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ClassCbird 24th May 2020 02:03

Mental Health of Pilots
I am posting my concerns about the ridiculous rules that require pilots to self isolate for 14 days after each and every duty regardless of a negative Covid test result.
I have friends at EK as an example, who are in permanent self isolation and have been for 2 months now with no sign of this abating. (They are flying a duty every 14 days so cannot leave the house at all or interact with their own wives and children while at home...those are the rules stipulated by the local health authority.) This is leading to depression, aggression, binge drinking....you know all the things that solitary confinement would cause? I cannot believe in this day and age with more knowledge on mental health issues, that this practice is happening. Has the aviation industry forgotten so quickly LAM Mozambique airlines flight 470? Or Germanwings 9525?
Please, please,please put pressure on your health authorities in whatever country are implementing these non sensical 'rules' before we face another cockpit suicide due to an unsustainable and hellish existence away from work.

Emma Royds 24th May 2020 09:33

As the saying goes, you can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink.

TogaTaxi 3rd Jun 2020 19:06

Originally Posted by Emma Royds (Post 10791747)
As the saying goes, you can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink.

What does that even relate to

squarecrow 5th Jun 2020 13:38

Perhaps you could suggest ideas on how to put pressure on health authorities or
Government authorities. I suspect a letter from 1 or 2 people or similar wont do very much right now.
My 10 pence worth.

Sorry Emma is that something like what your getting at. Even if you get some
one to look at this it probably wont get anywhere.

again my 10 P.

14 6 5th Jun 2020 15:55

During these time I think it is not wise to raise your head above the trenches!

FlyingAce77 5th Jun 2020 20:32

Mental health is a major concern now, Especially for US who are flying & then have to self isolate” I know even at layover like when you land at MEL, you will have to self isolate for the duration of the layover, same goes for some other destinations but this needs to change, I know colleagues who are tough mentally but they have literally lost it” frustrated, depressed, going through anxiety...
We need to get on with our lives soon”

Emma Royds 5th Jun 2020 21:34

Sorry for the rather indistinct reply but I was trying to say in a tongue-in-cheek way, that if the people making the rules show barely any empathy towards crew from the outset, complaining is likely to be futile.

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