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Gr8AV8R 1st Feb 2016 23:45

Emirates pilot recruitment
Anyone know where to find/purchase the "Elite Assessment" prep for the Emirates recruitment? Is there any other programs that would help? I have checked the latestpilotjobs.com resources. Is it sufficient/ worth purchasing? After all its only $57 for 3 months.

I would also like to know about the real picture working for Emirates. Is it a good decision to leave my current employer, coz I'll never be able to return once I leave:confused:

Guess that's a lot of questions! Would appreciate some advice.

Thank you and safe flights!

foswillruletheworld 1st Feb 2016 23:48

With a VERY VERY small search on the forum, you might find about 10 sillions of posts. What is wrong with you? You sign up on the forum and open a thread as it is the "most talked over subject on earth(on this forum)", which means you even haven't taken a shallow look on the threads...

Gr8AV8R 1st Feb 2016 23:54

Ummm.....I have actually.....but seemed pretty old. I was looking for some more recent reviews. Thanks.

The Outlaw 2nd Feb 2016 01:30

As foswillruletheworld said,

Take a few seconds of your time and read. In about 2 minutes you will notice that there has been a MARKED downward trend of terms and conditions due to MANY MANY issues...and it continues to only get worse and will continue to get worse for the next 2 years minimum. Once that bottom is achieved I would then be very concerned for the future viability of A) your health and life expectancy, and B) the company's life expectancy.

Pilot's leaving here in droves with some going back home to NO job...what does that tell you.

If you have a decent job in a decent country, I would advise you to stay. There is no grass on this side of the fence...only sand and BS.

The Outlaw.

Versace 2nd Feb 2016 09:46

If you would like to audition for a shit kickers job in a circus, I highly recommend it... Other wise don't even bother with it. Enough said.

glofish 2nd Feb 2016 10:00

Great Aviator

Read carefully, but i guess this advice is futile, as these lines will not go through your glasses ...

I recently had a skipper look into the cockpit (mind you: On ground!) and telling us proudly that he will shortly be one of us, applying as a DEC. He was based in a big and fantastic European city, working 6/4/6/3 LHS, short/med lines.
But even showing my roster (95h, 8 days off, 2 ULR, 4 night T/A) and my meagre confirmed leave (20 days up to now) did not ring any tiny bell.

He simply though i was exaggerating!

We make fun of FA who pretend that their Mohamed is different, but pilots are in no way better. :ugh::ugh:

Gr8AV8R 2nd Feb 2016 15:23

Dear glofish, tirren n outlaw,
Thanks for the heads up!:ok: I have read up on the reviews here. My friend in Emirates is the one who has been encouraging me too apply. He says everything is perfect out there according to him. Besides, I do have a pretty laid back job, like 50hrs a month. But the pay at EK is double than what I get n I hav 3 kids. And the city I live in is one of the worst places on earth!!! So considering all that....I'm still a bit confused. I understand people can't take decisions for me though....


V1cutz 2nd Feb 2016 16:17

Your friend says everything is perfect??? You sure he works at EK? More like a perfect storm.

JAARule 2nd Feb 2016 16:27

GR8AV8R.... if you're coming here from Dhaka then I suspect much of what everyone else complains about here will not bother you. Enjoy the job!
But if, which is just as likely, you're a management troll then you're best off sticking to your Costa latte until 3pm knock off. Another tough day.

Gr8AV8R 2nd Feb 2016 17:32

Thanks guys, although I have read some of the reviews and endless arguments in other threads....I would still like to ask, wether EK will provide what they are offering on their career page, as in the pay, ie. AED 29700 and all the non cash benefits? Thanks.:confused:

The Outlaw 2nd Feb 2016 17:38


ExDubai 2nd Feb 2016 17:45

Thanks guys, although I have read some of the reviews and endless arguments in other threads....I would still like to ask, wether EK will provide what they are offering on their career page, as in the pay, ie. AED 29700 and all the non cash benefits? Thanks.
Yes, they provide those benefits. But keep in mind that rules might change....

777boyindubai 2nd Feb 2016 18:03

There is no pilot at EK who hasn't had their terms changed to the negative who have joined in the last five years. Don't forget the lack of Labour Law. It is only going to get worse.

Gr8AV8R 2nd Feb 2016 18:04

Change? Really? Coz I've been noticing the same benefits, mainly the non cash ones being offered by most ME airlines for like the past 8 yrs or so....then how is it changing? Does it change for existing employees then?

MosEisley 2nd Feb 2016 18:06

If all you want is money, there are better options than EK.

And for someone who needs information you sure seem to know it all...

Gr8AV8R 2nd Feb 2016 18:35

Not really, but the things I think I know contradicts to what I'm hearing here and trying to figure out what is it thats so bad about working for EK. Since moving to EK would be a big step and rather a one way trip for me, like no turning back! And its not the money that I'm concerned about, rather, the villa and children's education is my priority...

Fellowship of the drink 2nd Feb 2016 18:54

Here are some changes....

In my contract EK is supposed to pay for my utilities, but somehow during the financial crisis of 08, they imposed a cap and I am liable to pay if I go over that cap. Read thread on DEWA

EK imposed a 90% cap for which I am liable for the 10% beyond the cap. This was after I signed my contract

Productivity threshold
Medical benefits (non prescription medicine now chargeable -previously not)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is no reason why you should be asking this question if your supposed friend is working in EK. I wouldn't recommend my friend to work here, you should re-assess your definition of friendship.

Please read the threads in PPRUNE about EK - you have been warned mate

Gr8AV8R 2nd Feb 2016 19:33

Okay, thanks bro, I'm waiting to meet up with my friend in Dubai next time I'm there and clear things out!

Gr8AV8R 3rd Feb 2016 05:49

Thanks seaman, seems tight! Have a safe flight!:ok:

andy148 3rd Feb 2016 06:56

So with all that said about EK only asking for ATPL, do they have an upper age limit? Purely hypothetical?

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