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flying willy 9th Feb 2016 10:59

EK - Hartland school
Just a heads up to all the new joiners moving to meydan.

Stay far away from the Hartland school. If there is a price for the
most greedy school in Dubai, I think this school will win. (which says a lot in the greediest place in the world)

BobDole 10th Feb 2016 03:58

Why do you say that? Have you seen GEMS? I think they are the winner in that contest.

A320CaptDav 10th Feb 2016 04:19

This ship is sinking
Sad to see once one of the best job a pilot could dream about now becoming nothing than an absolute shit show...

FL3 10th Feb 2016 08:04

Most greedy?

Take a look:

Hartland Fees

GEMS Wellington Academy

Plus, Hartland offer a deal for EK employees. A very good one indeed.

BigGeordie 10th Feb 2016 08:47

Most of which the company pays anyway. Just sayin'.

Calmcavok 10th Feb 2016 12:22

In which case, could the OP give the context for his/her grievance?

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