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j4mi3 7th Feb 2016 09:09

What's it like working for Qatar Airways?
There's a lot of EK discussion going on, and I'm just wondering if Qatar is any better. I've heard they have improved a lot recently.

It'd be nice to hear from anyone working for them or just people in the know.


j4mi3 9th Feb 2016 17:59

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specifically interested in a320 by the way, but any info is good

Iznogood 9th Feb 2016 18:11

To be eligible for Qatar you need to be patient...that's all I know.

UAL777 10th Feb 2016 01:58

Stay away from Qatar Airways. Horrible place to work with third world loser pilots..Emirates has issues also. The airline from Abu Dhabi is the best choice..I have worked for Qatar and the airline from Abu Dhabi. The airline from Abu Dhabi is a great place to work...There is nothing good about QR...nothing..

lfbb 10th Feb 2016 13:34

It's a very decent job and offers the best package on the market IMO. But as you can "see" above it is not for everyone, got to be centered, mind set and balanced to work here since things are not always easy. Pretty much the characteristics expected from a pilot, if you come with a mind set like the guy above the job (or maybe flying as a captain) is not for you. Please be more specific on your questions so we can help you better.

Metro man 10th Feb 2016 13:58

FWIW I work for a low cost and we have had several pilots join us from QATAR Airways, none of them had anything good to say, and some said that the real horror stories were worse. I.e. Captain charged first class fare for using that cabin for his rest when he should have used business class.

However, high turnover may be leading to a realisation that it pays to treat staff properly as the package is apparently improving.

Best to talk to a currently employed QA pilot regarding conditions rather than someone who got terminated two years ago.

mmorel 10th Feb 2016 16:38

qatar airways is best airline to work for :) good money , for the last couple of months I was always get two block of 4 days off in a row and average block time flying is around 60 hours.avoid Emirate .

Southpole 11th Feb 2016 08:55

While I was in training I was listening all kind of stories.. Pilots fired for all reasons. Then I went myself to check these stories and everytime it was not for a single reason but for an incredible chain of bad events all related to the pilots.
So urban legends can be heard everywhere.
Qatar airways changed a lot in the past years so the nowadays airlines is not even close to that one of just 4 years ago.
I am very happy.
people who have problems and leave the company would probably talk you bad about any place they are leaving or forced to leave...
Talk to people inside and maybe you can have another picture.
Then it is left to you to understand if you can fit in a different airline and different part of the world.
At the moment I regret not to have come way earlier!

lfbb 11th Feb 2016 09:20

As you can see, the ones actually working for QR nowadays don't have much to complain about, probably on the past things were really unbareble. I'm on 320 and the only bad thing I've got to say is that the destinations served by this fleet are getting worst every month, not many options when it comes to layovers and too many Pakistan/India night flights. Some times it feels like I work for PIA or Air India, other than that I'm 101% satisfied with my decision to come, actually regret not to come earlier.

320goat 11th Feb 2016 15:05

I agree with the above.

Life here is good at the moment. We used to be the poor relation in the Gulf, but I would say we are probably a better bet than some others at the moment.

I keep saying at the moment because things can change, just look at the numerous EK threads that run!

I would say that the reason not many people are posting is because they are generally happy, again look at the EK threads.....

GOFF days every month, transparent online leave grid with full leave allocated every year, good package with savings plan now similar to EK, no bonus but overtime paid in April/May.

Doha can be a pain, company culture is not as bad as some people would make out (my training was excellent with emphasis on training), don't get me wrong you can get fired here for a lot less than any UK airline, but there is usually a bit of history when people are let go.


PanAmFalcon 12th Feb 2016 08:17

It's like eating a stale croissant! It's only good while you're hungry.

UAL777 13th Feb 2016 01:43

Well said Pan Am...Hit the nail on the head..

Huw Jorgan 16th Feb 2016 11:17

Will the fresh croissant ever be available again? I left QR and wished I hadnt!

Che Xindamail 16th Feb 2016 18:53

QR has a system for pilots that have left and wish to return.

Provided you left on a good note, paid your bond, etc they do not hold a grudge and you will be welcome back. I know several pilots that have resigned and returned, one guy did it twice!

As said things have improved a lot in the past four years. Not just remuneration but the whole company attitude has become more relaxed and 'humane' than before. For example, where training used to be punitive there is now extra training available for those that need it, all with the aim of getting pilots to pass. Training here is generally very good.

In contrast to our cousins down the road, we also have 42 days guaranteed annual leave that the company is not allowed to roll over.

A330 LHS and 750hr/year.

j4mi3 16th Feb 2016 20:23

thanks for the insight Che

Ldggrup 29th Feb 2016 18:45

Good to hear
It is good to hear about Qatar. Atleast somewhere some people are atleast praising and are happy working for QR.

I was in the pool and got the joining date for July for B T7..

Anyone here flying 777 for QR, would like to ask few questions regarding roster, destinations, rest time, etc..

Also i heard people dont stay in company accomo.. What are the options outside?

josmison 29th Feb 2016 21:26

Savings on fo salary
Hi guys

Good to hear that things have improved in qatar. However i heard that Doha is quite and expensive city. As an fo with a family of 3 can you actually save much ?


Rigid Body 1st Mar 2016 04:48

additionally could anyone volunteer info on
-where the company offers accommodation to new FOs?
-average block hours per month?
-average days off per month on the 330/320?


FlyingOW 1st Mar 2016 14:40

Originally Posted by Ldggrup (Post 9285796)
It is good to hear about Qatar. Atleast somewhere some people are atleast praising and are happy working for QR.

I was in the pool and got the joining date for July for B T7..

Anyone here flying 777 for QR, would like to ask few questions regarding roster, destinations, rest time, etc..

Also i heard people dont stay in company accomo.. What are the options outside?

I am on B777, lhs, averaging 77 hours per month for FY2015/16 (1 month left). This kind of flying in a T7 is conducive to lots of time off and quality time at home.



PS. Leave bidding system works and as Che says, you have to take all 42 days, even in your first year! And the annexing of a string of off-days before and/or after is a real bonus!!

j4mi3 1st Mar 2016 17:37


Thanks for the insight, it sounds like you're really enjoying it there then and find it a good place to work, am I correct?

What are the negatives (if any) and are these significant enough to say to others not to come?

pm me if you prefer


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