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Pilot1976Ru 21st Feb 2016 11:08

Can a nasal tumor be an issue for getting my class 1 MC?
Hi, I am new to this forum.
I am planning to work in UAE as a helicopter pilot.(CPL)
I have 10 years of experience in Russia ( Worked for Ministry of interior ) Now I am retired( I completed the required number of years for Military pilots).
My questions:
Do I have a chance to work in UAE with my military past?
If yes, can I get my medical certificate with a tumor in my nasal area ( even though I had it for many years, it's just there, doesn't grow more or less). I mean , do they scan/x-ray this kind of things?
I will appreciate any thoughts and advice.

QCM 22nd Feb 2016 05:49

...but if they can't detect it...shut up!:}


Pilot1976Ru 22nd Feb 2016 16:29

Hi, Neektu!
Thanks for your reply!
Much appreciated!
I am getting ready to come to UAE :ok:

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