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Rotating Bacon 31st Jul 2016 05:08

EK Uniform is a fire hazard

I just saw a EK Jacket burn and melt in 10 seconds, I am not kidding, this thing almost exploded, again in 10 seconds there was nothing left besides melted burning plastic.
I didn't even have the time to film it, please be careful.

Un_Limited 31st Jul 2016 05:32

And the obvious question is: why was the jacket on fire?:cool:

Rotating Bacon 31st Jul 2016 05:42

lets call it a little celebration of freedom

donpizmeov 31st Jul 2016 06:32

Love ya work bacon.

Talparc 31st Jul 2016 08:43

Sounds cool, end of shit uniform burning party, let me join

Kamelchaser 31st Jul 2016 08:56

Luckily I'm not planning to wear my jacket during a fire, but my trousers are a different story. Ouch.

This is my opinion of course and not the company's, and it's done through a VPN. Guess that's two strikes.

On a serious note, surely at least being flame proof would have one of the criteria at design stage...at least you'd think so wouldn't you? Clearly that didn't come in to it?

Talparc 31st Jul 2016 09:50

But TCAS made a fortune on the uniform with his wasta style.
No need to be fire proof as long as his bonus is fire proof.

TomU 31st Jul 2016 10:40

That is truly staggering.
To have every bit of fabric on the pilot's seat rigorously tested and certified to FAR 25-853, then clothe the pilot in highly combustible uniform (which, particularly trousers, would not be easy to abandon in a hurry) is just crazy.
As SLF, I always dress in cotton or wool for air travel, and tell all my family likewise.

natops 31st Jul 2016 11:38

A whole jacket in 10 seconds, that must be some sort of a record guys.

It is like wearing a bombvest....
Lets burn another one, film it and send it to the chiefs... This is really ridiculous...

Who has a spare one?


777-200LR 31st Jul 2016 12:47

After reading that new FCI about annexes, I think I'll have a spare jacket to try that out soon!

Gillegan 31st Jul 2016 14:10

Sounds like it would make a great YouTube video.

Fromagio 31st Jul 2016 16:06

The uniform is not bullshit resistant either....

Rotating Bacon 31st Jul 2016 18:42

my friend will burn his soon, then he will try to make a quick 10 seconds video, the trick is that you start filming before you light it, I was totally surprised by it,
the Emirates uniform should be labeled as dangerous good and needs a sticker on it instead of the wings

Landflap 6th Aug 2016 11:39

In my early years at BA we wore nylon shirts. Someone discovered that when on fire, they stuck to the skin. Great company, removed them all from stock & we were re-issued with cotton. We were advised to get rid of the nylon ones and not even keep them for gardening. No advice on how to get rid of them so I burned mine.

777boyindubai 6th Aug 2016 11:41

A very relevant thread given recent events....

misd-agin 7th Aug 2016 04:43


QCM 7th Aug 2016 22:30

Why do you think you can discharge 50,000 volts from your fingers to the MCP? They should rather design fire proof kerosene...

Rotating Bacon 8th Aug 2016 06:36

somebody else needs to burn one and film it, I couldn't believe what I saw

QCM 8th Aug 2016 12:15

Ok but remove the pilot first...

megan 9th Aug 2016 06:11

Ok but remove the pilot first...
Might be better to remove the thread. :p Might give management new ideas as to what 'firing' a crew might entail.

QCM 9th Aug 2016 15:47

Who knows...

JAARule 10th Aug 2016 02:08

If the uniform burns that easily then it'd be interesting to know how the crew of 521 fared when they slid down the exit slides. Lots of friction. This has been an issue at some other airlines.

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