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My beautiful Weber!

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My beautiful Weber!

Old 31st May 2012, 21:16
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Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Derbyshire
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So many wasted heartbeats!!

Go gas.

It's been the future for years.

Ignore the luddites who cherish the past which was charcoal.

It's no different from rejecting jet fighters in favour of the Sopwith Camel.

Be brave - go gas!!

You'll love it!!
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Old 4th Jun 2012, 02:11
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Location: Tennessee - Smoky Mountains
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A splendidly warm evening here, we have just enjoyed a steak dinner; filet mignon for Mrs R280, a T-bone for me. Grill-roasted garlic red potatoes and half a 6" Portabello mushroom each, with a dish of Chimichurri on the table. Most excellent!

As a side note, I can't buy Cornish Pasties in the US, so I make them myself. I've made the filling tonight, and will be baking them tomorrow. I may well use the grill to do that, I'll report back how they did.
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Old 4th Jun 2012, 11:06
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Location: Exiled in England
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Well sir you will be making pasties.
to be cornish you have to be west of the tamar in God's Greatest land.

I might power up the oil drum today, steaks and taters for tea then......
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Old 4th Jun 2012, 11:46
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Tarn et Garonne, Southwest France
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Check the temperature of your pasties carefully or the VAT man will come knocking.
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Old 4th Jun 2012, 13:37
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Tennessee - Smoky Mountains
Age: 51
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I am most definitely west of the Tamar. By about 80 degrees!

"God's greatest land"? Hmm.

Pasties they will be then.
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Old 5th Jun 2012, 01:58
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Tennessee - Smoky Mountains
Age: 51
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Who ate all the pies :)

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, here are the fruits of my labour:

It's a shame a couple of them split. I should have let the filling cool a little more, and used bigger discs of pastry. I'll have another bash tomorrow after the filling's been in the fridge overnight.
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Old 5th Jun 2012, 11:42
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Exiled in England
Age: 43
Posts: 1,016
Good effort Roadster - I believe you have succeeded in making Georgian Pasties!

Maybe take em to Savannand find another brit to flog em to.
Oh and if you are ever that far east - try the Tybee Island crab shack!
om nom nom nom
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Old 5th Jun 2012, 19:38
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Join Date: May 1999
Location: Quite near 'An aerodrome somewhere in England'
Posts: 25,480
Theym oggies look proper job!

Although the crimping needs a little practise, if you're going to be truly authentic. But your oggies look a darn sight better than I could ever manage!

Hope you didn't include carrot in the filling though....
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Old 18th Jun 2012, 05:14
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Asia's Fine City
Posts: 463
Outback HUNTER SS Time-to-Grill trials.

Initial burn-in test conducted last week: Sausages – Mexican Chili, dodgy BBQ (pork/beef/lamb mix)

Config (F6): 3xgrills centerline and left/right inboard. Grill plate discarded

Meat Type: (1) Boerewars
(2) 600gram Aussie grass fed Rib Eye with bone 1.5” inch thick (USDA corn fed not available)

WX (approx): METAR WSSL 180300Z 17010KT 9999 FEW018 BKN300 32/23 Q1011 RMK 0230Z Q1011

Test Pilot Condition:
Test 1: 2xWorsteiner Premium before test. 1 during
Test 2: 2xglasses Talisman NZ Cab Sauv. 1 during.
Time of tests: approx half past Harry Tate

Test (1): coiled Mamba
BBQ preheat: MAX burners (3) x 15mins
Burners to idle Boerewars applied.
7-9 Mins turning occasionally hood down.
Memsahib Side Dish: variety of dressed green leaves (name of dish not known)
Result: slightly overcooked but tasty.
Time to Eat: 24mins

Test (2): Côte de Boeuf
BBQ preheat: MAX burners (3) x 15mins
Searing: MAX burners 3.5mins per side
Cooking: Burners to idle Bovine in suspended cradle thing, hood down: 5mins
Standing: 10mins
Memsahib Side Dish: Port wine reduction, garlic mash spuds, some green thing, Colmans hot English
Result: The Maillard reaction at its best. Outstanding.
Other: Pooch got the bone. Post test clean up by Filipino Amah ground crew assisted by porcelain coated grills.
Time to Eat: 37mins

Further tests scheduled for coming weekend.

Aviation references embedded.

Last edited by kluge; 18th Jun 2012 at 05:15.
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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 11:57
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Forest of Dean
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I have been a very satisfied user of Weber kettle barbecues since 1980. However, last Sunday I noticed that it was unsteady whilst cleaning the grill with a wire brush (whilst the firebed still contained burning briquettes). The following morning I cleaned out the ash and turned the kettle over to investigate. The attached photograph shows the advanced state of corrosion around the leg attachment sockets. I was lucky that the leg had not collapsed when the charcoal was burning. That BBQ has been used regularly since I bought it in 1995 and spent all that time outdoors and so is well past its guarantee period.

