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dhc8d 23rd Jul 2016 23:38

What does an EK FO roster looks like????
I'm wondering what's a typical EK FO roster looks like?
how many hours?
How many lay over?
How many days off in a raw?
Thanks in advance.

Desert Camel 24th Jul 2016 05:30

If you read this forum, you will quickly work that one out....
Looking at a sample of FO's rosters:
100 hours +
Multiple layovers (west and east all mixed up) and turns (including 2 nights turns in a row with shared days).
Maximum 2 days off in a row, 8/9 days off in a calendar month.

As the song says, think twice.....

natops 24th Jul 2016 10:18

And during the days OFF , you're recovering from jetlag.

So the time you have in DXB to spend with your family and friends, while actually being able to communicate in a normal way, are even less.

But then again, we have Whatsapp and Skype to communicate with our loved ones, don't we.
So, who needs to be at home.


dhc8d 24th Jul 2016 10:42

Thanks guys fir the answers
It can be much better but it can be much worst as well
I'm on a norrow body doing 90hrs + a month with 7 to 8 lay over and 6 days off in a calendar month(which is the minimum required) all that with about 3500€ after taxes with no allowances .

The Turtle 24th Jul 2016 13:38

sir you have no idea how long haul effects your body

but join and find out.....we need you

natops 24th Jul 2016 15:10

As said before, join, find out yourself.

We need guys to fall in the same trap, to make our life a bit more manageable.

Its not all bad, only more than 50%.


aslan1982 24th Jul 2016 16:57

Havent seen one in a while to be honest.

Think we are better off trying to find them on pokemon go

All the best . Probably start in costa HQ


dhc8d 24th Jul 2016 22:47

Seaman Staynes
Thanks for the answer i got your points
I know dxb (i did come to visit i know it's not the same as living there)
For the weather it's not very different to where i come from and where i fly to with my current airline
I'm not leaving only for the money even if it's better then what i have now
As i never did URL flights i can only imagine the fatigue you are all talking about.
For now i didn't apply yet i'm just doing some research .

152HEAVY 27th Jul 2016 05:18

So on average, how much is an FO making/month… “cash element”. The website talks about $7k but actually on the line what is a good average of perdiem, overtime+base pay etc.

Flyingishere 27th Jul 2016 08:08

Originally Posted by 152HEAVY (Post 9453240)
So on average, how much is an FO making/month… “cash element”. The website talks about $7k but actually on the line what is a good average of perdiem, overtime+base pay etc.

30000 AED a month is quite a good average. Depending on your expenses and deductions of course. Not sure how much that is in Dollar

natops 27th Jul 2016 11:18

With a family expect more like 26-27k.


pilotguy1222 27th Jul 2016 20:55

Depends on the fleet you are on.

Flyingishere 28th Jul 2016 05:42

Originally Posted by natops (Post 9453486)
With a family expect more like 26-27k.


Unless the missus is working ;)

Buckshot16 28th Jul 2016 06:23

What does an EK FO roster looks like???? ..... Take a dump and then stand up and look at what you've done, the only difference for a Captain's roster is a swirl. Majority of all rosters are an absolute disgrace, pen it, type it or verbalize it, nothings going to change other then your decision not to come or your decision to go.

troff 28th Jul 2016 06:57

Here's your roster

152HEAVY 28th Jul 2016 07:35

Sure! I understand that several factors (fleet, familty etc.) will affect the number. So 27-30K aed is a good average. I thought with overtime and perdiem you guys were close to 10k US (around 37000 aed.

Thanks for the info and sorry to deviate slightly from topic.

As for shi%^y schedules, are they so shi%^y you guys are planning to leave? or is it one of those things that aren't good but you are willing to deal with.

fatbus 28th Jul 2016 09:15

Don't think fleet (777/380) makes a big difference in money. Roster 380 better than 777. Are FO s leaving ? In big numbers. Be prepared for upgrades to slow down.

dhc8d 29th Jul 2016 05:13

Thanks a lot YP for the answer

ryanb5005 29th Jul 2016 17:55

Are the deadheads in business at least or are you crammed in economy?

Xulu 29th Jul 2016 18:17

I really cannot relate to the stories being told here. The A380 is almost a different airline at the moment with regards to rosters, bidding, leave etc. It's not KoolAid, it's reality.

There's not a lot of recruitment directly onto the A380 during the 330 transitions, but I assume this will pick up again towards the end of the year.

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