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beck1986 21st Jul 2015 06:00

Emirates is a good option?

I am flying A320, more than 5 years old, and I have a lot of question about EK.
Pilots who have flown in emirates, It is a good option ?? for save money, to improve knowledge?, How is the life in dubai?, the company has a good work enviroment ?.

Thank you

best regards

Eau de Boeing 21st Jul 2015 11:04

wot he said

too_much 21st Jul 2015 11:53

Working for Emirates?

Earning well over 120,000 pounds tax free every year, get given brand new villas and private chauffeur

Fly brand new aircraft to exotic destinations

It's all sounds so awful, why would you even consider it??

go46ball 21st Jul 2015 11:55

Absolutely...... NOT!!!!! Stay far away from this place.

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