The point of this post is not to denigrate the quality of Weber BBQs - I have just bought a replacement. However, anyone who has one several years old would be well advised to inspect the security of the leg attachment socket welds from underneath. The failing welds were not easily noticeable from the inside of the kettle.

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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 12:38
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Join Date: May 1999
Location: Quite near 'An aerodrome somewhere in England'
Posts: 25,480
Yes, the corrosion looks similar to that which finally caused me to replace my trusty old 1988 blackfellow as it had become rather a rusty old blackfellow.....

The new model with the ash catcher is excellent - such a shame that our glorious summer has meant that it hasn't had as much use as I'd intended.

But on the plus side, VB is now available in the town - Majestic Wine has just opened a branch where Kernahan's used to be!

Last edited by BEagle; 2nd Aug 2012 at 15:45.
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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 12:42
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Red On, Green On
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Between the woods and the water
Age: 20
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(whilst the firebed still contained burning briquettes)
May I remind you that the use of briquettes in a Weber is not really the done thing, though I see that they are sold by Weber. Lumpwood charcoal is the fuel of choice.
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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 14:26
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Forest of Dean
Posts: 193
I often do use lumpwood charcoal when grilling steaks hamburgers and sausages. Last Sunday was roast rib using briquettes stacked each side in the Weber indirect method.
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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 19:04
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Tennessee - Smoky Mountains
Age: 51
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+1 for real charcoal. Very much hotter, much less ash. Better flavour. Winner!
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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 20:03
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Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Derbyshire
Posts: 257
If you still resist the sensible option of going for gas...................

Then it clearly demonstrates why cleaning things is bad for your wealth!!

So, go gas, and stop the cleaning!!

Makes for better taste too!

Just don't tell Brussels!
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Old 2nd Aug 2012, 20:15
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: west lancs uk
Age: 71
Posts: 110

Currently have Oz guests who, as they do, pronounced themselves olympic champions in the art of the barbeque. The ensueing (heated?) debate revealed that they really meant cooking outdoors on a gas - heated metal plate. In true olympian spirit we brought on the trusty black orb - properly barbequed leg of lamb. Another medal for team GB.

(Possibly not for the purist, but the Weber "aluminum tube" fire starting device is a marvel, and deemed to be within IOC rules hereabouts)
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Old 3rd Aug 2012, 16:48
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: In the Doghouse
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Once gas, never back ...(mine is a Weber Q200)
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 07:55
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: NT
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What the hell happened? Yesterday I posted an entirely accurate condemnation of BEagle for being a tragic gasser, a wearer of pink lingerie, and a consumer of Vomit Beer.

My post did not register and I ask 'what is going on here MODS'?

I'll tell you what: there is a conspiracy that has been orchestrated by those that worship gas and wear girls' undies, and BEagle is the ringleader.

Well BEagle - ha, ha. As you slide into winter and your freezing cold, miserable climate, which is also an accurate description of your countrymen, the glorious orb will be chugging.

Think blue skies, 35 deg heat, beer on ice (VB is banned), a Weber gas-free roast lunch, and a pool that sparkles.

The downside is that when the sons bring the bikini-babes back for a swim I must avert my eyes.

Kluge, thanks for the WX from WSSL - fond memories. We are taking the granddaughter for breakfast with the orangutans at the zoo in SIN after we do a cricket gig in PEN (7-9 Sep).
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 09:49
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Join Date: May 1999
Location: Quite near 'An aerodrome somewhere in England'
Posts: 25,480
Look, you can joke about pink lingerie and even about my penchant for VB:

However, your slanderous assertion that I cook with the bottled breath of Satan's backside is simply going too far! My trusty blackfellow uses charcoal and always will! Although I do admit to lighting the charcoal with a gas lighter - presumably you chaps in the colonies simply ask a local to rub a couple of sticks together?

Yes, well the UK has just had its wettest, dullest summer for 100 years... . But today it's bright and sunny and the temperature will soon be into double figures - it was only +2°C at RAF Benson last night.

Enjoy your Weber roast lunch - and I hope that you won't get too sunburnt....

Standing by for more stupid comments from that idiot Jack Russell which insists on following me about with his pointless yapping ....

Last edited by BEagle; 31st Aug 2012 at 09:54.
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Old 1st Sep 2012, 15:38
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: South of England
Age: 69
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Beags, I'm with you on the charcoal/vapour debate. BTW is that somewhere near Weymouth I could see on the SATNAV?

Gone are the days when Navs attracted rations and wasted fuel!

R280, nice work with the pasties, I wonder if Samosas would work on a BBQ.

IIRC I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and before my last b'day I tactfully let it slip that I needed a new BBQ. I now have three (BBQs that is) but I live in a two bedroomed cottage with a P stamp for a garden. I can only use them one at a time .

However that is enough to broil some fabulous, fresh, fat, chalk stream trout from Stockbridge, served with new potatoes, local farmhouse butter, and Hampshire watercress salad, accompanied by a dangerously chilled Chablis. Then enjoy the moment with some old friends.

Happy days.

Rgds SOS

P.S. I can't think why I didn't retire years ago...oh, hang on.....mmm

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