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gtaflyer 14th Apr 2017 05:31

Scam Alert regarding shipping company
Dear all

For those of you leaving or intending to leave UAE and particularly Dubai I have to caution you against using one the shipping companies in Dubai they are crooks and will take your money and promise to ship your things But you will either loose your shipment or they will delay Your shipment.

The company I used (the name I will provide to anyone who pm me) took my money upfront but they only paid half the cost to maersk shipping. Consequently when my shipment arrived at destination it was mothballed and was unable to release to me as the full charges had not been paid and all this time the shipping company was adding storage 50 euro per day on it. I took the step of paying for the outstanding charges myself after much stress and finally getting my goods.

This company and their directors are cheats and have no scruples.

We all know some of ones personal belongings can never be replaced so check out these cowboy shipping firms before you embark on letting anyone else screw up your life.

Emma Royds 14th Apr 2017 08:16

Mods - maybe an idea to make this a sticky for the benefit of others?

sluggums 14th Apr 2017 10:46

Why not just tell us. Why the cloak and dagger stuff...?

harry the cod 14th Apr 2017 16:25


He'll provide the name if you pm him. Then YOU can tell us, ok!? ;)

MacSheikh 14th Apr 2017 20:51


I hope you went to the company with this. They should follow it up as they, presumably, are paying for it via you.

gtaflyer 15th Apr 2017 05:57

Well in this case I had to arrange it myself as it was a sizeable load, furniture plus 4 wheel drive had to put it on 40 foot container.

JeremyB777 17th Apr 2017 03:16

Hi all .. well I m not gonna go into the who s bad and wh s not .. it s DXB remember !! Here is the address of the company I sued when leaving, no issues at all, great guy who helped with all, organised everything.

Polestar international shipping ask for Martin Varghese

Only thing was that the local shipping agent in NZ was useless .. but that wasn t their fault. Hope that helped someone.

Big Enos Burdette 17th Apr 2017 09:52

Originally Posted by JeremyB777 (Post 9742857)
HmHere is the address of the company I sued when leaving, .

I assume you mean used!

Emma Royds 5th May 2017 08:44


The National - Expats yet to receive shipments after leaving the UAE

Interestingly enough, the company that is featured in that article was also mentioned in a very recent BBC program.

Dubaian 6th May 2017 13:22

I assume you mean used!
First you use, then you abuse, then you sue.

julietmikepapa 23rd Jun 2017 10:20

This company is Relogulf - I left the UAE nearly 4 years ago and used Relogulf. We lived next door to one of the company directors in Mirdif, an individual by the name of Neil Price. He quoted, and we paid him, Dhs20,000 to ship our container home. We were then forced to pay another Dhs20,000 to get our container released by the shipping company in NZ as none of the bills in the UAE or NZ were ever paid.

I cannot believe that these f#*ktards are still pulling this scam.

Feel free to pm me for more info - or if you know where Neil Price is I'd be quite keen to track him down and have a word..... :mad:

120feet 30th Jul 2017 02:52

Gulf Express International pulled the same scam on us. Ultimately we lost half the stuff in our container.

crewmeal 30th Jul 2017 06:24

Wouldn't be better to list trustworthy and reliable companies instead of wondering if your shipment(s) will ever reach your destination. It seems on here there is more than one.

Straight & Level 2nd Oct 2017 17:06

Pickfords are scam artists too!
It’s not just the small outfits that are out there scamming, Allied Pickfords are at it too. They’ve essentially taken the money and run, and have left us trying to start a new life with zero possessions, zero communication and zero professionalism. The Dubai office are despicable, and the uk end are really not much better.

Wingman82 16th Dec 2017 20:53

Why pm and so complicated? State the name of the company here so everyone knows

ABBOT 2nd Jan 2018 07:52

Try Inchcape
I used Inchcape via their UAE agent ISS when I left with two 40' containers in 2016. Not cheap, but good. All on time and intact.:ok:

richard III 3rd Jan 2018 06:45

Anybody used E-movers?

HiD 19th Feb 2018 05:52

Similar experience
I had a similar experience when moving to the UAE. My personal belongings were basically hijacked and then moved on to open lorries because last minutes there were several thousands of extra costs to be paid, unspecified and without invoice.
Company's name is Leader Relocations,
WN-3, Dubai Investment Park, P.O. Box 16327, Dubai, U.A.E

Do not use this firm, they rip you off!

desertrat65 12th Apr 2018 15:52

AJT movers are another company to stay well away from. As mention above they took full payment for a door to door service, but never bothered to pay the receiving agents. The receiving agents then will not release the shipped items. The basically hold your personal effects as hostage. It really is disgusting.
Stay well away from this guy.

James Ferreira
[email protected]
+971 56 693 7787

gtaflyer 14th Apr 2018 06:35

Update on shipping scam
Just to update everyone, after 18 months since I left UAE, I have still not been able to recover the money that I was promised . The shipper in uae is no longer replying to my whatsapp messages. I try to go to the company in Dubai during recent holiday and could not locate the head office. My total cost paid by me was 11000 dirhams to release my goods and 11000 for initial transport costs. Perhaps may I urge people to pay upfront but pay on delivery if that is possible.

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