjacks were intercepted by the RAF on Tuesday en-route to the Bay of Biscay to launch missiles as part of a Russian Navy exercise involving the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and supporting ships.

The Russian AF said that from Wednesday Bears, Backfires, A-50 (AWACS), Il-78 (tankers) and more Blackjacks were due to take part in the exercise. I haven't seen any reports of any more intercepts this week apart from the one on Tuesday. Does anyone know if the influx of Russian aircraft into the Atlantic did happen and were there more intercepts this week?
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