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UK military pay rise 2007

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UK military pay rise 2007

Old 31st Jan 2007, 09:17
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Makes you sick....


So this is where all our money being pumped into the NHS is going...
Old 31st Jan 2007, 09:33
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I can't remember the actual figure but it brought about the ending of the fortnightly pay parade as some would have needed a wheelbarrow to take their pay home!

Those were the days!
At least Saint Maggie had balls!!!!
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Old 31st Jan 2007, 10:03
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Speaking of firemen, how come most of them do a few days work, then get a few more off to go and do secondary jobs.
Next time they have a strike, we'll probably have to cover for them whilst they moan about their pay rise (which'll be way bigger than ours).
Now here's a thought. We cover their jobs, so how about they get a crash course in weapon handling and get out to sunnier places and cover our taskings. Seven days a week, mega long hours, and for far less pay.

Only an idea........
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 08:26
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And have you looked at the figures for "attributable death in service" for police and fire versus the military?

IIRC it's 3 x salary for the mil and 5 x (a bigger) salary for police and fire.....
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 11:05
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Personally I am beyond caring for our pay rise, I have become accustomed to the measly amounts year upon year as well as the destruction of all of our perks such as cheap housing and pensions.

I would however have kittens if I could see a uniformed Officer march into Parliament to confront Gordon the Gopher!

Please please if their is a god, make it so!
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 23:11
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Grrr I Wonder!!!


I wonder if I can persuade my office-mate to give it a try - he has his No 1's hung up in our office and it's only a short stroll down Whitehall!!!! He doesn't have anything else to worry about as he's another one who's had enough and is out later this year. Now, what do I have to do to get a Scotsman to start drinking heavily by mid morning, before he clears off out of town at lunchtime and on the day before the Calcutta Cup?!!!!

If a few more were to do it it would certainly be more of a sight than the pathetic PCS demo this week.

Back to the main thread - I wonder how they will spin the measly offer once they have summoned up the guts to announce it?!!

I await it without baited-breath!
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 22:11
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Now, what do I have to do to get a Scotsman to start drinking heavily by mid morning
Not a lot usually!! Though tomorrow he'll be drowning his sorrows.......

...you just know that's going to come back and bite me in the arrse!
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 22:36
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Please Don't...!!!!

That's what I thought last year!! Thought it would be a good idea to invite a couple of Aussie course-mates over to watch the game - on the understanding that any support for the dark-shirts would be met with a large boot in the beam end and a rapid ejection through the living-room window swifter than a Frenchman reaching for a contract in Baghdad!!!! The only way I could get then to shut-up after the game was to keep pouring real beer down their throat!!

We will see what happens when the whistle blows to start at 1530 tomorrow!!!
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Old 7th Feb 2007, 03:03
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uk military pay rise 2007

If my memory serves me right, when Maggie got in the big chair we got a 35% pay rise (1979) followed by 15% either in 1980 or 1981 as it was widely recognised that we were poorly paid to say the least. I do remember a colleague saying that Labour had actually promised the 35% and it just happened to fall on the Conservatives to carry it through. I fully expect Bungle Brown to be giving that oh so false smile whilst spinning the yarn that 3% or thereabouts is a huge thank you for all our efforts etc. The man is a cretin of the highest order and would truly deserve his punishment 19th century style for his treachery. Apologies for a minor rant on my first post.
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Old 7th Feb 2007, 10:02
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Well i am sure as hell expecting it to be no more than 3% from penny pinching Brown but have made up my mind to finish at my 22 as what ever they offer will be poor. having spoken with many other collegues based around the UK/ sandy areas most are looking to get out at the earliest and most beneficial opportunity. So i would hedge my bets that in around 5 years time they are gonna be in a stew !
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Old 7th Feb 2007, 11:45
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Most of my collegues are leaving in the next 3 years. The RAF is on its arse! Getting worse and not much hope.
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Old 7th Feb 2007, 16:39
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Just flicking through the last AFPRB report in anticipation of this year's award - if that is the right word - noticed this:

In its affordability evidence, MOD reminded us that financial pressures continued despiteadditional resources of 3.7 billion having been allocated to MOD under the 2004 Spending Review through to 2007-08. These pressures came from a variety of sources including: the additional costs of military pay and allowances; from pension and compensation scheme costs; high fuel prices; investment in maintenance of nuclear warheads; and enhancements to reflect recent operational experience.
So there you have it, if you want a worthwhile pay rise, stop asking for more kit in theatre, walk everywhere and don't expect a decent pension.
I don't suppose that the armed forces pension arrangements and how they fund things help matters. Rather than investing and letting the stock market take the strain and provide a steady stream of capital growth and or income to fund a known liability, the govt has chosen to leave the armed forces pensions scheme unfunded. In a nutshell, it is an ongoing and ever increasing liability that they must pay for each year out of their budget.

