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Capn Rex Havoc 16th Nov 2018 12:59

China standards
Do you think this might happen in other hotels in China?


BigGeordie 16th Nov 2018 13:25

Not just in China. Poorly paid and not very motivated staff under pressure to ‘clean’ rooms as quickly as possible are going to cut corners all over the world.

casablanca 17th Nov 2018 12:32

Have seen similar videos from 4 star hotel in the USA

TPE Flyer 17th Nov 2018 18:04

The only surprise here is that some people are actually surprised.
I have seen this undercover operation in my home country. The only disturbing thing was the hotel on the news story was the one my airline put me in for 1 week of ground school.

puff m'call 18th Nov 2018 12:09

Hahaha nice one TPE flyer!!

It happens the world over.

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