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V1_cut 8th Aug 2017 18:13

Dubai accommodation
Good evening all,

Just wanted to ask those who work out in the desert if it's easy enough to take the housing allowance in emirates and use it towards sharing a place with others, do many of you guys do this?
Where is the best place to live?
Also is there any news on when the 787 will be brought in?


Schnowzer 8th Aug 2017 21:36


SOPS 8th Aug 2017 21:50

He thinks he can take the allowance and share with others, now that's funny.:O

Fat Busdriver 8th Aug 2017 21:57

Why can't you share the allowance? Can someone explain how it works?

V1_cut 8th Aug 2017 23:44

Originally Posted by Schnowzer (Post 9856291)

Surely Emirates do not look into where your housing allowance is going to, I was chatting to a Captain I work with and he said he had a friend that was doing that,
certainly would make a difference to the pay packet.

J.L.Seagull 9th Aug 2017 04:06

If you take the money, you can do whatever you want with it. Go live in a cardboard box. They couldn't care less. (So far!)

BigGeordie 9th Aug 2017 06:45

Trouble is you can't take the money unless you are brave enough to buy somewhere.

aslan1982 9th Aug 2017 07:53

you can if your a new joiner, but if your not, then you can only get the allowance to buy.

makes sense:D:ugh::ugh:

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