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Marge 8th Oct 2021 08:00

QR for mental health
This arrived in my social media feeds this morning:


After wiping the coffee off my iPad screen and dabbing the residual stains out of the carpet, I did give it a little more thought and came to the conclusion that laughter is often the best medicine!

A lovely picture of a wrist without even a trace of self harm, and presumably that ribbon (which has the added bonus of being green) is frangible as an added safety measure?

I am rather hoping they will once again launch an airliner into the beautiful blue skies above Doha to trace out a radar plot of that lovely green ribbon thus reinforcing their complete commitment to world Mental Health Day and indeed COP 26!

Marge 8th Oct 2021 09:08

Dear “Indefatigable”

Thank you for your private message after your 24 hour trip to Cathay and back. I very much admire your wit after such an arduous duty, but even though I have looked carefully, I don’t believe the ribbon is actually covering up the head of a nail?

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