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jetjockey696 21st Jun 2016 17:44

EASy Jet coming to dubai and doha..JULY
I see EasyJet coming to dubai and doha next month, headhunting for type or nontyped...Captains for there 2018 operations.

-Currently operating as a commercial passenger jet Captain on aircraft above 40 Tonnes MTOW
-Minimum 3,000 total flying hours
-UK EASA Licence (or must be converted to UK EASA prior to starting employment)
-UK EASA Class 1 unrestricted medical (If medical records are not held by the UK CAA, applicants must be willing and able to transfer medical records to UK to permit the issue of a UK issued EASA license)
-Minimum ICAO Level 5 English with requirement to achieve Level 6 within six months of employment
-Right to live and work in Europe with unrestricted access across the easyJet network

box 21st Jun 2016 18:44

And, surprise, surprise, most of the contracts (AMS,LIS,OPO, BCN) are sh!t

bigdaviet 22nd Jun 2016 10:37

Will there be any DEC recruitment for UK bases? Non-rated?

Eau de Boeing 22nd Jun 2016 11:38

I would imagine certainly LGW.

nosewheelfirst 22nd Jun 2016 12:31

It's on the easyJet careers website. Will be more of a selection day than a roadshow I think.

Aluminium shuffler 22nd Jun 2016 13:13

BigDave, I doubt it - there will be plenty of Brits in the crappy bases waiting for transfer back home, just like in RYR.

drop kick 22nd Jun 2016 13:37

Anyone know when and where??

Monarch Man 22nd Jun 2016 15:21

I'm sure the details will be available in due course, and in respect of UK based DECs, I happen to know of at least 3 from EK going to U2 based at LGW, 2 rated, 1 not.

box 22nd Jun 2016 18:24

Beware of LGW. It's a nightmare. Anyone remember "Groundhog Day"

Xulu 23rd Jun 2016 04:59

Only consider moving if you have family reasons to go - that I can understand.

If you have some romantic notion of sleeping in your own bed every night then have a closer look at the contract/working life.

The bases on offer to DEC, are on offer for a reason.

If you think that EK doesn't respect you, or that you have a hard life here, just you try jumping into the LCC world in Europe nowadays.

Monarch Man 23rd Jun 2016 05:46

Xulu, keep drinking the kool aid, I'm guessing you've not been here that long, perhaps you've managed to get leave and most likely you haven't had to endure the 330 nor the recent 777 rosters.
Have a look at seniority list, yes it is increasing, but there are plenty who are here with a lot more to give up than you who are heading back to EU LCC world, because it offers something that EK never will.....give it time, and even you will figure out what that is.

Aluminium shuffler 23rd Jun 2016 08:30

MM, I agree with Zulu. Unless you have recently been in one, you would not believe what passes for normality in a European LCC, especially if you'e a contractor. There are valid reasons to make the jump, but terms and conditions or quality of how you are treated are not amongst them. The only real benefits are if you can get a home base and the patterned rosters, but the work rate is higher as you still hit over 900 hours all summer long but doing 4-6 sector days into parochial airfields with terrain, tiny runways and aprons, minimal ATC and approach aids, often in uncontrolled airspace, onto ice rinks in fog all winter, often with a 200hr cadet. If you think it's an easier life or that you'll be treated better, you're in for a rude awakening.

kingpost 23rd Jun 2016 08:58

What's it actually come to that we're now comparing ourselves to LCC's - quite sad really!!

flareflyer 23rd Jun 2016 09:52

Will it be possible to meet them without doing the selection?
I need to remain here till summer 2018/19 to let my son finish the school.

flareflyer 24th Jun 2016 09:10

How will brexit affect ez market and contracts?
Same for Ryanair

Aluminium shuffler 24th Jun 2016 09:32

They'll use it as an excuse to cut pay, but it shouldn't affect anything. Sterling and Euro have both gone down, the news reporting the Euro has dropped more. But given that, Morocco , Switzerland and Scandinavia aside, all their business is in the Euro and Sterling area, it shouldn't matter much. RYRs biggest headache now will be the relative jump in buying Boeing, but EZY don't have that worry (OK, some parts will come from outside the EU, so there will be a cost increase in new jets, but not much).

flareflyer 4th Jul 2016 13:26

Does anybody now the timing for the roadshow tomorrow?

Wh1sper 4th Jul 2016 16:45

Originally Posted by flareflyer (Post 9429688)
Does anybody now the timing for the roadshow tomorrow?

From what I've heard it's by invitation only. You have to apply beforehand to attend, not open to the public.

Time Traveller 4th Jul 2016 18:32

I quite sure payment for future deliveries would be exchange-rate hedged.

flareflyer 4th Jul 2016 19:15

Thanks Wh1sper

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