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Jaguar Farewell

Old 24th Apr 2007, 18:57
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Jaguar Farewell


Today I announced to the members of 6 Squadron that the Jaguar OSD is to be brought forward to 30 Apr 07. All operationally orientated training will cease on this date and the Jaguar will no longer be a deployable Force Element. Delivery of the airframes to Cosford will then commence and I have been instructed that any ceremonial flying must be concluded during May.

Naturally, this comes as a great disappointment to all members of the Jaguar Force. I do not consider it feasible to organise an event to celebrate 33 years of stalwart service with due gravity with only 5 weeks notice. I am also conscious that such short notice would compromise attendance.

I have therefore elected to organise the final Jaguar Farewell for the weekend of 29 Jun – 1 Jul 07, reluctantly accepting that this will be without the nostalgia of RAF Jaguar flying.

Despite the short notice, I am determined to do justice to an aircraft that has enjoyed, uniquely, such long and extensive RAF service and a Force that has long been characterised by its easy camaraderie but indomitable spirit.

A programme of events is therefore already shaping up that will allow all current and ex-Jaguar RAF personnel to celebrate their association and affection for this remarkable aircraft and the ethos that has come to surround it. The Jaguar Force only relocated to RAF Coningsby in April 06 and the weekend of 29 Jun – 1 Jul will also provide an opportunity to formally thank the families of the current Jag Force for their steadfast support and loyal endurance of the associated domestic turbulence.

An aircraft enthusiasts’ day on Fri 29 Jun will be based around invitations to all RAF ex-Jaguar squadrons to fly their current types into RAF Coningsby; invitations are also being extended to the French AF and representation sought from friendly international operators of the Jaguar, such as Oman and India, and those nations that have contributed exchange pilots. As is traditional, Happy Hour will be held in the Officers’ Mess.

On Sat 30 Jun, the Squadron accommodation will be open and there will be an opportunity to view the last 2 remaining RAF Jaguars and the visiting aircraft, while also enjoying a number of flying displays. The main event will be the ‘End of Jaguar Ball’ in the evening; it is hoped that all 3 messes will hold functions so that all ranks can participate equally.

The short notice is most regrettable and will undoubtedly inconvenience many, but this is due to circumstances beyond our control and, for perspective, I would ask that a thought is spared for the immediate uncertainty that now faces the current Force.

Despite the short notice, I am confident that many will take this last opportunity to celebrate their membership of such an exclusive cadre and I encourage all to book early to avoid disappointment as Mess capacity will inevitably limit numbers. Early notice will also ease substantially the administrative burden of this venture! Therefore, any serving and ex-serving Jaguar personnel who may like to attend any or all of the proposed celebrations should forward their contact details to 6 Sqn as follows:

Jaguar Retirement Celebrations
6 Sqn
RAF Coningsby

External email: [email protected]

Internal email: CON-6Sqn-JagRet Grp Mail

Tel - 01526 34 6496
Fax - 01526 346499

Initial contact details must be received by 31 May to enable event details to be dispatched and final payment to be received by 15 Jun. The Officers’ Mess Ball will cost £45 for each ex-Jaguar officer and the same price levied for the first guest; additional guests will be subject to approval and will attract a higher fee. Please consider sending any attendance money along with your initial contact details as this will further streamline the process at a time when our main effort is, clearly, to secure the future of our serving personnel.

Finally, please forward these details to any other ex-Jaguar personnel that you are still in contact with to enable maximum attendance. I look forward to seeing you at what should be a memorable, if slightly sad, weekend of celebrations.

John Sullivan

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Best of luck with your endeavour, make it a night to remember....

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How soon!!!?

We all guessed/knew it was coming, but 1 week's notice to stop flying that's completely out of order !!

The jet has done 30+ years of great service and this is not the way that it should bow out. Not only that, but to uproot 6 Sqn and move them to Coningsby for only 1 year - what was the point?

Well done your air-ships - another bad decision badly handled!!
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Old 24th Apr 2007, 20:06
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Words cannot describe how I feel about that, hopefully we can give the old girl a real goodbye, thanks for keeping us all informed John...
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Old 24th Apr 2007, 20:14
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Another one bites the dust. Sad to see another classic aircraft disappearing from the front line.
The re-union should be some event, however, remember:
"Don't bend down, when a ......." etc etc
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A sad day and although one we all knew was coming a little sudden nonetheless.

I managed to get a flight in a T2 many moons ago when I was an air cadet and throughly enjoyed it and although in my service career I've never worked with them most people I've met who work/worked with the Jag seem to have a soft spot for it that working with other types doesn't match.

I hope all goes well with the Jag farewell.

PS, Any chance of popping to Odious on a farewell tour a'la the Canberra PR9?
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It's just a pity that there is not one big bash, instead of the RAF tradition of having individual mess do's as per normal.

A missed opportunity for everyone to come together both serving and ex RAF under one roof over a beer to toast a farewell to one of the RAF's underpowered finest.

Perhaps you should hold a Raffle for one of them?
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Old 24th Apr 2007, 23:13
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It's almost a double tragedy as it also means that 6 Squadron's uninterrupted service history will finally come to and end.

Shabby business indeed, particularly when it probably won't save so much as a penny, but it'll look good on some faceless pen-pusher's resume...
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Old 25th Apr 2007, 00:15
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And as someone put it on another forum, the MoD is now leasing it's third Hunter while they are saying farewell to the Jaguar....
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If you want to see the cats today they'll (x4) be landing at Yeovilton this morning after working on Salisbury plain and at Lossie this arvo.
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Very sad news indeed, John. I had the pleasure of T4 flying with you upon your return from skiing only a few weeks ago.


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Couldn't ex-Jaguar CDS intervene?
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Nothing to do with Estate Agents working on behalf of 11 Sqn looking for accommodation is it?
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It's a shame that John can't tell us what he really thinks, but I can guess.
Just how much life is there left in the Jags, both 6's and those of 41 and 54 in storage? What price the engine upgrades, the Gucci targeting and recce add-ons? Not to mention the costs of moving to Coningsby.

Oh, and OC 11 has stated that they will not be CAS capable until 1 July 2008.

Barking bloody mad.
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Asking about remaining life is pointless without spares and support backup. The writing was on the wall as soon as the French stopped flying theirs and we lost 2nd line.

The last jet I cleared from 2nd line was still comparatively young in terms of airframe hours/FI, but that still only clears you to a finite life without in depth maintenance.
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Very sad indeed, two have just flown over the house in Lymington 11:55, maybe the last time I'll see them airbourne
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I hope that what is supposed to be "personnel management" were aware of this or there's going to be a few Jag pilots and groundcrew on gardening leave!
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Further to Ali Barbers post, does this mean that there will be 16 seats available on the Typhoon OCU to cope with this 'unexpected' surge of pilots. If not guess the airlines will be welcoming. And don't get me started on the disruption to the families!

Wouldn't it have been so much cleaner to maintain Coltishall for a few more months?

Lack of honesty, intellectual rigour, honour and forethought by our leaders is an expected part of life now. Maybe thats why I don't trust them anymore.
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I don't know what to make of the fact that, as of 1242L, the news doesn't appear on the MOD or the RAF websites. Or the BBC etc.

You're a good man, JS. I feel very sorry that you're losing your Squadron. Its a good strong unit.
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Sad Times


Best of luck upon the retirement of the Shaguar...a sad time indeed.

Is the RAF really that broke that it had to bring the date forward with such short notice? Is 6 staying alive as a SQN or have their airships gaffed that off too?
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