Seems a bit barking to me, and a lot more expensive than employing a fund manager to ensure that what cash they do have works hard for them. So there you have it - blame it on the pensions if we don't get a decent pay rise - the MOD will!

Just seen this on the IOT Pay thread:

i get paid more than a 4 year air commodore not bad seeing as though I only came out as a corporal (in 1989)
Far from unusual given the state of our pay. A friend of mine left her non-commissioned job in the army, and over the course of a number of years managed to make leaving look like the best decision ever. Now, at about the time she would be looking at getting to her 22 point, the military equivalent of her civi salary would be decided by the Senior Salaries Review Board putting her up with the 2-3* pay band.

With options like that in civi street, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that the AFPRB are on a hiding to nothing unless it does something pretty drastic and pretty soon.

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Old 7th Feb 2007, 17:06
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I do remember a colleague saying that Labour had actually promised the 35% and it just happened to fall on the Conservatives to carry it through.
AFPRB had found we needed 35% to get back in line. Mrs T in opposition promised (and once elected, delivered it) in one tranche. Calaghan had offered to pay it over two years (which they'd done several times before). Not many service people (or their Mums, Dads etc) voted Labour in 79....
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Old 7th Feb 2007, 17:17
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Before the AFPRB, about 1970-71, pay was set by the Grigg Committee. Invariably it was sold as 7% - 4% this year and 3% next. Any fool could see the error in the maths (GCE days of course).

With the advent of AFPRB, and the rampant inflation under Ted Heath when we had monthly pay rises as well, we got the annual pay round. All Calaghan tried to do was revert to the Grigg formula of a fixed price deal in the hope that inflation would rise but we would be in a wage increase fix.

The civil service secured a 5-year fix (just ended) under the grumpy jock which was really a bet on inflation. I think it just about worked out OK. The GJ got his own back this time with a 2.5% deal. Not enough to buy a pint even.
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Old 13th Feb 2007, 10:56
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Some info for ya....

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Old 13th Feb 2007, 11:03
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When does the payrise get announced ?
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Old 13th Feb 2007, 11:05
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Not too sure if it's CPI or RPI based but either way I'm sure we'll get something around the lower of the two ......not bad considering my council tax has gone up 5% this year....one step forward ...two back...
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Old 13th Feb 2007, 12:58
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I wonder what wonderful 'spin' they will put on it when its finally released.
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Old 13th Feb 2007, 22:01
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The pay award is likely to be derisory - and if it is, we will get on our soapboxes and start to call from the rooftops. Productive?...not really.
So I suppose the question must be: Are you tired of moaning, and are you prepared to do something about it?
I think I am.
If I (RAF Pilot with 16 yrs (and a little bit) experience, walked in front of cameras and stated intention to run for Office, what would you all think?
Premise would be slightly right wing ie:
Problem: Not enough prison cells.
Answer: Build 20 More 2000 room prisons and use NHS Money to fund it (the money from 5 days NHS funding would pay for this - Audit 2004).
NHS - If it was a dog, it would have been put down by now - I would abolish it and start from scratch with a joint insurance/benefit system (ala USA - they have their faults but the Health system is MUCH better than ours).
Immigration: STOPPED as of now. TFN. Any other plan is too difficult to implement (at the moment).
Road Pricing - NO. If people need to drive, then they need to drive, and Bliar and his liar mates know this - it is a scheme to raise money. Better a sales tax on cars that is related to consumption (more to follow but I've thought about it, and it makes sense)
Trial and criminal proceedings against those who have brought this country to it's knees, willingly and with no regard for the countless millions of decent British people (of all ethnic origins, before anyone calls me a racist..I'm not). I'm talking about Blair, Brown,Blunkett, Jowell, Straw and a few others (Not Prescott..he is simply far too thick to be guilty of anything - it isn't nice to pick on stupid people).
I'm not just spitballing here - I'm semi-serious - I am considering doing the decent thing and having a go at saving my country, starting with a march into parliament to confront the Liar who is 'in charge'
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Old 13th Feb 2007, 22:09
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Prospective parliamentary MP for Lincoln? You get my vote now

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