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Tiger Squadron

Old 23rd Sep 2003, 01:56
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Tiger Squadron

I'm after a bit of info please chaps.

Who can I get in touch with concerning 'Tiger membership'. I have a name but no contact number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is from 230!
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Old 24th Sep 2003, 00:16
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vincit veritas
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If you want THE Tiger Squadron try this:
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Old 24th Sep 2003, 04:58
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Since when have 74 been 'THE Tiger Sqn'? How can a TRAINING Sqn even THINK such a thing..........

There is only one 'real' Tiger Sqn, and it's based only a few miles NW of 74 'Wannabe' Sqn.

Nuff said!
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Old 24th Sep 2003, 17:31
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Tiger Tiger Tiger


I think the term that's missing in your post is 'sense of history'
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Old 24th Sep 2003, 19:38
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At the second Tigermeet at Woodbridge the following aims were formulated. These aims remain valid to this day:

Improvement of solidarity between NATO members

The creation and maintenance of team-spirit and camaraderie between the participating members

The exchange of experiences and cooperation in line with the military goals of NATO

I think that this implies that 74 and 230 are on the same team. Or would be had 74 not disbanded. Am I right in believing that they are not even a Hawk sqn at presnt?

I for one look forward to a Typhoon in yellow and black, assuming that the hierarchy wish to defend the sqn name. The policy of saving `low` numbers only means that this is in iteslf a challenge. So come on fellers, leave each other alone and pick on those unfotunate enough to have never been there.
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Old 25th Sep 2003, 00:31
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And 814 NAS I think you'll find, can't wait to have 74 (Tiger) Sqn back with us in the Typhoon. Any one know of any news on that front?

Tiger Tiger Tiger
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Old 25th Sep 2003, 17:06
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Don't forgt there is also 78 Sqn, (two tailed tiger)still on the front line, still deployed and having 2 types of aircraft on it...once a Tiger........
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Old 25th Sep 2003, 17:28
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It's not as simple as "low numbers" Spot 4; it works on "seniority", which is defined as the aggregate number of years in front-line service.

So there's a big gap between those squadrons who disbanded between WW1 and WW2 and those who didn't; very much Premier League vs Vauxhall Conference. Don't know where 74 stands in this.

But it explains why some flying boat squadron with a beer label for a badge ousted 72 from NI after a mere 33 years ......

[stands well back waiting for enraged pussycat flak!! ]
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Old 25th Sep 2003, 19:48
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TH - You appear to imply in your post that 230 is Premier League and 72 is Vauxhall Conference, why would you possibly be expecting any flak from us over that!

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Old 25th Sep 2003, 20:21
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Touche! But I am glad you agree so readily with the official view of their airships.........
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Old 27th Sep 2003, 06:00
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Standby for The Hairy Arm Corps. We're inbound.
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Old 27th Sep 2003, 07:27
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Ok, I promise EEB will not be coming to any tiger bash's!
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Old 30th Sep 2003, 01:28
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A Tigered RAF typhoon - what a larf!!!

I cant remember the last time that I saw yellow paint on a Brit Tiger.
I cant help feeling a little emabarrased at Tiger meets of late - The Germans, French, Belgians, Portuguese, Norwegians, Dutch,Czechs, Italians etc etc have all had some soooperb tiger schemes and 230 have to make do with a removable nose panel with a gorgous tigers head on it as the only bit of colour. Even when 74 disbanded RAF officialdom couldnt be arsed to allow a one off scheme on a Hawk. When the Phantom was retired the only tiger job allowed was on a grounded airframe that then had to be broken up with only a select few privvy to see it - Aboslutely pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've no doubt that the spirit is still there and crews wanna do it but when theres a bunch of dullards looking after the funds,well...

Prime example... This year is the 60th anniversary of one of THE most famous wartime acts by one of THE most famous Squadrons in the world. 617 "the dambusters" - its a household name etched forever in history. So what did the RAF do to honour such a notable anniversary? - surely a special scheme (how about a Tonka painted up in a Lancaster WW2 scheme as per the Polish Bryza painted up as a Wellington) or at least some other special scheme or commemorative event.
NO, just a tiny badge on the fin with a couple of equally tiny lightning strikes - big deal!

I know that military aircraft are'nt meant to be blank canvases for gaudy special schemes, but when you look at the specials done by the French, Germans and Italians in particular, some for merely achieving a high flight time, well it does make it look very very sad. Not only do they look eye catching (especially in a world of bland grey lo-viz) but surely the esprit d'corps and related unit morale is bumped up by doing it?? Even inter unit rivalry gets a healthy boost!??

A tiger Typhoon !? - sure but it wont be a RAF one!
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Old 1st Oct 2003, 19:07
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The reason 230 stayed on is they managed to do in 10 years what it took 72 33 years to do....

Ie make large dents in all sorts of fields in NI.

Lets not get sidetracked into 72 vs 230. Remember we were all together in NI to fight the common enemy - the AAC.

As for the jet girls: I'll never forget the Mont de Marsan (sp?) Tiger Meet where 74 did an excellent fly past for a farewell. Shame the baggage pod opened and distributed their shreddies down the runway. My how we smirked as we kept loading the cases of wine into the back of our non-punchy cab.
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Old 2nd Oct 2003, 01:52
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Youll need more than two squadrons to take on the mighty Corps!

Soldiers first!! .....probably.
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