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mutt 3rd May 2016 18:01

Flyadeal Saudi Arabia
Main Page English ? Flyadeal

Apparently they had over 40,000 applicants for jobs in the first day following the announcement, I wonder how many were pilots.

Although it will be part of Saudia, i doubt that the terms, conditions, and problems will be the same as Saudia, so I think that they deserve their own thread.

ironbutt57 4th May 2016 05:50

bear in mind Gulf Traveller was NOT a "low cost" airline by any definition...it was full service all economy

mutt 4th May 2016 10:06

20 330 Regional ordered by Saudia.
I thought that they were a domestic airline which would have a lower operating cost and allow the Government to cut the present subsidies.

They announced the airline and revealed the Airbus A320 NEO as the chosen aircraft.

mutt 4th May 2016 12:04


polax52 4th May 2016 19:03

Will the foreign A320/A330 Pilots be forced over to the new "Low cost"?

It's almost a no-brainer, isn't it?

Chocks Away 8th May 2016 21:29

Doubtful, as they're required to crew the mainline fleets with 24 new airframes arriving by the end of year.

argentina21 25th Jun 2016 07:44

Any updates on the progress of Flyadeal?

Flyboy_SG 27th Jun 2016 07:14

Nothing et all !

airborneksa 1st Jul 2016 12:22

Heard they might change to Boeing equipment.

Twiglet1 28th Jul 2016 20:48

Any news on fleet yet?

argentina21 11th Oct 2016 20:08

What's happening with flyadeal?

argentina21 24th Nov 2016 23:27

I see that flyadeal has now hired their CEO.

Twiglet1 24th Jan 2017 19:20

Saudi Arabian LCC flyadeal to lease six A320s - ch-aviation.com

hammock 20th Mar 2017 13:59

Flyadeal Pilot
Hi everyone,

Any updates on Flyadeal? Are they hiring pilot now?

argentina21 20th Mar 2017 22:45

Originally Posted by hammock (Post 9712560)
Hi everyone,

Any updates on Flyadeal? Are they hiring pilot now?

They have an ad for captains on LinkedIn

Flyeast 25th May 2017 08:33

Update news
Any new or update information about flyadeal pilots recruitments?
Heard first group already in Jed.

zizok2 4th Aug 2017 15:53

hello guys

Any news or feedback about flyadeal first officers interview, test, sim..?


Flyboy_SG 16th Sep 2017 00:56

They are scheduled to start operations on 23rd sep. First aircraft has arrived Jed and ready on the ramp. And second one is on the way. Looks like a good start.

Majed.m.h 17th Sep 2017 21:16

the third aircraft in it's way to JEDDAH. They are offering 22/11 roster

exLaker 19th Sep 2017 14:30

Just few questions about Flyadeal;
- Do you fly on a validation as an expat or you get a Saudi license?
- How long is your training last? Are you paid only basic while in training or full pay?
- What kind of standard accommodation is provided? what the average family Apartments cost please?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated

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