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TCAS FAN 10th Aug 2020 14:29

Royal Oman Police Airwing
Cannot find any thread relating to what was the Royal Oman Police Airwing, now the Directorate of Police Aviation. As there must be many who were in it or worked with them thought it a good idea to record something.

Was at Seeb the day that they started flying with delivery of their first aircraft, a Pilatus Porter A4O-AK, was delivered by their first active pilot “ZZ” (of east European origin with a somewhat difficult name to pronounce - hence known to all as ZZ. Could probably start a ZZ thread with the tales of his antics while with ROPAW.

Initially operating from the SOAF apron until the ROPAW hangar/offices/apron were completed, A4O-AK was followed by the second Porter A4O-AL and the second fixed wing pilot Kurt Luder, I believe a Swiss National.

A series of other aircraft and helis (AB 205s and 206s) subsequently arrived including an ex Condor B727 A4O-CF (reg now on A139?), the Inspector General of Police’s personal gin palace, although it was used regularly for ROP PAX flights between Seeb and Salalah.

Now I’ve started will others follow? If so I’ll pop back from time to time to add further memories to the thread.

TCAS FAN 11th Aug 2020 14:21

In the present life, as shown 50+ N & west of Greenwich. In a past life somewhere close to 233519N 581118E

Captain Wonderful 31st May 2021 20:57

Zena ZAMITROVICHC or ZZ. . I flew with him and was chief pilot on the 727

TCAS FAN 31st May 2021 22:31

if you were ROPAW at the time that ZZ flew his last Porter flight I’d speculate that your surname starts with H, B or N?

lucille 21st Jun 2021 05:42

A couple of Buffaloes and a turbine Islander equipped with rudimentary NVG seems to ring a bell - especially the reluctance of anyone to go practice landing that thing onto a dark bit of desert.

Sandy Toad 19th Jul 2021 05:22

The marvellous ZZ! How long is the flight to Sohar? “Two cigarettes!”
Being pedantic the 206s and 205s were Bell not Agusta Bell like SOAFs. There was also an early Bell 206L LongRanger that had 20 seconds of water methanol injection to help you get airborne. Then you decided whether to turn on the Air Conditioner and slow right down as it took too much power!
Also the Lear 35A. A40 CA
I was lucky enough to fly the Porters, Lear and helicopters. Fantastic flying with a great bunch of people in a marvellous country.

TCAS FAN 19th Jul 2021 09:12

Could write reams of stories about ZZ, one favourite was when he joined us for dinner at the airport restaurant. Dress code was collar and tie. Up rolled ZZ (he’d been to ours for a few pre dinner drinks) immaculately dressed, shoes that you could see your face in, collar, tie, jacket but no trousers!

ZZ was quickly and politely approached by the maitre-d who raised the issue. In true ZZ style he responded “I wear ze collar and tie vat is the problem?” Pointing out the lack of trousers was accompanied by an indication that the Police would be called. “Call ze police, I am ze Police!” with a warrant card produced. We were all quickly shown to our table!

Remember A40-CA flown by a father and son, Daddy N and Baby N. Daddy ended up barrel rolling it over the Police HQ at Qurum. Unfortunately for him a senior DGCA official was driving by at the time. As he was high on the current pecking order it was hushed up, but hopefully he did sweat at little over it before it was.

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